The Running Man, Diddy Kong Racing, Super Mario Galaxy, and Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium – Nov 10-Nov 16

This week in history; 87 races with The Running Man while Sonny & Cher reuinite and Brad Pitt has Growing Pains. 97 is bananas with Diddy Kong Racing, Apu’s wedding on The Simpsons, and Fraiser’s 100 episode. 07 flies with Super Mario Galaxy and some weird movies in the form of Beowulf and Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.


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19 thoughts on “The Running Man, Diddy Kong Racing, Super Mario Galaxy, and Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium – Nov 10-Nov 16

  1. Hope and Glory! Good film. One of the perks of being married (among many) is that my wife and I spent a lot of time sharing movies we loved before we got together, that the other hadn’t seen. She shows me films like Hope and Glory and Auntie Mame, I get to show her films like Get Shorty and The Blues Brothers.

  2. Running Man is on my Mount Rushmore of Schwarz movies
    1) T2
    2) Commando
    3) Total Recall
    4) Running Man
    Any of those movies would be a valid #1 for damn near any action movie star, what a stupid classic.
    My 2 main anecdotes on Sunny and Chair are Eminem’s lyric “I get too blunted off the funny home grown
    ‘Cause when I smoke out I hit the trees harder than Sonny Bono (OH NO!)” literally < 5 months after he died and it was only recently I realized how gorgeous young Cher was, she was a ghoulish drag queen by the time I began to notice girls/women but young Cher is like WOW

  3. I remember “Jackal” for only one reason. I went to college at VCU in Richmond, and parts of this movie were filmed in Richmond while I lived there. The scenes where Bruce Willis is disguised as a cop and sitting on a park bench were filmed at Monroe Park, literally across the street from my dorm building. The next block over was The Mosque Theater, where they dressed a corner of the building to look like an entrance to a Metro station. Digital cameras weren’t ubiquitous at that time, but I had my handy 35mm. Some crew told me to put the camera away. I sort of did, but snapped some photos, shooting from the hip. But I’m not sure if I got Bruce Willis, or his stand in.

  4. Drawn Together is a show I’ve seen maybe two or three episodes of but is seared, SEARED, into my memory because I associate it with an, “Oh, I too grow old, that is something that is happening to me and not just other people!” revelatory moment of my life.
    When Drawn Together premiered I was like, “Cool! Another South Park!” I watched a couple of episodes and as crude joke after sophomoric attempt at humor flew at me I suddenly realized, “This is too juvenile for me.”
    I had had children’s shows have that effect on me, but in 2007 at the ripe old age of 29, that was probably the first time that I felt too old for crude humor. The very next day I went to a strip club and chatted with a stripper about her hopes and her dreams and eventually I started talking about how if she really wanted to become a veterinarian, as she was telling me, that I thought it was important for her to go back to college and how education is the bedrock for a solid life. And she said, “You sound just like my Dad.”
    I was now “old”
    Looking back as damn near 40 year old father of two that one two punch sticks with me to this day as Memento Mori, or at least as a reminder that one’s twenties last ten years and no longer.

  5. Oh man, Diddy Kong Racing. I have such fond childhood memories of that game. My brother is 4½ years older than me, and Diddy Kong was one of the few games we could play together where I wasn’t completely terrible. (The number of times 9 year old me left a room in tears after he forced me to play Goldeneye with him but wouldn’t help me or tell me the cheats and shortcuts and just kept killing me…oof.)

    DKR’s story mode absolutely makes it a better game than Mario Kart 64, IMO, but Wizpig is a cheating asshole. The first time my brother finally beat him, after hours and hours of attempts (and punching a hole in the faux wood paneling that was the top of our ancient gaming TV), we danced around the room while yelling like idiots. Of course, you actually have to beat him multiple times to beat the game – which my brother ultimately did – but nothing topped beating that motherfucker for the first time.

  6. I fucking love the Running Man, but it’s frightening how it’s throwaway setup for being set in the future is barely off (the world goes to hell in 2017, becomes a total shitscape by 2019).

    This week’s X-Files episode is really damn good despite not having a whole lot of Scully & Mulder. It has a hilarious out of context in media-res opening which leads to this great screencap:

  7. I love that my brother and I weren’t the only people that watched “almost human”

    And a quick comment on Metallica. I loved them as a kid and even had an amazing flaming skull t-shirt in grade 3 (around the release of Load).
    First, the album covers. As far as I’ve heard, Load is a mix of blood and semen mixed between glass slides and ReLoad also include pee. I hope this isn’t true, because as devoute metalgead, I can say that this isn’t metal. Just gross. Someone had to arrange that…


    Load was the release (no pun intended..) after the mixed response to the Black album which sold well, but also alienated some of the more hardcore fans that didn’t like the softer songs. The big single from Load was “until it sleeps” which became a pretty big hit but was very low key for them. ReLoad was crappy even by ’97 standards.
    Yes I own it.
    I’m pretty sure the big haircut was on their next album (that I didn’t buy), but I first noticed it with their video for “I disappear” from the mi2 soundtrack.

    Unforgiven not only has a sequel song where “unforgiven too” is a lyric but they also released an album a few years back with Unforgiven three. I’ve yet to confirm if they use the titular line again.

    Still one of the best concerts with the best pyro I’ve ever seen (and felt) though.

    I’ll go listen to the rest of the episode now.

  8. Great memory, not from 30 20 or 10 years ago, but for what came up in the classic corner. I was able to watch close encounters at a midnight showing, on the beach thanks to the gimli film festival, which every year chooses a 5 different movies to show every night on the beach. this year i was able to see american grafitti.

  9. No Limit was the MOVEMENT…as far as Ohio, we were bumping and consuming all of the No Limit Soldiers albums just like we were in New Orleans. Crazy how that sound reached the Midwest-thanks BET!

  10. I dont know why I feel compelled to do this but Adam Carolla was asked “Who is funnier Men or Women?” He replied “On the whole I would pick Men.” Then it was reported as Carolla said Women arent funny.

    Sure the guy isnt great and has shitty opinions on other topics but on this one he got screwed.


    Mario Galaxy was amazing….yeah

    1. Wow Dave was way off on his Mario commentary. Galaxy 2 is similar to Galaxy 1 just without a full hub area. Both games actual levels are smaller, more linear challenges which is the opposite of Mario 64, Sunshine and Odyssey.

      Basically Super Mario
      2D Games
      3D Galaxy style
      3D Course style
      3D Exploration games

  11. Super Mario Galaxy is probably the last game I anticipated with a child-like level of excitement, despite at that time being in my 20’s. I would leave work in Boston on my lunch break to head down to the nearest Gamestop to see if they had a kiosk up to demo it. Once they finally did you can bet I played it more than once, though I was probably hoping it would thrill me like the first time playing Super Mario 64 – it did not. I still loved it though, and did the responsible thing and just let people know it was something I would very much appreciate as a Christmas gift, as opposed to buying it myself. Now ten years later, I’m doing the same with Odyssey. I tend to buy every new game I want, so I’m at least letting my wife have a layup idea for a Christmas gift. Doesn’t mean I regret the waiting. Galaxy is probably second only to Super Mario World in my personal rankings of best Mario games.

  12. Ah, Beofulf. My senior year high school literature class went to see this movie in IMAX 3D after we read the epic poem in class. Chris’s comment about naked Angelina Jolie reminded me of my favorite part of the screening. When she comes out of the water for the first time, one of the guys sitting next to me leaned over to our mutual friend and said, “Look at that!” to which our friend replied, “DUDE! SHUT UP! 3D!”

  13. Steve Zahn turning 50 hit me really hard.
    Earlier this year, I was in a Starbucks, and the barista taking my order looked at me and said “Hey, aren’t you… … … … has anyone ever told you that you look just like Steve Zahn?” I couldn’t remember who that was off of the top of my head, and no, I had never heard that before. The way she asked, like she had to make sure it wasn’t ACTUALLY Steve Zahn, must mean I really resembled him!
    I thanked her, and then quickly Googled “Steve Zahn” – the mentally challenged guy from that awful Jennifer Aniston movie?! I used to get compared to Josh Hartnett when I was in college – have I really let myself go that much? I grit my teeth as I gave a compulsory tip. I had never felt so insulted.

    Hearing that he’s turning 50 is even worse, since I am only 32. Happy birthday, fellow weird looking troll person.

    Also, Drawn Together may be trash, but it gave us Double-Dong Denzel and Triple-Dong Wesley Snipes, so it’s alright in my book.

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