Twins Win the WS, Kyle MacLachlan is Hidden, We Go To Gattica, The Treehouse of Horror is Fly, Farley’s Final SNL, and Curb Your Divorce – Oct 20-26

This week in pop culture: in 87, Kyle MacLachlan stars in a cult classic movie while Theo Huxtable raps and Kirby Puckett leads the Twins to a World Series win. In 97, Gattica messes with our DNA while we get a duet of animated classics with a Treehouse of Horror and Hank Hill saving Halloween. 07 brings the scaries to cinema with Saw 4 while Cheryl moves out on Curb Your Enthusiasm.


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19 thoughts on “Twins Win the WS, Kyle MacLachlan is Hidden, We Go To Gattica, The Treehouse of Horror is Fly, Farley’s Final SNL, and Curb Your Divorce – Oct 20-26

  1. Gattaca really brings back some memories for me. Not so much about the movie, which I loved, but because it was the first time my young teenage self learned that my parents’ opinions were not always clad in iron. The first time I went to rent it, my well-to-do, Republican-voting father insisted I shouldn’t because it was “so boring he fell asleep during it.” It wasn’t until nearly a year later, still curious about it, I gave it a chance anyway, fully expecting to be disappointed.

    But it was amazing, and I realized that day that my father and I might just have different political leanings informing our takes on it.

  2. In Portland, before Hybrid cars, I think everyone drove volvo wagons. I’d imagine San Francisco was similar.

  3. I had no idea Steve Urkel was supposed to be an Ed Grimley impression. Go figure. The Tower of Terror TV movie, it started off promising but…eh, it’s not very good. It’s too standard Disney stuff and didn’t have the edge as a Horror movie for kids. Funny enough, that was my first Treehouse of Horror besides the one with the Nightmare on Elm Street parody.

    But Saw IV, I’m sorry but I’m a fan of the franchise and I like this one as much as the other films. I do like the idea of a cop being forced to see through Jigsaw’s point of view by allowing him to be judge, jury and potentially executioner of each victim and I watched it again to prepare myself for the upcoming movie Jigsaw. Favorite trap? Well, they’re all memorable but one of them I noticed in particular thanks to the Harvey Weinstein news is the trap for the rapist where he has to stab his eyes out or get torn apart limb from limb-literally. And what stuck out to me was that the rapist looked a bit like Harvey Weinstein and I have to wonder if that was done on purpose like somebody hates Harvey Weinstein enough to put the guy in a Saw trap. I still prefer the first Saw movie however though. James Wan is awesome, just saying. Plus, hey, he’s directing Aquaman. Quite the career path.

  4. Ah, A Life Less Ordinary. I loved this movie too, and thought the scathing reviews it got on release were way over the top. Part of the reason I loved it was the theme song (when movies still had theme by the Irish band Ash, who were one of my favourite bands at the time. I remember listening to that over and over while playing Star Fox 64. The soundtrack as a whole is pretty great, if the most late nineties soundtrack ever (Beck, Faithless, The Prodigy, Sneaker Pimps, Lucious Jackson and others with a few oldies thrown in.)

    To what Chris says about Ewan McGregor and Danny Boyle – I believe they fell out and stopped working together because McGregor was dropped as the lead of Danny Boyle’s next film The Beach (probably due to how badly A Life Less Ordinary did at the box office) in favour of the much more bankable Leonardo Di Caprio.

  5. Prince of Darkness has some great bits but much of the whole middle of the movie is pretty boring and weird. I didn’t see it until several years ago with my wife, and it gave us a surprising bit of extra spookiness: the romantic lead characters share our names, Brian and Catherine. It really unnerved her.

  6. Nice mention of the Firm album. It turns turns 20 this week as well. It was a big deal back then, especially after the fallout of the East Coast/West Coast beef a year prior. Nas linking up w/ Dre for more tracks was something hip-hop anticipated. They had collaborated on Nas’ sophomore album, but a whole album w/ Nas, Dre, and Trackmasters was something else. Unfortunately, the album wasn’t well received, despite the hype.

  7. Gattica is the one movie I was forced to watch multiple times during high school. It was a favorite of every Biology teach I had, so anytime there was a end of the semester lull or a sub happened to be there when we were covering DNA. It was also a part of the weirdest double feature I was forced to sit through during high school. One teacher paired it with Jingle All the Way, which really exposes how bad Jingle All the Way is when juxtapositioned against a pretty good film about a DNA regulating dystopia.

    1. Yesss, I too had to sit through Gattica in high school, which was hell during standardized testing week when you’re stuck in the same classroom for 2+ hours, and you have the attention span of an ant.

  8. I have the strangest relationship with “The Hidden” because I keep encountering it in different settings but I never manage to see the entire film! The first time was at a sleepover party at my synagogue where it was among the VHS tapes we had rented. At least one other kid seemed to know what the movie was about, but I watched in dumbstruck horror the first time a human being regurgitated an alien parasite into a new host. I think we started to make too much noise and the chaperone turned off the set and made us go to bed. Years later the internet would become a reality and I could look up the strange movie I half remembered from that night, though every few years I forgot about it entirely (the title is awful and nondescript, kind of like THEY LIVE which is ANOTHER movie I spent years struggling to remember – though that one I did see).
    Flash forward to recent history and I’m *positive* that I tuned into a Laser Time stream of The Hidden a couple years ago (I feel like Brett was on it) only to be called away before the movie reached the third act. I can find no evidence that this actually happened – it’s not listed on your patreon or commentaries page, and “hidden” is just too common a word to google! Am I nuts? Is the ending worth tracking down?

  9. The Twins winning the 1987 World Series still is a huge deal for us Minnesotans. While it’s true that it had been 63 years or whatever since the team won it all, it’s only a half truth. That’s because prior to 1960 the team was located in Washington DC and called the Senators. So it was basically like the first time they won a championship. And it was the first overall major pro sport championship of a Minnesotan team since the Lakers were here in the 50’s. And other than their second World Series win in 1991 no other Men’s pro team has won a championship in Minnesota. Our WNBA team, the Lynx, have won 4 championships in the last 7 years or something like that, but no one really seems to care too much about women’s pro sports.

  10. Another great episode!

    I’m also happy to say that as of today: I am a LASER TIME PATREON! Looking forward to catching up on the crapton of content I’ve missed out on! Thanks for all you do every day, every week!!

  11. Dan in Real Life was a fantastic instance of poor research leading to a let down for me, my brother, and a few of our friends. Going solely off the fact that the film starred Steve Carell, my friends and I figured we were in for a broad, possibly raunchy comedy in the vein of Anchor Man or The 40 Year Old Virgin. Dear Lord, were we ever wrong. At the time of it’s release I had only been 21 for barely a month and thus was able to legally buy booze. I, being the oldest of our crew bought a bottle of Jack Daniels, and we all covertly slammed shots in the theater parking lot pre-gaming for what we thought would be comedy like the ones mentioned above. What we got was a drama about a sad sack divorcee meeting a girl he connected with, but couldn’t have. We sat through the whole thing, but as the whiskey began to wear off towards the end of the movie we all knew we had been duped. Ten years later it was a surreal WTF type moment that made me laugh when you guys brought up the film.

  12. Two of my favorite movies are The Truman Show and Gattaca, which do have similar themes. So it was a pleasant surprise to find out that they were both written by Andrew Niccol.

  13. Inside Baseball questions: What percentage of your listeners listen to a 30 20 10 episode the week of (IE the week it covers) and what percentage listen to it after that?

  14. My last comment was about Care Bears and dead grandmas, so how about something happier for this one?

    I don’t remember a single pop culture detail from this week because I got married on October 20, 2007, and then we were off to beautiful Las Vegas for our honeymoon!

    Since I was out of touch for this week here are a few of my memories of October 20-26, 2007:

    -There was a wildfire raging in L.A. because California has been on fire for two decades now, and the smoke from that fire rose over Vegas like the clouds from Mordor reaching out to blanket Minas Tirith. Freaky.

    -I got to visit Star Trek: The Experience a few months before they dismantled and mothballed the whole thing which was a childhood dream come true just in time!

    -Vegas around Halloween is actually pretty cool. We went on a “ghost tour” that doubled as a nice tour of Vegas while telling some spooky stories, and it was dirt cheap!

    -Did you know Tony Danza played the Zero Mostel/Nathan Lane role in an adaptation of The Producers that had been cut down to fit in one hour? I got to see that live, which was something let me tell ya.

    -The live Medieval Timesesque show at the Excalibur? Pretty cool. The instant food poisoning and long walk across the strip after? Not so much.

    -GET A CAB. After a week of walking everywhere because things look deceptively close in the desert I tore something in my foot and had a limp for the last couple of days.

    All in all it was one of the best weeks of my life spent with my best friend and life partner. Ten years and two kids later there’ve been ups and downs, but we’ve been there for each other through it all and couldn’t be happier!

  15. Hi guys

    I’m a long-time listener to Laser Time shows but this is the first time I’ve left a comment. I started listening to Thirty Twenty Ten around a couple of months ago, starting from episode one and going on a marathon through the entire show, and now I have just caught up with your regular release schedule. It’s been quite a ride and I have very much enjoyed following the progression of pop culture on a weekly basis.

    I especially enjoy the 1997 segments because I was born in 1991 and when I was much younger, I would get really, really, really hyped for just about every big stupid-looking kid-friendly action movie that came out; I’d see all the trailers, get tie-in books or magazines, sometimes even get some of the toys, talk the ears off anyone who’d listen about it… and then never actually see them in the cinema.

    It happened with the Lost World, Batman & Robin, Men In Black, Tomorrow Never Dies, The Matrix, Small Soldiers, Mask of Zorro (great movie), it happened with a couple of movies you’ll get to in a few years (Wild Wild West and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), among others. Most of these I only saw on video or DVD after the fact. In retrospect, my parents probably thought I was too young for most of them. Perhaps the only exception to this trend was the movie that I was more hyped for than anything else before or since: Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

    For some reason, one of the things I most remember from an earlier episode which made me think “I should comment on that!” was your brief discussion of The Saint starring Val Kilmer. This is, of course, a loose adaptation of the 1960s television series starring Roger Moore, which was itself an adaptation of the long-running series of pulp novels written by Leslie Charteris. Although you mentioned that the property never really caught on in America, The Saint was the most successful of the many, many adventure shows produced by Lew Grade’s production company ITC in the 1960s, which which later went on to co-produce the original Muppet Show with Jim Henson in the 1970s.

    Wow, that was a very long post! Anyway, thanks again for a great show, and I’m hopeful that I will have more to say as you keep forging ahead! While it’s a few years off yet I absolutely can’t wait for 1990 to see what you think of one of my absolute favourite superhero movies, Dick Tracy starring Warren Beatty.

    P.S. I note that in an instalment of Classic Corner from a couple of episodes ago, Diana mentioned that Otis Redding wrote “A Change Is Gonna Come” – in fact, Sam Cooke wrote “A Change Is Gonna Come”, inspired by Bob Dylan’s contemporary socially conscious recordings.

  16. The Tower of Terror movie is actually still referenced at the theme park ride, the WDW on in Hollywood Studios at least. The pre-show video with Rod Serling has footage of all the ghost characters from the movie boarding the elevator when the tower is struck by lightning. I think that’s about it, though, and it still doesn’t have anything to do with the content of the ride.

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