Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

You thought it was over?! Just because Freddy’s dead, it doesn’t mean his creator is through with him. In one of the most clever sequels ever made, Wes Craven brings his most famous monster into the real world, making for a wildly different breed of horror film. Overlooked at the time, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare is a series high point, and Chris and Lizzie do their damnedest to elevate its status from curious Krueger footnote to modern horror classic!


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7 thoughts on “Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

  1. Funny, I rented New Nightmare from Blockbuster.

    But anyway, to correct something, while everything I said about me being introduced to New Nightmare via TNT is exactly how I told out but I misremembered the exact scene I changed the channel. See it wasn’t Chase Porter’s death that had me change the channel in fear but it was the funeral scene-specifically when Freddy kidnaps Dylan and Heather sees her dead husband’s body come to life for a moment and that was enough for me to go “NOPE!” and change the channel, nine year old me couldn’t handle it after that. But I did eventually rent it from Blockbuster via that deal where I rent 6 six movies, rent one free (or was it 7? Never remembered it right really so I could be talking out of my ass). So when I was 14, I thought it was kind of crap since it wasn’t like the other films to sum things up that I thought it wasn’t Freddy what with that evil force as Freddy thing.

    Being older however, I not only grow to appreciate it for what it was doing but I also love it as much as the first film for example. Here’s the thing, I love the concept first of all. It was Craven being meta as all hell even before Scream and exploring much of his concepts as he could such as the franchise’s influence on the real world and once again, blurs the lines between reality and dream or in this case, reality and fiction. And then there’s the idea Craven in the film presented, he mentioned something about storytellers capturing a spirit in the story and if it gets too recognizable and gets killed off, it can unleashed upon the world. So, what if this concept extends to other media? Like what if the superhero comics we read and a character gets killed off, a positive spirit is unleashed on the world doing whatever the fuck it wants.

    Freddy’s new look I got used to over the years that I actually like it as much as the typical look. And as much as I love the quippy Freddy Krueger, I like that he’s scary again and less quippy where he’s full on menacing anyway.

    What intrigues me is that Wes Craven made the climax like a fairy tale, like The People Under The Stairs. Though with New Nightmare, he directly lifted from Hansel and Gretel and even foreshadowed it. So I get the intent that Craven played it as a fairy tale there so I forgive it there.

    I’d say I rank it second to the first Nightmare on Elm Street since Craven really had strong ideas as much as he did with the first Nightmare.

    Also, fuck yeah Freddy vs. Jason! ^_^

  2. Need that Freddy Vs. Jason episode even though you’re most likely gonna shit on it. lol.

    I love that movie. It’s so much fun and a pretty good send off for the original incarnations of both characters.

  3. Thanks so much for doing the series. It’s a great look back and very enjoyable. I do wish you’d review the reboot though, just because I have zero interest in watching it but I’d love to hear your thoughts

  4. This movie really was ahead of its time, and it’s insane that it comes from a series that half the entries were pretty much shit out by people who didn’t care about anything beyond a profit.

    The music in Freddy’s “lair” definitely doesn’t fit with slasher & series conventions, but I still kind of love it – it always gives me a kind of “Phantom of the Opera” vibe.

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