Talking Simpsons – And Maggie Makes Three

It’s about time that we viewers learn just how Maggie joined the family, and we get that through a story that involves shotguns and Homer pretending to be sperm. See Homer’s dream job and the story of accidental kids in this week’s podcast…


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15 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – And Maggie Makes Three

  1. I appreciate the Bond couch gag that opens the episode.

    I was wondering what Homer’s first story was a parody of, thinking maybe Die Hard, but as soon as you guys pointed out that it was actually Under Siege I felt stupid for not realizing since Homer nearly spells it out. I love how even in Homer’s fantasy story, people still died.

  2. It’s shown in this episode that Homer Simpson is a very unreliable narrator; Therefore I’m not sure you can say that anything in this flashback breaks continuity because everything could be explained by Homer not telling the full truth, either this time or last.

  3. Oh man, I got super excited when you guys got to the little joey part. I thought maybe I could finally understand where this joke is coming from, but you guys made it seem like it was just a high level meta joke and not a specific reference. This is probably the case because I’ve never been able to find anything about where this joke came from, but between the character design, california, and mr homer, it just screams Steinbeck to me, but I can’t think of a specific reference. Does anyone around here know anything that might be it? Or is it just a really funny meta joke.

    1. I don’t think it’s specific as Joey’s dream of going to California is very Steinbeck-y but I can’t think of any one character that would be, and the consumption cough is a trope of 19th and early 20th century fiction (and all period pieces). I think the joke is more that Homer is randomly friends with a 1920’s-style Newsie, one of the many grifters, hobos, and similar old timey characters to appear in the show’s golden age.

    1. I learned last week that Lexi Alexander, director of film and tv, power twitter user, and former kickboxer, was on an episode of Boy Meets World. Add her to the great cameo list that includes Adam Scott, Linda Cardellini, Brittany Murphy, and the Man they Call Vader.

  4. I remember getting so annoyed with the syndication schedule, that I wrote a letter asking the station (WFTC, in Minneapolis), to run a marathon of the episodes I hadn’t seen yet. I do think Lady Bouvier’s Lover was on the list.

  5. On the subject of abortion, Family Guy made an episode in which Lois gets an abortion, but Fox chickened out and never aired it in America. It did air in the UK though. They also released it on DVD, but I saw it through… other means. Of course Bojack Horseman handled the issue much better and it’s one of my favorite episodes of the series.

  6. Feel silly asking this but i never got the joke, when Barneys uncle says to Homer “Bring a change of pants….when it happens you’ll know”. Or something like that. Was hoping you folks might elaborate on it. Thanks. Love the show!

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