The Best New Amazon Releases: Matthew Mcconaughey And Bubsy Storm Normandy

Nothing can compare to the insane game release slate of last week, but there are still some biggies for 2017!

If you’re not too full from this week’s Laser Time about fictional fast foods there’s plenty more going on around the site. Curtis has a handy primer for the season’s upcoming anime over on the Anime Streaming Showcase, the boys played one of the biggest game releases of the year Super Mario Odyssey which Chris also made a ridiculous music video for and Vidjagame Apocalypse counted down the top five mummies in video games! If mummies are too old for you millennials then your favorite movie about a certain bee voiced by Jerry Seinfeld came up on last week’s Thirty Twenty Ten and George Weakley wrote about the shakey start to the iconic X-Men animated series. On top of all this the Talking Simpsons boys interviewed OK KO creator Ian Jones Quartey. You can find an extended interview over at the Talking Simpsons Patreon. Hey, speaking of Patreon, Laser Time has one too that funds everything we just told you about! Head on over there to find a new Bonus Time about the gang’s Halloween festivities, visiting SF landmarks, and learn why Chris slept on the couch this week! Remember, anything you purchase after clicking one of these links will send some scratch to Laser Time… it doesn’t have to be any of the products on this page; literally ANYTHING you buy that visit helps us out. Also, any physical game you pre-purchase before launch day nets you a 20 percent savings!

Call of Duty: WWII (Out Friday, 11/3)

Some of you may be a bit too young to remember a few generations ago when setting a shooter in World War II was all the rage. If you were buying a new game you had about a 60% chance of playing on Normandy Beach or Hoth. Well it’s finally time for the biggest FPS franchise to return to its roots and kick Hitler in the teeth once again. If you haven’t had enough nazi bashing from last week’s Wolfenstein release then definitely pick this up!


.Hack//G.U. Last Recode

To celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the .Hack series, Bandai Namco are re-releasing one of the best RPG trilogies of the PS2 generation. All three original titles .hack//G.U. titles, Rebirth, Reminisce, and Redemption are included as well as the original Terminal Disc footage that catches players up on the events that occurred leading up to the games. The PS2 discs can catch a hefty price on Ebay and have only gotten rarer over the last decade and a half, so RPG nerds should scoop this up.

The Dark Tower

This adaptation of Stephen King’s epic fantasy/sci-fi/western book series was a huge bomb at the box office, but it had its fans. It currently holds a 16% on Rotten Tomatoes and April Wolfe of L.A. Weekly said, “Outside of its actors, the film is unremarkable. Action sequences seem as though they were hurried, that is, when you can actually see them – Did the lighting team blow a fuse?” But someone out there has to be a Dark Tower completionist enough to buy the blu ray!


Shout Factory’s Dawn of the Dead (2004) and Land of the Dead 

It’s a one-two punch of zombie awesomeness from Shout Factory this Halloween! Dawn of the Dead is not only one of the best zombie movies ever, it’s far and away the best Zack Snyder movie, and credited with kicking off the modern zombie craze. No matter how much you hate his Watchmen or the way he seems to be actively sabotaging the DC film universe, you gotta admit the guy made a good zombie remake. And if you miss zombie filmmaker OG George A. Romero as much as we do, you should pick up Land of the Dead. It doesn’t have as many fans as the first Dawn, but is a solid zombie picture.

Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back

So it’s come to this. Internet nostalgia has run so rampant that Bubsy of all franchises is being revived. The link’s there. You can click it. Whatever happens after that is entirely up to you. And you have to live with it. Maybe this will be Bubsy’s Sonic Mania? Maybe the developers have a genuine love for the source material and want to make something that not only captures what made America so enamored with the 16-bit bobcat back in the day, but also creates a fun game experience with twenty years of design experience and lessons that make it feel fresh and modern? Maybe.



Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Crackdown 3
Call of Duty: WWII
God of War
Metro: Exodus
Dragon Ball FighterZ

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