Vidjagame Apocalypse 235 – Horror Games Based on Horror Movies

Happy Friday the 13th! Our monthlong Halloween theme continues this week, as Matthew Jay joins us for an exploration of horror games based on horror movies, some of which might actually surprise you. We also dig into Middle-earth: Shadow of War, The Evil Within 2, hacking the SNES Classic, loot boxes, and the unwanted games you got as gifts.

Question of the Week
What’s a horror movie you’d want to experience as a game? (We’ve done this before, we know. Just roll with it.)



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Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Super Mario Odyssey
Assassin’s Creed Origins
Crackdown 3
Call of Duty: WWII
God of War
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
Metro: Exodus
Monster Hunter World
Dragon Ball FighterZ

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32 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 235 – Horror Games Based on Horror Movies

  1. Posting my QOTW response also here again in case the thread gets buried by spam.

    Videodrome. I recently finished Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and loved it’s depiction of shifting reality of the protagonist’s state of mind, something I would like to see more games explore deeply and in the case of pure horror games with increasingly horrific and dark results. Videodrome comes to mind, set in a modern relatively normal setting but you can lean more heavily into the horror with mystery, the world and those around you somehow becoming more strange and abnormal and of course Cronenberg bodyhorror. I think it would make a great mystery and even puzzle style adventure game. “Long live the new flesh.”

  2. QotW: A Nightmare on Elm Street treated the same as new Friday the 13th game. The basic premise can be similar to the NES game or the PC game but the execution would be way better. Freddy put Springwood in another psychosis, and it’s up to the only kids of Springwood to kill him and bring the town back to reality. In the waking world Freddy possesses various objects and/or people to try and stop you and the game would have elements similar to eternal darkness, where freddy would be fucking with the player until the player ultimately succumbs to sleep. In the dream world, you’d have a set of dream powers but Freddy would still reign supreme.

  3. QOTW : My idea is based on two of the biggest things in 2017 IT & Player Unkowns Battle Grounds. Well more like Killer Clowns from Outer Space but don’t tell the marketers that! 100 clowns start off in a flying Clown car before parachuting into a uninhabited town below. Customize your clown’s look down to everything from face make up, to neon hair colors. Acid squirt flowers, land mine whoopie cushions, blood ballon grenades, explosive cream pie mortars, cotton candy web guns, popcorn rifles! It will have the kids saying *They all have FUN down here!*

  4. Great episode guys!

    QOTW (posting here in case forum is overtaken with spam): Evil Dead! There’s been games before, but they’re mediocre at best, and Ash Williams deserves BETTER! Think about it, not only would chainsawing and shooting deadites with a shotgun be a blast, but with Ash’s companions from the TV show, the franchise would fit co-op perfectly. Beyond that, we could also get a multiplayer mode where you have your humans on one side, and the others play deadites – including working up to getting big bads like Evil Ash (or maybe even the rape tree!), and horde mode would be a must.

    1. Since Dave brought up the idea of a Nightmare on Elm Street game, I figured I’d share my friend’s cool idea for it:
      the teens start in the real world, as the player who is Freddy starts in the dream world. As the match time goes on , Freddy becomes more powerful and can drift more into the real world (like Jason entering rage mode), so players can’t just stay in reality the whole time and win or surive. As a player, your goal is to either kill Freddy, or survive the round. To kill Freddy, you can either call in a dream warrior who can actually severely hurt Freddy, or through a series of tasks (like how you have to kill Jason) you can drag Freddy into the real world before he’s reached full power and take him down as a group. If you just want to survive, you’ll need to hide yourself in either world, or find a way to make contact with Freddy’s mother who will give you the power to wake up and be able to resist Freddy in the real world. As Freddy, you want to slaughter the teens before they can escape or kill you, using a variety of environmental nightmares that are more or less effective based on how powerful you’ve become, and how afraid the teens are.

  5. Game based on a recent horror flick It Follows would be amazing. Now that we have plenty of games out there that can put incredible amounts of character models on the screen at the same time (Dead Rising etc.), it would be cool to navigate through huge crowds while you as a player are trying to locate that one character that is just there staring directly at you and moving towards you with some spoopy music playing on the background.

    1. The latest Hitman game had a moment that felt very It Follows-inspired! It’s a side mission (an “Escalation”) where you have to take out the target, but a mystery stalker is following you the entire time. The first time you play you don’t know what the stalker will look like, who it is, or what he’ll do if he catches up to you. It’s so subtle you can miss it, until maybe the tenth time you swivel the camera around and realize the same dude has been in frame in the middle distance every time you’ve looked. It is CHILLING.

  6. Another fun fact about Sweet Home is that it was directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, who went on to become an acclaimed horror auteur in the international festival circuit. You may have seen “Pulse,” which had a bad Hollywood remake, or “Cure,” which didn’t!

    Juzo Itami was also an acclaimed director who you may know from Tampopo (a must-watch for any lover of movies or food). He tragically took his own life in 1997. This has been a Sad Greg Comment.

      1. I’d always just heard he committed suicide and took it at face value. I wiki’d it after commenting and saw all the conspiracy stuff, but alas, the comment was already here. I wouldn’t rule out a murder.

  7. QotW Time!

    How about Audition: The Game made using the Trauma Center Under the Knife engine? Of course it must have the eating vomit out of a dog bowl mini game! And with every slice and scream a Japanese school girl can be heard giggling. A million seller for sure.

  8. QOTW:

    My Recipe for 28 Days Later: The Game

    Take a big urban area.
    Add anger zombies.
    Fold in some crafting/survival elements.
    Sprinkle with a light dusting of multiplayer. Think Dark Souls – not too much! Save the bigger multiplayer elements for 28 Weeks Later: The MMORPG.

  9. Atlus wanted to use the name Nocturne and had to license it because it was trademarked in North America and that’s why there’s a Terminal Reality credit in SMT3.

  10. About the loot box issue, there is a better way and it’s called GTA Online. Quick version: use micro-transactions to sell in-game currency that players use to buy all your in-game items (outfits, emotes, skins, etc.). Clearly it’s been working for Rockstar.

  11. I think I answered this as Supernatural the video game, but want it more as a Shin Megami Tensei style RPG, considering both series always involves deals with demons, equipping mystic artifacts, and saving the world (or destroying it). A better addition would be having the game open world like Breath of the Wild, as a good portion of the show involves driving around Canada, and you gotta have the Impala! Hey, Sega has an American division, maybe they can get some Norte Americanos to develop it, and the game does not have to be Persona caliber, I would be just fine if it was a bit janky.

    Now a movie? I would pick Get Out! the Visual Novel ! It would pack the chills and hilarity of the Jordan Peele movie, but I would expect it to have a pronounced choices and route system similar to the Zero Escape games, and you can’t just play it once to get the full story!

    BTW XO Manowar is a Valiant comic book, as Henry would tell you. Valiant tried to ride that tidal wave of the early 1990s, but unlike the EDGY Image with the bad feet, it had plenty of mature themed stories that would make its way into comic books of the past 10 years. Malibu is a different comic book company. And all the books are cheap as f-.

  12. QOTW: I know it’s more of an action movie, but I’d really love a good Predator game in the vein of the Friday the 13th game. The Predator would be nigh-unkillable and hunt a group of soldiers who are trying to “get to da choppa.” The soldiers would have limited ammo that can stun/slow down Predator who has skills that unlock over time or maybe as he gets kills.

  13. The Tomb Raider reboot already borrowed heavily from the 2004 spelunking nightmare The Descent, but there were enough ideas left on the table that there could still be a full adaptation. In single-player mode, it’d be what you’d expect: exploring caves, scrounging for resources, and hiding from monsters until you’re tough enough to start picking them off one by one. In multi-player, the game would play like Left 4 Dead, with a team of cavers trying to stick together against a team of monsters trying to tear them apart.

  14. I’m a big Evil Dead fan. And I feel a game that can mess with your mind while also being outright funny at times would be a joy, as the tonal shifts would be astounding to play. Horror could become slapstick at a moment’s notice, or vice versa, I would love it.

    I also think a game based on Clive Barker’s Nightbreed would be an awesome, Vampie the Masquerade style horror RPG. The underground culture of the Nightbreed would be cool to see, and exploring that world would be amazing. And seeing the monsters as not just bad guys or good guys would give this a good western rpg style feel to it. I think it could hold up to the Witcher if done right, in fact, I think CD Projekt should work on this.

    1. Did you play “Evil Dead: Hail to the King” or “Evil Dead: Fist Full of Boomstick” for the PS1/2? They were pretty decent survival horror also-rans. If you love Evil Drad and don’t mind going back to some older games, they’re actually pretty good.

  15. QOTW: So I know its been done, and I know its more of a comedy, but how about…

    Addam’s Family but done in the style of Tecmo’s Deception (or for me Kagero’s Deception II as that was the one I started with) or an Orcs Must Die for modern reference. Play as various members of the Addams family and set up traps to kill people after the Addam’s family fortune. The mansion itself already hosts a number of dangerous and unique areas to serve as different stages as hordes of intruders try to steal the fortune and/or eliminate the Addam’s family members itself. The characters could have various abilities or perks to make them play slightly differently from one another or perhaps just access to different types of trap technologies. Wednesday could focus on electrocution or decapitation devices and maybe move a little quicker. I’m not too sure about Pugsley but he’d probably have more health and I’ve seen images of him with a bat so maybe he’d rely a little more on confronting them instead of traps. Gomez and Mortia both seem to be expert knife throwers and fencers but Mortia could easily have more charming or spider based traps while Gomez could have Thing help him work multi-step traps that require an extra hand (or just burn someone with his cigar, someone else work out the finer points here). Hell I’d settle for just being Wednesday defending the house Home Alone style, or really any game where I could be Wednesday Addams.

  16. I don’t have a good idea for a video game based on a horror franchise. I just came here to say lasertime should do all community segments totally blitz. That was some good stuff!

  17. A game version of Hausu made by Suda51 or someone similar would be amazing. You’d play as all the girls, and just fight the various traps in the house. Melody would have the best piano-based boss fight since Mario 64. Also, the final battle playing as Kung-Fu would be really, really cool.

  18. Great episode, but you missed one of the greatest horror games based on a horror movie of all time: Alien for the Commodore 64!
    You control the crew of the Nostromo as you try to investigate the ship and search for the Alien. The game starts with one of the characters (no, it’s not always Kane) dying and the crew searching the ship. At some point during the game, one of the crew members (not always Ash) is revealed as an android, and turns on the rest of the crew. The game ends when you successfully trigger the Nostromo’s self destruct and any living crew members board the escape pod.
    It was a white-knuckle, intense thriller at the time. You never knew when or where the Alien would show up, and if you left a crew member alone for too long, they would get scared and become unresponsive. You might also find out at just the wrong time that the guy you just sent into the air duct is claustrophobic and it could throw a wrench in your well-planned escape. Also, the animation of the alien was TERRIFYING to young Sean.
    I highly recommend it.

  19. QotW: I’ve always thought “Cube” would make an excellent horror adventure game. You could have hundreds of puzzles to solve and randomize the order and time constraints. Getting a puzzle wrong would lead to a grizzly, Sierra-style murder scene.
    I realize now, as I’m writing this, that Zero Time Dilemma is basically just a Cube game.

  20. The horror movie I would love to see become a video game would be Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon. If you have not seen this horror mockumentary/Slasher film than stop what you are doing now and watch. It is a must see for any horror aficionado. . The story centers around a documentary crew following a “serial killer” around as he gets ready for his night to become a legend like Jason Voorhess and Freddy Kruger. The crew thinks they are following around someone who is eccentric but soon find out he is for real and has plan everything down to a T even sawing branches of a tree so the teens will fall if they try to climb. The writing is great and the shout outs to numerous horror movies will bring a smile to any horror fan. In the game you would play as the mask wearing killer Leslie Vernon who would setup a night of twists and turns and deaths for the teenagers who are stupid enough to be on Leslie’s radar.

  21. My choice was going to be It Follows, but since that came up on the cast and in another comment, I thought I’d try to go a different direction. I’d like to see a game based on the Spanish horror flick El Orfanato (The Orphanage). If you haven’t seen the movie, it takes a lot of cues from The Devil’s Backbone and isn’t actually as good a film, but I just think the ghost is creepier.

    It would be a classic example of a horror game where you try to solve a mystery in a creepy old house while looking out for the ghost. In Alien: Isolation fashion, this game would be ideal if the one ghost at the center of the film’s plot was the only monster and if its encounters were randomized so you never knew when it would show up. The ghost from the movie is a creepy AS FUCK child with a burlap sack over his head, perfect for video games. I’d play that shit all day.

  22. My very fist QOTW response!! Here goes:
    I started listening to Vidjagame Apocalypse a little bit ago and I have to say this episode was one of the funniest thank you Johnny Walker. A week before Chris mentioned in the deals of the week that Gone Home was free on Xbox live Gold deals. Now I know this game has been out for a while but I still hadn’t had a chance to play it. I played almost the whole thing in one sitting but since I’m a lameo it made me sort of car sick after a little bit and I had to pull up a kitchen chair and sit right in front of TV since I couldn’t read some of the letters from far away and I wanted to read everything. Nevertheless I really really liked it. The One horror film I would like to see as a video game would be The Shining but in the style of a Gone Home found footage clue finding mystery game. The Shining has always been my grandpa’s favorite horror film and ever since he showed it to me it has been my favorite too. I’d love to ride around the halls of the Overlook Hotel on a big wheel, search through those rooms for clues and audio diaries of people who had stayed there and race through that maze myself all while running from Jack Nicholson the whole time I’m playing the game. I guess I’d probably have to take some Dramamine first though.

  23. Qotw: Demon Night, the tales of the crypt movie as a co-op shooter. Fighting an endless swarm whilst closing off portals behind you using limited blood vials would be pretty cool.

  24. Nightmare on Elm Street comes to mind, but with all the previous responses this idea may be a bit different. Why not take a Shadow of Mordor approach with a single player open world experience?

    Imagine this, as Freddy (who would have a variety of playstyle options with powers, skins, contextual actions, quipiness etc.) you’re running around a dream world version of Springwood, Illinois preying upon teenagers as only Freddy with an emphasis on stealth, intimidation and hair raising fear.

    But since this is a Mordor-like, you can’t just be an efficient killer like Friday the 13th or Dead by Daylight. The Waking World needs to believe and be afraid of you and by utilizing a Nemesis system, you could add a layer of strategy to whom you kill and who you let go to spread dread and fear amongst the population of Springwood.

    And since this is the Nemesis system any teen who survives an encounter becomes more willing to fight back in future. With enough close calls, they could eventually level up to become Dream Warriors and attempt to take you down once and for all.

    It could make for some intense and dynamic moments. However, I’m sure that this would be a bitch to make but you know what? I can dare to dream.

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