Talking Simpsons – Fear of Flying

Homer’s search for a new bar to drink at leads him to almost destroys a plane full of people, which somehow reveals Marge’s repressed terror at flying. Can Marge get to the root of her phobia while also avoiding a number of copyright infringements? Find out in this week’s podcast…



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12 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Fear of Flying

  1. more It’s Raining Men trivia: the song was co-written by Paul Shaffer (from Letterman)!

    ever since i learned that, some 20 years ago, i think of it every single time i see him.

  2. This episode is pretty much my only frame of reference for LOST IN SPACE, and reinforces how terrible Marge’s life is.

    Marge stress-hovering in front of the couch & Patty and Selma’s explanations of fire drills and the communal toilet are part of my everyday vernacular.

  3. Just so I can sleep tonight: the name of the movie with Robbie the Robot is Forbidden Planet, not Fantastic Planet. (Fantastic Planet is an animated French sci-fi film.)

    Good episode. It’s frustrating when the show undersells Marge, especially when you remember how good Julie Kavner is.

  4. Hey Henry! “Hoagie” is actually fairly uncommon around NYC (pretty sure it’s more of a Philly thing). The most popular sandwich vernacular here tends to be “Hero”, which just isn’t as satisfying to say…

  5. The barflies’ reaction to Homer’s harmless prank reminds me of every time people started telling dirty jokes and then I joined in, although I usually did go “too far”.

    I think most people’s attitudes towards therapy is closer to Homer’s than Marge’s. Basically, they think you’re either nuts and belong in the looney bin or weak and need to suck it up. They also think therapists will turn you against your family or (gasp) gay.

  6. I may be late to the party, but finally I found a Simpsons podcast by people who actually get the jokes. Most of the others I have found seem to be by people too young to get any of the references, most of whom just want to drone on about how they relate to Lisa and about how the show has heart (forgetting its a comedy).

    Thank You

  7. Hey guys, first time, long time.

    For me this is one of those episodes I only taped the second half of, for some reason, and I experience this very strange phenomenon when listening to parts of an episode I haven’t seen. The unfamiliarity makes it seem not funny, bad, almost fraudulent. It makes me wonder how much of a part familiarity has to play in our current appreciation, and/or, as you guys suggested, maybe the first 5-10 mins of this episode are just pretty weak 🙂

    Also, wanted to throw out there that I think you missed a reference! The bit in the end with Homer trying to reassure Marge about the sounds the airplane makes is reminiscent of the end of “Say Anything,” where Ione Skye’s character has a flying phobia and Cusack is trying to reassure her 🙂

    Thanks for making such a great show!

    Matt in LA

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