Talking Simpsons – A Star Is Burns

Diana Goodman joins us as we discuss this controversial crossover which is also filled with some of the most memorable lines in Simpson’s history. The critic Jay Sherman heads to town to review indie films, whether they’re made by a drunk at a Girl Scouts meeting or Senior Spielbergo. That, plus juicy behind the scenes details. We were definitely saying Boo-urns…


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14 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – A Star Is Burns

  1. You forgot the best Star Trek movie ever made was release the week following “A Star is Burns”, Crimson Tide! Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman get into a pissing match about submarine protocol while Viggo Mortensen has to choose between them!

    Wait don’t trust attractive movie critics? Even Diana? 😉

  2. Wow! I love love love this episode, like you all said so many quotable lines! I agree with Hank that every time Jon Lovitz is on commentary he sends things wayyyyy of topic, I think in a later Artie Ziff episode the other commentators literally apologize something like, “Looks like we’re out of time sorry folks!”

    I also can’t believe you went the whole episode without mentioning The Simpsons X Family Guy crossover once, even if it was on how much you loathe it.

  3. Disregarding the clip show, I’d argue that this episode is the weakest of Season 6 thus far. I’ll concede that this episode does contain some eternally remembered lines, but its overall structure feels so slapdash and propped up by wildly inconsistent one-liners. I LOVE Swartzwelder-penned gag-a-second episodes a la “Homer at the Bat” and “Mountain of Madness,” so I don’t fundamentally oppose this style of episode, but “A Star Is Burns” just falls flat for me.

  4. I actually really liked the Flintstones and Jetsons movie as a kid 🙁

    I actually legit like the Flintstones and loved watching it as a kid. It may not be incredibly sophisticated but it was fun to watch for me. I named two of my first dogs after characters from it.

    1. It might be my favorite episode that doesn’t have a strong emotional component to it. Just great joke after joke and some of the most classic lines.

    2. I definitely don’t think you’re in the minority. The episode is too quotable and funny to be unpopular. Even with the duds, there are some great jokes there.

  5. If Chris or Bob said this is the episode that launched a thousand memes, is “A Star Is Burns” the Helen of the Simpsons?

    Didn’t you guys note that the Simpsons writers saw Reservoir Dogs at Sundance, and it was incorporated into a S5 episode of Itchy and Scratchy? It would not be a stretch if they saw Slackers or Clerks.

  6. Goddamn this episode really does have the most dense memes per minute of the whole show. So many things I mutter to myself or friends on a daily basis all from this one source. I LOVE IT.

    Also god bless the time when the Simpsons was allowed to show BUTTS.

  7. I know the Seinfeld joke is dumb, but I love it nonetheless, being a huge Seinfeld fan at the time.
    Chris’ Jon Lovitz impression caught me off guard that it took me a moment to realize he wasn’t playing a clip. Chris’ voices and accents in general are highlights of your episodes.

  8. It really feels like Marge pressures and shames Homer into voting for Barney’s movie regardless of Burns’ bribery Homer clearly liked Moleman’s movie more and had every right to vote for it, I never noticed that until now

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