Laser Time #300 – Loggia Time

To celebrate Laser Time’s 300th episode, LT hosts past and present discuss Robert Loggia’s greatest roles from movies, TV, and orange juice advertising.






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23 thoughts on “Laser Time #300 – Loggia Time

  1. Happy 300 everybody! Can’t believe what a ride it’s been these past 6 or so years as Laser Time has gone on! Almost every episode of this show reminds me of how unalone I am when it comes to such niche or specific things. Thanks again for all the laughs through the years!

  2. Has it really been 300 already?! I was just relistening to 100 last night. awww, my little laserbaby is growing up so fast. Well, the world is big and history is full of topics, so here’s to another 300 LaserTime! CONGRATULATIONS, 300 years in the business Jackie Chan! peace.

  3. Congratulations on 300 episodes.

    Is it possible to sign up for the gift exchange if i don’t have Facebook?

  4. Man congratulations lasertime network and crew. Crazy that you all have been apart of my ear holes for so many years now. Here’s to you LaserTime Crew! *chugs minute Maid OJ*

  5. I swear it felt not that long ago I was listening to 200. I’ve been on board with you guys for nearly a decade (need to remember, when exactly did Tdar start? Damn, so many years…) and I’m glad you’ve kept up the quality, if not more with all the variety of topics and other podcasts/guests. Besides, doing this topic looks like it’s for the fans “BILLY!” but niche enough beyond that I’m sure you can plug this elsewhere. Let the good times roll!

  6. Happy 300 Laser Time crew! This was a perfect little celebration of our bizarre community, and it’s nice to finally know something about Mr. Loggia beyond orange juice and Psycho II.

  7. There’s only two things to say. Congratulations and Thank you. Congratulations on 300 amazing wonderful episodes and thank you so much. I don’t think I can ever communicate just how dear Lasertime is to me, or just how necessary you are in my life. So I just want to say that I’m so glad LT is part of my life and I’m always excited for what you have in store. 300 strong and the Rise of Laser Time is still coming forward!

  8. Congratulations on 300 guys! It feels like just yesterday you were celebrating 200. Keep up the good work you magnificent bastards and here’s to another 300 episodes of the best podcast on the internet.

  9. Congratulations on 300, Laser Time! And a very special congratulations to Chris for keeping that Loggia impression up for most of the episode! Yeah.

  10. This was a delightful episode, really appreciate all the cameos! I can remember when was just an image of a controller in the shape of a batarang. Congratulations and thanks for everything!

  11. Congrats on 300 episodes! I must admit I didn’t understand every reference or character on this episode, but it was a joy to hear so much audio from the late, great Robert Loggia. I wanted to share with you one of my favorite Loggia scenes ever from Innocent Blood, a 1992 John Landis movie about a *sexy* lady vampire who eats gangsters. Or at least, that’s all I know about the film having never sat through the entire thing. But right in the beginning there’s a wonderful scene where we meet the top mafia don in Pittsburgh played by – you know it – Robert Loggia. I present you with his very first lines in the film:
    (if you can see the movie it’s even funnier to watch him react, but I couldn’t find the entire scene on YouTube)
    Anyway thanks for all that you produce, I’m a proud patron who couldn’t be happier with Laser Time!

  12. Due to the Golddust music, use of “man children” and disguised voice I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that Former NY Congressman Mike Grimm made a cameo

  13. Somebody above already mentioned Innocent Blood, but the scene of Loggia as a newly turned vampire driving out of a tunnel into the morning sun and yelling “WHAT IS THIS SHIT?!” while smoke fills the car cracks me up. Sadly, I can’t find it on youtube.

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