The Best Xmas Alternatives – Laser Time #307

Pop cultures has no shortage of non denominational fictional Holiday celebrations, so specials guests Diana Goodman and AJ Glasser join Chris and Dave in their effort to mine classic TV and movies for the very bestest Christmas alternatives in the universe…


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29 thoughts on “The Best Xmas Alternatives – Laser Time #307

  1. For me personally Lasertime Christmas episodes are an essential part of the season. There’s nothing else that scratches the same meta-discussion about Christmas itch. I think the Lasertime crew (Chris especially) are at their best when it comes to holidays like Halloween and Christmas. Perhaps at the time of release the episodes seem unpopular, but I end up going back to all of then year after year. Keep up the good work ya’ll, and happy holidays.

  2. As someone who is also a Jew(Croatian Jew Inglorious Basterdz forever makes me want to specify what kinda Jew I am as a homage) and by birth a woman although I haven’t identified as one since like 9 I found the whole “War on Christmas” story to be largely bullshit on both sides. It’s like the same small handfulls of devotes complaining about “Happy Holidays” and the same small handful of Christian haters mocking them both acting like it’s a huge issue when like no one cares. Hell my agmostic wife and I sorta celebrate/acknowledge Christmas cuz it means nothing to us and I know many none Christians who are the same.

    1. They mentioned that in the episode. Only the Boba Fett cartoon was included on the Blu Ray as an Easter Egg, the entire special has still never been officially released.

  3. I’m right with you, Chris. Humans need a holiday to celebrate getting halfway thru winter without starving or dying. Getting together, eating, staying warm, sharing what we have, spreading out the excess resources so that we can all make it thru. Winter won’t take us this year! I’m not even in the coldest climate of the U.S., and I feel that winter is trying to kill me.

  4. If ever have children, I’m very tempted to do a Christmas alternative. I think I would follow the lead of my old coworker’s family member who, instead of Christmas, raised his kids to celebrate the story of The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust. Apparently, this was the tradition up until the kids were leaving for their first year of college.

  5. Dinosaurs is a messed up show. I remember one episode about how Robbie the son became the leader of a gang, and I think he ate a full size dinosaur (the gang leader) to do it.

  6. I’m just popping in to agree with the others regarding your Xmas shows. Every year it has become a tradition to go back through the catalog that you have built up of Xmas-themed podcasts. Every year at a different point in November I begin listening to the various holiday episodes of yours (including the Tdar episodes) and I sincerely love them. They are all a joy to re-listen to, but I must say, each year I find myself listening to the “Cartoon Christmas Music” ( ) 4 or 5 times and I will never grow old of it and it will forever be a yearly tradition for me.

    Please continue to do the Holiday-themed shows and thanks again for all of the ones you have done in the past.

  7. I haven’t listed yet (excited to) but on the subject of “Christmas Alternatives,” I’d like to throw out Sufjan Stevens. The man has released 100 Christmas songs (both originals and covers) stretched over multiple releases and they’re the primary source of my holiday cheer.

  8. Super fun episode, and it was cool to see AJ appear on LT!

    The talk about the Star Wars Holiday Special made me wanna bookend this a little bit. The Star Wars Spin-offs episode (aka LT #1) featuring a lengthy discussion of said special came out when I was starting 10th grade, and this episode, again bringing it up, came out as I am halfway through my senior year of university. Don’t mean to make you guys feel old, but LT has been a nice constant for the last six years and gotten me through a lot of boredom and stress.

  9. I got so sad hearing you guys talk like Homestar Runner is dead! They have an official in-character Strong Bad account (@strongbadactual) that interacts with fans and does weekly art lessons, and they’ve been making new animations since 2014.

  10. funny you guys mention Dinosaurs…I’ve been semi binging it on weekends…which got me thinking about what you guys kinda talked about…I don’t think it could be made today, either…but not because of price, but because it probably wouldn’t last as long as it did in today’s climate…not with radical changes, anyway. While it dealt with some deeper issues, it was still pretty tame.

  11. my right-wing Uncle still talks about how “you can’t say Merry Christmas anymore!” . also all the Christmas traditions anyone likes at all are derived from Paganism….

  12. Homestarrunner still pretty much does the Halloween thing every year still.

    They don’t do much content outside of that, but they DO have a youtube channel now, and they’ve recently been transferring all the content from their site to the youtube channel.

  13. Carrie Fisher claimed to have received a copy of the Holiday Special from George Lucas to play at parties when she wanted people to leave. It was part of a deal to get her to do commentary for the early 2000s release of the original trilogy.

  14. Re: Seeso: I thought Bajillion Dollar Properties was funny, and HarmonQuest was good (when it had guests who seemed like they actually wanted to be there).

    Anyway, this was a cool episode concept, and I love the holiday-themed episodes in general. I can only guess that they get less downloads because people mostly want to listen to them around the holidays.

  15. The Futurama situation was repeated several years later on American Dad. The Krampus episode “Minstrel Krampus” was also delayed for a full year because of the Sandy Hook shooting.

  16. “New Years is the perfect time to give each other presents” – Diana G

    Grrr. That’s already my real birthday. I felt like I suffered as a kid because I only got gifts at one time of the year, and a lot of them were already Xmas and Bday combo gifts.
    AND worst of all, half of my best friends and family as an adult already forget that it’s my birthday!

    I think because New Years is a time of self-reflection they often forget, plus drinking, college ball games and hangovers and family dinners…

    Don’t take this one thing from me D.

    My secret fantasy used to be going to see the ball drop in Times Square on New Years in person while a girl whispers in my ear, against the sea of people saying Happy New Years!, she says “Happy Birthday” and let’s me own my own birthday for once.

  17. In terms of Xmas alternatives, one that comes to mind is from the short-lived animated series Clone High, which had its own holiday called “Snowflake Day” which included silly traditions like doing the cabbage patch dance and lamb tacos. If you haven’t seen Clone High, please watch it! It’s available on almost all streaming services, and yes even on Youtube!

    Also, for even more Xmas alternatives, of course there’s a TV Tropes page all about it!

  18. My Favorite Christmas alternative is Hogswatch, which is pretty much what Chris wants, Christmas with no Jesus. I love watching the BBC two part every year which exists as a brilliant statement on belief and its importance.

    People need to practice believing in things like the Hogfather and the Tooth Ferry so when they get older they are capable of believing in justice and compassion which are just as made up as those characters. Humans are crazy beings that can make things real simply by believing in them. That country you live in it only exists because enough people agree it does as an example.

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