Talking Simpsons – Homer Vs. Patty And Selma

Things get domestic as an IOU leaves Homer obsequious to his horrible sisters-in-law. Can he pay them back and meet Mel Brooks all while Bart has an unrelated ballet adventure? And who could forget dear Rat Boy? Listen to the podcast now, or they’ll be yelling truant! Truant, they’ll all say…


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7 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Homer Vs. Patty And Selma

  1. I am absolutely with Chris on not getting TS meaning tough shit. It took me until my 20s to get that joke. My line of the show is also one that took me forever to get. I’m young enough that the idea of calling gay people faeries is kind of alien to me, so I didn’t get the part about being a fairy or a queen until a couple of years ago. It’s a great joke, though.

    1. I didn’t understand TS for quite a while, and it was only after I learned about the meaning of SSDD, from a Stephen King book.

  2. After first getting this season on DVD, my friend and I rewound and watched Homer smashing the plate over his head and yelling “WRONG!” dozens of times. It was such a non-sequitur and watching the plate reform made me laugh endlessly.

    Bart’s ballet teacher is basically Black Widow.

  3. I don’t know why I keep forgetting the IOU, Mel Brooks, and Bart at the Ballet were in the same episode, and something about it all doesn’t fit for me, but what was pretty glaring was the Mel Brooks part. They didn’t need to make him play himself, heck, could’ve put him in an inconsequential scene, then again, hearing Homer scream and cry at the end of his part was worth it.

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