Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

It’s finally over! Freddy Krueger is dead, every storyline will be wrapped in a concise little package, and fans will surely be satisfied by with the closure brought to the Nightmare on Elm Street series… JUST KIDDING! You could argue whether or not Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare is the worst in the franchise (it is) but it’s unarguably bizarre, dumb, not scary and totally tone deaf. This is the ONLY EPISODE of An Elm Street Nightmare we’d actually recommend you listen to instead of watching the film.


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9 thoughts on “Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

  1. Alright, honestly, I don’t hate Freddy’s Dead as much as a lot of fans do. Now I’ll say this, I wish Peter Jackson’s original concept did get made since it seemed like interesting meta commentary on the franchise. And I can understand how the humor turned off people and I have some problems with the overall execution,

    That being said, the reason I’m sympathetic to the film and even connect to it is because I connect with its main idea and theme; the idea of Freddy’s daughter and the theme of one related to a toxic parent, would you become like the parent or not. A different path for the offspring. So I relate to the Katherine Krueger or Maggie Burroughs character especially when she found out the truth about Freddy. The thing is, I have an emotionally abusive mother and while she’s not Freddy but she’s very good at emotional manipulation and is a total racist, sexist, transphobe and homophobe. And, I can’t say much for confidentiality’s sake but she treated my sister way, way worse. So there’s merit to me based on this element especially since I was horrified that certain moments of anger I had I feel are traits from her.

    But concerning the lore presented, I’m fond of the idea of Springwood having no children and the denizens just going insane. Like, in a way, Freddy took over the town. It’s pretty disturbing stuff. But on the other side of the coin, I hate the dream demon stuff. It’s essentially the same problem as Michael Myers in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (both cuts), Freddy essentially becomes a flunky. Which is not interesting, it’s not making him look like a scary villain, it’s making him a henchman for Saturday Morning Cartoon villains. It’s scarier when he somehow got all this power. So the dream demon stuff I tend to ignore.

    The dream sequences, quite fond of. Carlos’s death, pretty Looney Tunes so to speak. Spencer’s death scene, very memorable and technically, they did show him smoking a joint. It’s funny, this movie is how I knew about Iron Butterfly’s In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida. Though yeah, Tracy’s dream was pretty disturbing and the real life correlation between the character and actress is yeah, eerie but also effective. Also, I should mention, the reason she looks very goth is because she’s a glitter punk. She’s in a glitter punk band; Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs. The woman has lead an interesting life really. Other characters, fuck yeah, Yaphet Kotto’s awesome and I like Lisa Zane, hell, woman was She-Hulk once.

    And it’s interesting you mention the film being cut because I did see those missing scenes on a TV broadcast back in 2004 or 2005, most likely 2005 but it was on UPN (according to IMDB at least but it was most likely UPN). But yeah, stuff got cut and one of the scenes I remember was the introduction to Maggie, the real introduction to Maggie when she woke up in her home and had those flashback/dreams and what her home life was like. And the other being a weird scene I don’t know how to describe it but it was another scene with Yaphet Kotto and Lezlie Deane and him sensing something weird and John Doe somehow making a lightbulb explode, I don’t get it honestly. I can see why that was cut at least.

    I will however agree the Freddy makeup doesn’t look very good. It looked fine in plenty of spots but for example the video game death scene, it looked weird.

    It was interesting seeing much of Freddy’s past however like, well if you get past the Alice Cooper cameo if you consider that distracting, there’s something disturbing about teenage Freddy getting physically abused by a drunken stepfather and him enjoying it. And there was a cut scene of him stabbing the drunken dude. Also, given Freddy’s daughter is named Katherine Krueger, I guess he was fond of alliterative names like Peter Parker or Sue Storm. And I do like Freddy’s plan, I’m always fond of the idea of Freddy expanding himself to other parts of the country-targeting teenagers everywhere. That makes him an even more form of active evil and that’s fucking scary! Bad enough he’s targeting kids in one town but imagine that he can expand to not only other parts of the United States but the entire world! Plus, it’s interesting that he has amassed so much that he can just literally erase people from history after killing his victims as if they never existed. This one of the reasons I like Freddy Krueger so much, this form of active evil who can do as he pleases once he amasses this power.

    Other stuff to mention? I own the 3 part comic book adaptation and the soundtrack album since 2004. Nifty stuff I own. I need to acquire more Nightmare on Elm Street comics though. The 3-D gimmick, yeesh, yeah, let’s never speak of that. I mean, the finale I don’t hate but the 3D, kind of pointless now. I can’t find the 3D glasses from the DVD boxset though. And I like the songs too like Goo Goo Dolls, Johnny Law and Iggy Pop.

    So yeah, I don’t hate this film but at the same time, I do think it could have and should have been better given what I mentioned about its themes. But I enjoy it all the same.

  2. Thank you so much for doing these. This is my fav horror series and it’s such a great trip down memory lane revisiting these gems.

  3. The first time I saw this was on AMC as part of their annual Fear Fest marathons around Halloween, having not seen 4 and 5, so I wondered if I missed something since all this stuff about John Doe and Freddy’s daughter seemed confusing and out of place. Turns out, the movie was just awful and I hadn’t missed any plot points that would really clarify things.

    It’s weird how this, Jason Goes to Hell, and to a lesser extent Halloween 6, all introduce weird additions to the backstory of the killer and secrets about their family we didn’t know before, like Jason having a sister & niece and only a Voorhees can kill him, and Freddy’s secret daughter who was taken being his motivation for his original killings.

  4. Great series guys, I listened to all of ’em. I will listen to all the horror thingies you can muster.

    P.S. This is the worst movie in the whole world.

  5. I wouldn’t call Alice Cooper a shock rocker. I’d say he’s just a run of the mill Glam rocker in the same vein as Sweet, Slade, KISS, Bowie a la Ziggy Stardust, etc.

  6. Personally, I believe NOES 5 is one of the worst one in the franchise and Freddy’s Dead is the better one of the Nightmare sequels. I prefer scary Freddy over joke Freddy, and that’s why I love Nightmare on Elm Street and enjoyed Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. However, for some reason, I really enjoyed Freddy’s Dead. Maybe it’s the 90s touch, or the obvious 3D sequences at the end which goes through Freddy’s origin, or that the film is so over-the-top, I don’t know. I had a blast going through this film when I was doing a Nightmare marathon with the Blu-ray set.

  7. I’m gonna get this one in a bit early for the next next review but…

    I LOVE Freddy Vs. Jason. It’s not a great movie, the teenager parts drag a bit but when you get Freddy or Jason on screen it’s fantastic. Exactly what I wanted from a Vs. Movie.

    1. Some of the imagery in the film is just pure fanboy markout stuff. The shot of Jason’s shadow slowly lumbering onto Elm Street is amaaaazing. The Freddy theme over the new line logo being interrupted by the Ki-ki-ki ma-ma-ma. Hypnocil coming back, The entire fight between the two monsters is just so over the top in a good way. Two un-killable creatures slashing and slicing at eachother until one of them stops moving.

      Like I said. The movie on a whole isn’t perfect but you get what you pay for.

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