Mike Tyson Punches Out, We Know What You Did Last Summer, The Kardashians Keep Up, and Miami Connection Makes Friends Forever – Oct 13-19

This week in pop culture history; in 87, Hans and Frans Pump Up while Mike Tyson Punches Out and Miami Connection first releases. 97 reminds us of what Jennifer Love Hewitt did Last Summer while Al Pacino plays Devil’s Advocate. In 07, we ride a carousel to Mad Men’s first season finale while Keeping Up With the Kardashians debuts and Katamari rolls into HD and onto Xbox 360.


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31 thoughts on “Mike Tyson Punches Out, We Know What You Did Last Summer, The Kardashians Keep Up, and Miami Connection Makes Friends Forever – Oct 13-19

  1. the punch out body types are:

    Glass Joe = Don Flameco
    Von Kaiser = Great Tiger
    Piston Honda =Bald Bull, Mr. Sandman, Tyson, Mr. Dream
    Soda Pop = Super Machoman

  2. I only liked I still know what you did last summer because I had a big ass crush on Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    and to spoil the sequel, it’s the son. he lures them to brazil to kill them off.

  3. Im only about 10 minutes through the podcast but as soon as you guys started talking about Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2 I had to come message about it. We watched it when I was about 12 because parts of the movie were shot in my stepdad’s old house in Edmonton (Canada) while he was living there and as soon as we found out we had to see it. The movie is terrible but it’s a funny claim to fame he has. Apparently he had a similar experience to Homer in whatever episode of the Simpsons it is that the film crew comes to film something in their house, running cables everywhere and knocking down walls and then handing him something like 20$. My stepdad may have been given more compensation than that but he cautioned us about letting people film movies in your house. Anyhow, love the shows guys!

  4. YOOOO JLH! For years I thought she was the Pink Ranger which made me even more in love with her, she’s tops the sad thing is she’s also kind of a sad example of beauty getting you chances in Hollywood, she might have the worst film resume yet starred in major movies for a very long time and it’s a bummer in hindsight almost as big of a bummer as her and Jamie Kennedy, I MEAN REALLY!!!

  5. Apollo Justice came in 2008 in the US, so the spin off wasn’t out just yet. If we’re talking Japan, however both were out.

  6. Watched Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2 last year for my Horror movie marathon, It’s one of those films where it was never supposed to be a sequel and actually started all the way through as The Haunting of Hamilton High but the distributor The Samuel-Goldwyn Company changed it to a Prom Night sequel for market value. And of course because of that, there are no connections to the original film. No Jamie Lee Curtis, Leslie Nielson and such. But the second film has Michael Ironside as the principal who it turned out killed Mary Lou herself by accident though he tried to use a stink bomb to humiliate her but her dress got caught on fire. And what struck me was it had elements of A Nightmare on Elm Street 1 and 2 and Carrie. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the producers wanted to cash in on Freddy Krueger with the Mary Lou character. There seemed to have been a bit of trend in wanting to make their villains kind of like Freddy Krueger between Chucky and Angela from Night of the Demons.

    But the film itself? I enjoy it. It’s a fun slasher film overall really. And as a funny anecdote, a few actors from the DiC dub of Sailor Moon. Terri Hawkes who was Sailor Moon herself was one of the victims and played the bitch character who gets killed off near the end. And apparently according to IMDB, one LA critic called it the “Blue Velvet of Horror films.” Okay one, Blue Velvet IS a Horror film. Two, I’ve seen Blue Velvet, it is NOTHING like Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night. Did we watch the same film?

    Jetsons, not a big Hanna Barbara fan but I always thought something was odd as a kid when I saw the 80’s episodes with the 60’s episodes when watching reruns on Cartoon Network. Like one minute it looks old and from the 60’s but then suddenly, the next episode has a clearer, digital look.

    I Know What You Did Last Summer, I know for starters, this was based on a book by Lois Duncan who REEEAAALLLY hated that they turned the book into a slasher movie. But as for what I think, watched it years ago after hearing about it so many times when I was a kid in the late 90’s. Rented it back in 2007 and been a while since I’ve seen it but looking back, it’s alright. I like the premise and it’s entertaining enough. You can’t top the first two Scream movies at this point of time in Horror but I’m forever grateful to Scream for keeping Horror alive.

    30 Days of Night, missed my chance back in 2007 but I did get the DVD at Circuit City during their fire sales when they were going to close back in 2009 along with a few others like The Dark Knight and plenty of Seinfeld DVDs and I did see it. Pretty good, atmospheric and gory as it should. I intend to watch it again this year for my Horror movie marathon. It’s always funny to me that David Slade, the director made this film and criticized Twilight but then years later he makes a Twilight movie in 2010. And I know for certain, this was supposed to be directed by Sam Raimi. So, it almost was a return to form for Raimi. But I always remember this from the film when a victim says “Please god” and the head vampire says, “God? No God!”

    But to Diana: I think you’ll like the movie. I’m positive, I recommend it. 🙂

    Oh I saw a TV spot for The Ten Commandments animated film, I caught it randomly on TV and yeah, looks bad. Shockingly, it was written by Ed Naha who wrote the Horror movie Dolls. I did talk shit about how the film looks when I used to be a member of the IMDB forums (I jumped shipped in 2015 when my friend turned out no better than the people there), I did get a response from Naha himself. I don’t remember what he said but I think he defended the film.

  7. I love bad horror movies, but holy shit does I Know What You Did Last Summer fucking suck. It’s so boring and trite, the mystery is easily predictable and in the end stupid; characters have to be complete and utter morons for their deaths to occur usually (and fuck with suspension of disbelief TOO MUCH), the performances are bad, and it’s ultimately just another one of the trash attempts to follow Scream’s success. Fuck that movie.

  8. So, when you guys were mentioning You Wish and Teen Angel, I was sure you were setting up a joke. Dave kept saying he liked Jerry Van Dyke and at least he played Grandpa on You Wish. Let me explain.

    Teen Angel lasted longer than You Wish. You Wish was cancelled quickly and most of its episodes were burned off in the summer. Teen Angel was on TGIF and retooled as it aired. And one of the new characters was Jerry Van Dyke as Grandpa! https://youtu.be/KReCcPWt-Ic (he enters after the opening titles). Jerry Van Dyke played a Grandpa on two different simultaneously airing TGIF supernatural sitcoms.

  9. Barfly is the anti-cheers. I really feel like someone went, “Hey, Cheers is really possible but what if we showed the sad sad reality of people who spend a lot of time in bars?”

  10. Fox reality network really was the worst in the best possible way. I remember they had this show called Playing It Straight in which a women lived in a house with a group of men half of them were gay and the other half straight the entire premise of the show was basically her trying to find out who is gay and who is straight but if she picks a straight guy at the end she and him split the money but if she picks a gay guy he gets all the money. I also remember being pissed because they played the entire season in one day except for the finale they said to tune in tomorrow for the finale but they never fucking aired that finale.

  11. I think Matt saying something is “so good” is sort of redundant at this point, if he’s seen or played something it seems like it almost goes without saying that he liked it. I don’t think anyone’s hat is being blown off to hear he liked something, I think Bob and Henry could use a bit of his love of everything to balance their cynicsm.

    I saw Whales of August a little while ago, it wasn’t as good as On Golden Pond, but if you’re into old actors it’s pretty good.

  12. Boxing is a highly refined Olympic sport. If you aren’t boxing at age 13, you are behind. Also, Punchout!! is great,

  13. Teen Angel forever!

    Its mostly terrible but the concept of the show amazed my brother and me to watch all of them.

    Very excited for the one season tgif rankings

    1. Oh and Zack and Wiki is fantastic played it alone, again with 8 other people while drinking all night. And again on Wii U virtual console

  14. Dave, obviously Sting can’t play James Bond because James Bond’s tantric lovemaking would get in the way of stopping Blofeld.

    Also if you need just an hour of goofs on Miami Connection, check out a thing I co-made over here: http://www.yourstupidminds.com/2015/06/podcast-miami-connection-1987.html. As explained, just a great bad film (we’ve also done Hard Ticket to Hawaii, another classic). Y.K. Kim is clearly in at least his 30’s and can’t enunciate at all, so of course he casts himself as the lead. For my money though, the most fun bad actor is “Jeff,” the brother of the female singer/love interest; he delivers every line like he’s not 100% sure he’s saying the right thing, with really awkward physical choices in every scene.

    Kim’s Tae Kwon Do studio is still on Colonial Drive a few miles from Downtown Orlando, where most of the film was shot.

  15. Man, you guys must’ve recorded this episode before it was revealed Ben Affleck had groped at least THREE separate women, haha. Given that his brother is a human piece of shit, I’m not surprised Ben is cut from the same cloth. It’s just weird hearing people talking about how much they love him, knowing this about him now.

  16. This week in heavy metal: In Flames “Whoracle” was released on October 15th, 1997 in some parts of the world (release dates for international bands can be hard to nail down). That album, and that band, were one of my introductions to a more extreme brand of metal. In Flames pioneered, along with At the Gates and Dark Tranquility, the blackened death subgenre of metal which came out of Sweden in the 90s. In Flames has become the most popular of bands from that scene, and “Whoracle” is still considered one of their best releases. It’s interesting to listen to now, especially lyrically, as this was when the band was still learning english so their songs were written in swedish and then usually translated by a friend or producer into english for recording. And like basically every band that starts in obscurity and rises to some level of fame, the old fans resent the new as well as the new material and always reference the old albums. The amusing part here is that during the recording of this album the band often had to be motivated to get to work as drinking beer and playing Tekken 3 was what they wanted to do most. Now their music is more personal (lead singer Anders Friden remarks he used to just open an english dictionary and try to find the biggest,t coolest sounding words to incorporate into his lyrics) and they take it more seriously even though a huge subset of their fans thinks its woefully inferior to the “old days.”

  17. I love that you guys had such a positive reaction to Miami Connection. I think it’s one of my genuinely favorite “bad “ movies. There’s a sweet sincerity to the production and some actually great action scenes. Although the ending mantra of “Only through the elimination of violence can we achieve world peace“ is somewhat undercut by the preceding 15 sequence of mercilessly hacking coke-dealing ninjas to death with swords.

  18. I AM HERE FOR DEVIL’S ADVOCATE. It’s a high-concept movie that almost spoils itself with its own title, though it does keep a couple cards up its sleeve for the last scene/”twist” ending. There’s a great scene of Keanu walking through the streets of New York alone, years before Tom Cruise did the same thing in Vanilla Sky. I’m sure the 90s CGI demon faces that appear on the bad folks in the movie don’t hold up now but at the time I was definitely creeped out. And the payoff of Pacino yelling and screaming that he’s “a FAN of MAN” and claiming the 20th century as a victory for himself is so worth the price of admission. Let’s also acknowledge that this is Charlize Theron’s FOURTH FILM in the YEAR since her debut in Two Days in the Valley in 1996 (you glossed over her wonderful performance in Trial and Error and I think everyone forgot she was in That Thing You Do) and this is definitely her trying her damnedest to stand out in a movie full of louder, wilder characters and she pulls it off!

  19. I just want to point out that Meego was not on TGIF. It was on CBS’s short-lived Block Party competitor to TGIF, that has the last season of Family Matters, and Step by Step, along with something else no one remembers. I have no idea why I remember this, as I never even watched the show, and it ran for 6 episodes, but I do.

  20. I know you guys don’t do too many comic books, but this week was the 30th anniversary of one of the most famous Marvel stories. Web of Spider-man # 31 kicked off the beginning of Kraven’s Last Hunt. It’s a brutal story where Kraven “kills” Spider-Man and buries him, then takes his costume and tries to prove that he’s a better hero. The image of Spider-Man crawling out of the grave is amazing, especially since he was wearing the black costume at the time. When Spider-Man catches Kraven, he doesn’t even put up a fight, believing that he has proved himself better than Spider-Man. Kraven tells him that he has forever given up the hunt, goes home, and kills himself with a rifle.

    It’s a very evocative story that still holds up to this day. Marvel respected the story for a long time and didn’t bring Kraven back for almost 25 years, which is an eternity when it comes to comic book deaths.

    1. I know Kraven’s Last Hunt is well-regarded, and I’m sure I thought it was cool when I first read about it, but a few years ago as an adult I read through Amazing Spider-Man through about 2004 on Marvel Unlimited, and it holds up worse than about 60% of Spider-Man stories. It’s needlessly brutal and Alan Moore deserves a writing credit it’s so shamelessly stealing his Killing Joke/Watchmen era style, complete with his tics of being over-written and relying on the bad guy just sort of wandering away at the end. It was a cool story idea, but felt like a Vertigo book that takes over monthly Spider-Man books, and leads almost directly to a pretty dire series of comics where Spider-Man starts calling himself “The Spider” while becoming an increasingly brutal and unhinged loon. It was a bad direction for Spidey comics to go in, even if it was a fine story.

  21. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! and Maniac Mansion hold special places in my heart, but for tragic reasons. When I was younger every summer my family would spend two weeks with my grandma, myself, my brother, mom, dad, our cousins, aunts, and uncles, all in northern Michigan swimming, fishing, riding ATVs, shooting BB Guns, and having a great time. Eventually our NES came with us as a way to pass the time when the weather wasn’t great. Myself, My brother, and my cousin Adam would spend hours trying to beat every game in the library, but there were two we could never actually finish. Those games were Maniac Mansion and Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!. Adam eventually beat Maniac Mansion by locking the Meteor in the car and launching it into space, but there were no victories against Tyson. Until I was a freshman in college, during Finals week my way to blow off steam was to play Punch-Out!! during my study breaks, I was a lot better than I was as a kid, but beating Tyson still eluded me. After my last study session for my last final I resolved to take him down for good. Match after match, three hours went by, but I wasn’t going to sleep until I had beaten Mike Tyson. Finally, I did what no one I’d ever met had accomplished, KO in round 2, I felt like the king of video games. I went to sleep, and slept through my final. I woke up to my ride home calling me asking if I was packed. I had a mini freakout, explained my situation, ran to the professor’s office, and he let me take my final then and there, which I got a C+ on. I never used Molecular Biology after that, but I can still beat Mike Tyson, and that has impressed far more people.

    My cousin Adam passed away seven years ago. Missing his funeral is one of my biggest regrets in life, but I also know it was probably best for my health at the time as I was in the midst of a bad bout of depression. I still have never beaten Maniac Mansion, I know I could just pull up a walkthru and get through it but I feel like that would be cheating at this point. But every year, I load up Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! and I knock out Iron Mike in honor of my cousin, who is no longer with us.

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