Talking Simpsons – Homer The Great

Put on your official Stonecutter underwear and keep the Martians under wraps, because this all-time classic Simpsons episode with one of the best songs ever. Learn the answer to every conspiracy theory as Homer becomes the Chosen One as he joins this secret society in this week’s podcast…



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17 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Homer The Great

  1. So, for once I’ve got a long anecdote tangentially connected to the ep. I feel like a host!
    When Homer asks Lenny & Carl if they’re jealous of his chair — “Jealous?” “Yoooou’re Jealous” — I loved that line reading. Like any good teenage Simpsons nerd, I used quotes and line readings from the show as shorthand with friends, as you guys often bring up.
    Cut to my girlfriend’s living room. I wanna say I was 17. I’ve left a pile of comics and school stuff out on the floor and we’re watching TV with friends and she picks up an issue of Wizard with a picture of Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy on the cover. She says something disparaging about it — either about the show, or SMG, or the male gaze (she was hot, smart, and acerbic, my high school GF) — I don’t remember exactly, but when she was finished I looked at her and said “Jealous?” in Homer’s tone. She gives me a look… like I’ve just pooped in front of her. I should’ve read the room better, but not getting it, I pressed on and finished the reference with “Yoooou’re Jealous.” This was, as a milquetoast, completely uncharacteristic of me. And she DID NOT get it. I was in the shitshed with her for at least a day. She was so mad. I tried to explain that I was just speaking Simpsons, but it was too late.

  2. It may be canon breaking, but god do I love the joke of Homer’s parking spot being so far from the plant that he could have just walked to work and saved time.

    Mr. Burns’ being beaten by the kid on the swing is fantastic.

    Great episode guys, and yay for more of Kat!

  3. Abe Simpson is a horrible horrible father, that’s not up for debate. If we’re looking at him as a character though, it’s important to remember that part of the reason why he is a horrible father is probably because not only was Homer an unwanted child, but then his wife left him and he was forced to raise that unwanted child as a single parent. That is a rough rough life position to be in.

    1. Rewatching the series along with this podcast really highlights how shitty of a dad Abe is, and how Homer sort of becomes him, but also how Marge’s life completely sucks.
      Props to one of my favourite Abe lines: “she did things your mother never would, like have sex for money.”

    2. Rewatching the series along with this podcast really highlights how shitty of a dad Abe is, and how Homer sort of becomes him, but also how Marge’s life completely sucks.
      Props to one of my favourite Abe lines: “she did things your mother never would, like have sex for money.”

  4. On the JFK conspiracy front, there may actually be something up with the magic bullet, but it has nothing to do with the CIA, Stone Masons, the grassy knoll, or any of the other usual suspects. It might be the case that the shot that fatally wounded President Kennedy was delivered by the Secret Service, not as part of the assassination attempt, but as a truly horrible accident. If you watch the Zapruder film, the agents in the car behind the President’s draw their weapons and jump up on the back of the vehicle. Shortly thereafter, that car lurches a bit. A few frames later, the “magic bullet” hits Kennedy at an odd angle. And think about it: if you were the boss of the man that accidentally killed a beloved President would you want that information getting out to the general public? Nothing of this has ever been proven as far as I know, but as far as Kennedy conspiracy theories, it’s the most plausible one I’ve ever encountered.

  5. I always thought the Egg Council squeaking was supposed to suggest that the egg-man himself is like a child’s squeak toy; that is, it’s supposed to make the viewer perceive the egg-suit man as a holistic egg being as opposed to a man in a suit.

  6. Kat might be on to something about the dd. When homer follows l&c they just park out front and it’s the only car.

    Also the other time homer has had a smart idea is when he uses wax from a candle (which Ralph of all people tell him it’s a candle) to coat his throat to eat the insane peppers.

    And the backyard parking lot gag reminds me of the kitchen window gag. It always seems that whatever they are talking about can be viewed from the kitchen window when needed.

    And Henry, the fact that that dome that covered Springfield was round doesn’t mean that Springfield itself is round. Just means that the circumference of the dome is larger then what even shape Springfield is.

    Thanks for the great podcast

  7. Regarding the metric system – it’s not as simple as “because Reagan”, by chance 99% Invisible gives some background in this weeks episode:

    Note that the UK in only partially metric. There are tremendous costs involved – just changing roadsigns in the UK is a billion dollar price tag ( , so it’s not just “evil Republicans” and the Stonecutters that are stopping metrification!

  8. I didn’t really feel too much about Patrick Stewart’s performance, more that he gave an amazing amount of gravitas as Number One. As I listened to the voice clips, I was reminded of his performance in the Elder Scrolls game, a bit flat. The Best Beef Stew you can get is when you have him act with people, not confined to a booth where you have to recite your lines over and over. I can imagine if they gave him a bigger role in the episode or had longer blocks of lines or scenes where he confronted other Stonecutters, yeah, it would be cool. All in all, Number One was a rather hilarious role for Sir Stewart, and am more disappointed with the writers for not giving him more.

  9. Funny enough I just watched Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon again this weekend and there’s a part where they follow a car using a similar method to Homer’s paint can.

  10. I always wondered if Abe was a Stonecutter how did he never notice the mark?

    Also the Steve Guttenberg joke was hilarious, you had to be older, that wasn’t a joke for babies.

    1. I’ve got two head canon explanations for Abe:

      1. He’s a really horrible father and actively discouraged Homer from ever dreaming of amounting to anything, so it’s not inconceivable that he would have noticed the mark, but dismissed any possibility that his son could be anyone special.

      2. Abe seemed to belong to a lot of organizations that he neither seemed to care about, or even be aware of being a member. So maybe he saved the life of a Stonecutter at some point (perhaps in the war), and was inducted, but never actually familiarized himself with their rituals or participated.

  11. All these years later, I still think it’s incredibly odd that Homer uses a yellow paint trial to follow Lenny and Carl, the same color lines on the road are actually painted, and there’s not a single joke made about it.

    I mean, I can think of two jokes right now. 1) Lenny and Carl drive down a large highway full of similar yellow lines for a perfect “Do’h!” moment. 2) The yellow line caused by the paint can causes some sort of traffic accident or mix-up because of other people being fooled by it.

    Yet the episode does nothing with it. It’s so odd.

  12. The shows would be better if Henry (and Kat when she is on) stopped repeating the jokes verbatim like they are explaining any deeper context.

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