7 Negative Responses from the Robert Loggia Minute Maid Commercial YouTube Comments Section

What would drive a person to make hateful replies to a quirky commercial that’s nearly beloved by all?

Perfection, it’s a rare concept that we as humanity fail to grasp. We see images of perfection on a day-to-day level, yet we have a disappointed minority that cannot help but to critique and complain. There are people who go out of their own way to besmirch Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’ as an unfinished and dull piece of art. Some consider the written works of William Shakespeare to be droll and a slog to read from your high school Humanities classes. There’s also critics who lambasted 1987’s ‘Robocop’ like Water Goodman of the New York Times who was quoted in his Robocop review for saying and I quote: “Whatever may have been in the minds of the writers, Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner, has more trouble emerging from Mr. Verhoeven’s sizzling battles than poor Murphy does from his robosuit.” Goodman, like so many others, have terrible taste in things that are perfect.

I couldn’t find a good photo of Walter Goodman so here’s another New York-based film critic. [SHAMELESS PLUG join the Talking Simpsons Patreon and listen to Talking Critic /END SHAMELESS PLUG]

Now we here at Laser Time, we love a couple things: A cold beer on a warm Christmas, refrigerators in both a non-sexual & sexual fashion, and of course Robert Loggia (so much so that Laser Time’s 300th episode was all about Loggia). Now to be more specific, Robert Loggia’s unforgettable Minute Maid Orange Tangerine commercial, with such memorable catchphrases as ”Billy”, “yeah”, and “Your mother’s right”. Now before we go to the fireworks factory with this article, let’s find out where this video came from.

Now while there have been numerous uploads on YouTube of this iconic commercial over the years with higher and higher quality, the earliest it has ever been uploaded was on June 20th, 2007 from a user named Deadmaker46135, who created their YouTube account on May 31st, 2006, and previously had videos of Les Claypool performances, and last uploaded a few Marilyn Manson videos in 2013. This person’s only video that has broken over 100,000 views has been Robert Loggia’s Minute Maid Orange Tangerine commercial, no other video has been seen that much, not even this montage to Death Note, part one of two.

I just want to remind you all that this exists and we all agreed that it sucks and no one likes it.

Back to the subject at hand, we combine the two facets as presented in order: Criticism and Robert Loggia’s Minute Maid Orange Tangerine commercial. Who would be so critical at a commercial from the late 90’s, then uploaded in 2007? Answer, some. If you look at the thumbs up/down for the video the ratio currently stands at the time of writing this article, 1879 to 40. There is a 2.1% chance that someone will hate this commercial, that’s one in fifty. That’s nearly universally beloved. So, now let’s figure out why people hate this commercial by sticking my hands into the fecal-stained bovine anus known simply as the YouTube comments section.


Well Mister bskulldragon100, I’m willing to wager dollars to donuts you weren’t all Brady Bunch with your family. Maybe you got fussy because you didn’t want to eat or drink certain things that your parents presented you. Maybe you should give the kid a break. No kid is perfect; at least this kid didn’t set them on fire in their sleep.




…because an ad campaign can be successful with the aid of a celebrity spokesperson? Also, ‘teh’? Really?


If only there was a search engine website where you can type in the name of an actor and get a series of websites with answers to this question, but sadly no such thing existed eight years ago. Bing wasn’t created years after this response, and would’ve answered all of Snaggbash2000’s yearning questions about Robert Loggia.


Shut up. Shut your damn mouth. The Minute Maid people are competent people, they figured out how to combine orange juice with other juices both in fruit and vegetable variety.


A lot to dissect here. First, this little brat is Billy. Second, Billy needs an outside third party not bound by family ties to sway his opinion on Minute Maid orange tangerine. Third, the attractiveness of a mother does not define their level of tolerance. Are you insinuating that ugly mothers are the only ones that have to deal with that type of insolence? Fourth, waterboarding? You’re insisting that cruel and unusual torture method (ripped from the headlines) on Billy is an effective way for him to learn respect? I hope you have kids, and they refuse to have breakfast-based beverages unless swayed by B+ to A- actors… then I hope your reaction will change. Jerk.


If this were a goon in the mob or someone well deserving of a strike to the head like a criminal sure, but you want Robert Loggia to hit a child? What’s the matter with you? Also, you’re no Josh Gad in the acting department yourself, how many nationally syndicated TV commercials have you been in as a child? If the number is higher than zero then it’s most likely a lie.



Let us know what you think about the commercial in the comments below, far far away from the garbage heap that is YouTube comments. Also, give a listen to Loggia Time below!

This article was written by Aaron Chados, you can find him in the Laser Time Facebook Community, or through OkCupid

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  1. RE: Comment #2.

    What is “Robert Loggiae”? Is that the plural form of Robert Loggia? Are we talking a Multiplicity situation here?

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