Thanksgiving Binge: Thirty Twenty Ten with Drunks & Dragons

Here’s a little Thanksgiving bonus from your friends at Thirty Twenty Ten as well as the delightful folks of the Drunks and Dragons podcast, as they feast on their all-time favorite podcasts that you’ll want to binge this weekend.


Want to give the episodes we discussed (and a few runners-up) a listen? Follow the links below!

Thirty Twenty Ten’s Binge:

Inside Psycho – The Butcher of Plainfield

Retronauts – The History of Censored Games

Go Bayside 38 – The Aftermath – Paul F Tompkins

You Must Remember This – Charles Manson’s Hollywood Part 1

Comedy Bang Bang – Farts and Procreation

Drunks & Dragon’s Binge:

Hollywood and Crime, episode 1

Friends at the Table, Marielda 01: The City of Light Pt. 1 (7/14/16)

Sword and Scale, episode 100

Giant Beastcast

The Dollop, Episode 27

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Binge: Thirty Twenty Ten with Drunks & Dragons

  1. Holy shit, I was just going through the Shadowrun podcasts, so this crossover podcast is a positive surprise

  2. This crossover podcast led me to the awesome Drunks and Dragons podcast. Thanks Lasertime/ThirtyTwentyTen crew.

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