Laser Time #302 – Fictional Fast Food Quiz

From movie-set drivethroughs to sitcom diners and cartoon eateries, we’re doing a megaquiz of famous (but fictional) fast food joints, complete with hilarious clips to satisfy your humor’s appetite!


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17 thoughts on “Laser Time #302 – Fictional Fast Food Quiz

  1. The bigger Big Mac variant is called the Grand Mac, I think they still sell it but I haven’t been to a McD’s in fucking forever.

    Good episode though. I wanna go to Waffle House now.

    1. Oh, also technically Hey Arnold! is the 90’s version of Peanuts since the creator’s stated in a couple of interviews that he was inspired by it. Both it and Doug crib from it though, unrequited love and such.

  2. You guys are so wrong on the Grand Mac. That thing was my secret shame last fall when they were selling it. If I found myself out by myself (which happens very rarely since I have two kids and a stay-at-home wife) I was going to McD’s for one of those and grossly inhaling it in my car. I love the Big Mac, but it’s meat patties are too small. The Grand Mac rectified that. Since it’s gone, I have to go back to the off-menu Double Quarter Pounder – Mac style. I feel like I’m getting fatter just by listening to this.

  3. Man oh man, Matt Jay is a great addition to the team. I’ve been listening since your guys’ TDar days, and I was unexcited to hear a new voice on the show, thinking that he’d have trouble keeping up with you guys – but he’s awesome. Great job, Matt!!

    PS: all sandwiches at McD’s are much better Macstyle.

  4. I feel like Hank would have mentioned this, but DC has its own fake chain of fast-food restaurants called Big Belly Burger that show up now and then in the comics, but have appeared fairly often in the combined CW universe of Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. It basically gives off a retro 50s Diner style despite being the equivalent of a McDonalds (apparently with much less cancerous food though). Figured I’d point it out here in the comments for the hell of it, it’s a nice recurring thing on the shows and it’s nice to see it acknowledged somewhere instead of, say, making a brand deal with Carl’s Jr or IHOP for your damn superhero movies.

  5. Please. I need links to all of the remixes used as bumpers during each segment. Google-Fu has failed me. *attaches the stone of shame*

    1. Dankmus! I remember when he had like 50 subs, so cool to see it featured in podcasts I love! IMO the videos that go with it are the best bit

    1. I think about that one a lot actually. I remember the original restaurant owner saying something about envisioning a business with flavorless cardboard patties drenched in condiments and that line always pops in my head when eating McD’s. Good pick!

  6. When I recently went to Universal Studios Orlando I made it a point to eat lunch at Krusty Burger and have the Clogger, the burger was nothing special but looked more appetizing than the Ribwitch. I just enjoyed being able to eat in a place themed after one of my favorite shows while drinking an actual Duff Beer

    1. I had a Dufftoberfest in LA a year ago, it was beer, and $12, but it said Duff, so what are you gonna do? Butter beer was better.

  7. I’ve tried watching Bob’s Burgers, but the only thing I’ve found funny are the burger pun numes. Lucy, Daughter of the Devil was way better.

  8. I always find it interesting how bombarded I get with the amount of things I like that everyone at Lasertime hates or vice versa. From Sonic 3D Blast, to All That (the show that Henry calls, “The Sketch Comedy Show that the stupidest kid in the world likes” thanks Henry, to Madtv, to Bloody Roar, with Primal Fury being the best?? (It’s not.)

    Anyway, if I had to choose to eat at a fast food restaurant from a show, it would logically be Bob’s Burgers, because the family (or at least Bob) did put a lot of work into making good burgers. There was even an episode where some famous foodnetwork-ish chef came by and praised the resturaunt’s food. Bob ended up losing sleep because he was so busy hanging out with his new chef friends.

    Food from nicktoons is very intriguing. The Krusty Krab burgers were made to look way too pristine and perfect when there was a zoomed in shot, and Heffer from Rocko chowed the fuck down at Chokey Chicken, though he also did that to anything that was edible, including things under the couch.

  9. You guys brought up GTA, but I’ve gotta point out that the Saints Row franchise has its own fictional fast food joints, my favorite being “Freckle Bitch’s”. I’ve gotta admit that it took me quite some time to realize that it was a parody of Wendy’s.

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