Talking Simpsons – Bart Vs. Australia

Get ready to learn all about draining in this international classic show! Bart offends Australia in a story ripped from the 1990s headlines and we give all the context along with explaining every reference, weird joke, and seemingly rerecorded line in this new podcast…


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15 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Bart Vs. Australia

  1. The Australian accents in this episode are kind of awful, understandably, but goddamn.

    I love how the kangaroo who picks up Bart’s frog IMMEDIATELY after the frog is left alone.

    While the suspenseful zoom inon the Koala’s eye may not be the first time that type of gag was used on the show, it’s still one of my absolute favourite episode endings.

  2. Vegemite is all about consistency, if you use too much it’s awful. Try it on toast with butter and spread it thinly. Love the show guys.

  3. I take issue with Chris’s argument that Fosters is terrible and no one likes it. It’s a decent cheap beer, better than most equivalent American beers, and the giant cans are fun. I used to start off every weekend with one of those, playing power hour. Never finished the hour, but it was great for getting a mild buzz.

  4. I had a professor who talked about the Australia film business. The government there made some pretty significant incentives for production: making a some of a film’s budget a tax write-off, and making part of film profits not taxable income. I’m not sure if this was happening in the 90s tho.

  5. I think you guys were a little hard on The Brady Bunch movie. Despite the “60s suck/90s cool”, there’s a lot of subtle jokes in there really going in on the ridiculousness of the actual series. Such as, Carol just pouring sugar like a waterfall into her coffee during every shot of her in once scene. However, the best thing about The Brady Bunch movie was RuPaul as Jan’s guidance counselor. “And giiirl, you – betta – work!”

  6. Oh yeah, the ULCA basketball players are another example of Americans behaving badly and the US will pull out all the stops to bring them back, especially if they are White.

  7. Australian here – unfortunately we are in fact a country of very smelly butts and I’ve never seen a bidet in even the nicest houses/hotels I’ve been in. The stereotypical Australian toilet is usually the detached tiny little tin/brick shithouse above a hole (‘Dunny’) often comically far away from the house proper, with water being optional. What we also have (much more prevalent than bidets, anyway) is a lot of dry squat toilets – sometimes mixed in with regularly equipped cubicles. While Bob isn’t wrong when he says we’re a sort of European culture, we also have a huge population from all over Asia et al who are more comfortable with and or/happy to do things ‘raw’, so to speak.

  8. ^ This is a sequel to another documentary (arguably mockumentary ) about Cane Toads by the same guy ( .We watched the original (from 1988) when I was in high school as part of English class. I remember reading it was one of Werner Herzog’s favourite movies, somewhere.

    I think everything in it is generally true except for people licking toads to get high, but you never know.

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