Wall Street, Throw Momma, Scream 2, Home Alone 3, Chimpunks First CGI Movie, & I Am Legend – Dec 8-Dec 14

This week: in 87, Devito asks Crystal to Throw Momma From The Train while Wall Street says greed is good. 97 brings a Mac-free Home Alone and Scream’s first sequel. 07 is special-effects heaven as I Am Legend and Alvin & The Chipmunks employ plenty of CGI. All this and more!


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17 thoughts on “Wall Street, Throw Momma, Scream 2, Home Alone 3, Chimpunks First CGI Movie, & I Am Legend – Dec 8-Dec 14

  1. I really need and want to see both Wall Street and Throw Momma from the Train. Though I’m familiar with much of both anyway especially with the latter, I remember Will Smith uttering this line in an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to two old ladies at an opera, “Did you see that movie Throw Momma from the Train?”

    Home Alone 3, I did know about this being in theaters but never saw it but I did get the VHS tape and I only watched it once. Like, literally just once. I don’t think I saw it again like some guy’s review and on TV. Not very good but you know, the traps in this even look more dangerous than the last two films. A lawnmower falls on some dude and he only got a haircut. I’m sorry, huh? But yeah, not very good and unfortunately, it’s a pity this was among John Hughes’s last films, the dude was on autopilot at this point. And small correction if I may, the mercenaries were working for shady businessmen from China. Don’t ask me how I remember that and Roger Ebert, how? Why did he like Home Alone 3? I knew it before mind you, just, I still question it. Because based on Ebert’s comments, Siskel’s right to tell him that was all the first film!

    Scream 2 however, fuck yeah! Love this one a lot! Literally among Wes Craven’s best films and may even be better than the first Scream. You have the film addressing between how violence in the media in regards to its effect on people especially the politics surrounding it as well as the character development of Sidney especially with how the events of the first film affected her and how much it came back to haunt her. And of course, the meta commentary came in even more strong than the first film what with the in-universe Stab stuff, a two woman critic show ala Ebert and Siskel, everything was cranked up, the stakes were higher and even killed off Jamie Kennedy and even closed off stuff from the first film. And I don’t mind the ending honestly. I mean, it didn’t seem forced or anything, it just seemed like a logical way for things to progress. So yeah, fuck yeah Scream 2. One of Craven’s best films.

    The Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, had a poor feeling upon seeing the teaser and I did see it eventually on HBO and yeah, was not impressed. Jason Lee feels miscast, David Cross was wasted and so was Lee too. I can see some satire base don the music industry but I think it got lost in the shuffle with the stupid stuff included. Plus, Alvin and the Chipmunks is just not very good, I’m sorry Chris! I just don’t and these movies make it worse! I just wasn’t impressed but I am surprised the writers of this had people from The Adventures of Pete and Pete and the Simpsons involved. But yeah, just not a big fan and the Chipmunks annoy me and can someone tell me what the fuck was the point of hiring Justin Long and a few other actors like Jesse McCartney and some big name third dude as the Chipmunks when their voices were going to speed up their voices to the point of being unrecognizable anyway? I Am Legend on the other hand, missed it as well but I did get the DVD and for the most part I liked it but I can see why the ending is hated by people because it seemed to miss the point of the book being that to the monsters, the protagonist IS the monster to them, hence the title so the alternate ending was more faithful and the ending they ultimately went with was sloppily handled to the point of reusing a specific scene of the CGI monsters and some bland speech like how the Will Smith character is a legend to the remnants of humanity, something like that and it was the result of test audiences. Like, come on, people! That’s the point of the story! Which is a pity because most of the movie up until that ending wasn’t bad. It was well done so, yeah. Wasn’t too bad of a film even despite Akiva Goldsman writing.

    Ooh, the Kwanza episode of Everybody Hates Chris, I remember that one! Terry Crews is always a delight in that show and yeah, his character is always the cheap one to save money and always is ridiculously specific as to what costs how much. But it’s always funny to see when he gets called out on his cheapness. But yeah, love Everybody Hates Chris, very funny show! ^_^

    1. One of my pet peeves about movies are when a premise is hinted at throughout the film, but never resolved. I Am Legend has it.
      I like to contrast this with The Dark Knight. In that film, hints are given that Batman may have to do something un-heroic. Kill the Joker? Maybe. It all leads up to the conclusion, where Batman does indeed do something that makes him look like the villain, while still showing him as a hero. It was a great payoff to those hints before. I really liked it.
      I Am Legend, in the original ending, has no such payoff. It’s hinted that the zombies have some kind of intellect left, tho Will Smith’s character doesn’t want to see it. Hints are dropped throughout the film, but with zero resolution in the original ending. I remember saying to my wife: “That couldn’t have been the ending as written.” And then I found out about the alternate ending, where at least they closed the loop.

  2. I really like Scream 2, as a horror movie in its own right, and as a commentary on sequels. While it does have some really bad logic at points (Sydney and her friend easily could have unmasked / detained / killed Ghost Face after that fucking car crash), it’s the right amount of self-aware camp, horror, and parody that makes it engaging and a pretty worthy follow-up to the original. It’s kind of astounding, really, given horror’s history of sequels & the little amount of time that this one spent in the oven. The shit they have to say about sequels is actually based on existing tropes, whereas 3 and 4 make up their own nonsensical rules about trilogies and reboots because they don’t actually follow these trends (since horror movies rarely bother planning an end in part 3). I kind of hate those two both for different reasons. As a result, this was the last good entry of the franchise IMO until (shockingly) the Scream TV reboot.

  3. I vividly remember seeing home alone 3 in theaters. 11 year old me loved it. It made me despfetlt want a remote control car that I could mess with adults. Because my parents were on the low side of the middle class spectrum they said no. So when my rich best friend got one for Christmas, he sold me his old flipping rc car for $10. The car is still in my old room’s closest to this day.

  4. Hey, I’m sort of a new listener, but already a hayyuuuge fan and I’ve already gone back and listened to the old episodes. What a great show.

    My one big criticism, which is relevant to almost every episode, is that you guys often mention the name of the movie up front, and then continue talking about it purely with pronouns “this movie did so many things right…” and “He is so great in this, way better than his last one”, etc.

    I find that very often I’ll become interested in the discussion but have no idea what movie (or show etc) you are actually talking about. Especially for movies I haven’t heard of, often it’s a single common word that doesn’t pop out as a movie title to me and thus doesn’t register.

    Hopefully I’m not the only one suffering from this very specific disability, but it would be great if you could try to mention the movie titles at least a couple of time during the discussion.

    Thanks so much! Keep up the great work!

  5. I was surprised to realize the Red Right Hand song by Nick Cave was used in Scream 2 and is that old. I know it only from Peaky Blinders, which uses it as the “theme song” but really just as an awesome song to show 1920s British gangland things happening in stylized slow motion. Love to learn of other connections.

  6. 10 years ago, my friend sent me her old vhs tapes and that Bryan Adams Unplugged special was on there. Some chick with a violin was there, and the commercials were awesome.

  7. For a long time, Home Alone 3 was the only one I’d seen, because it was the first one that came out a small I was growing up that I was old enough to have been aware of. I remember thinking it was very funny, but in retrospect I’m not really a fan, so maybe it was just a case of not having anything to compare to. Having seen both Home Alone and Home Alone 2 in the years since, they’re definitely better. Always weird seeing Donald Trump in stuff, though!

    P.S. can anybody confirm for me whether the last Paterson bonus show was the 27 October episode? I’ve looked but haven’t been able to find any released since. 🙁

  8. On the really popular Classic Corner stuff maybe the crew could join in? I feel like Saturday Night fever is still in the zietgiest 40 years later (for only musical beat, but still) that something more could have been said even if its only on the level of, “Would kids recognize the pose?”

  9. Oh man, an adolescent boy with HBO and a curiosity to see boobs any chance he could get had me watching “Breast Men” back in the day.

    It’s interesting to see how much Rap & R & B albums permeated the new releases section in the late 2000s. The-Dream’s Love-Hate album , in my opinion, change the game for R&B music going forward – sure, there had been some R & B artists who cussed and sang outright about doing dirty things to women, but The-Dream was the one who really just said “fuck it”, and went all out with what was on his mind and stopped the sugarcoating of innuendo in R & B music. So, you can indirectly thank him for all the bleeps you hear in popular R & B music today.

  10. I remember having the TMNT VHS’s when I was a kid. Each VHS has 3 episodes on it and one of the first ones had the episodes out of order. So we watched the first episode and they had the Turtle Van and then the next episode had Donatello starting to build the Turtle Van. It was really annoying. So instead of trying to rewind and fast forward to watch the episodes in order, I just head-cannoned (before that was a term of course) it so somewhere between episode 1 and 2 they lost the van and had to rebuild it.

  11. Why was Neve Campbell in no other movies besides Scream and The Craft? Did she and Fairuza Balk eat each other’s careers? Also it’s crazy how Liev Schreiber has looked the same his entire career ala Dr. Dre or Steven Tyler you’d think he’d sorta look likeEugene Levi or something by now but dude looks basically the same in Ray Donavan a show I’ve watched far too much of.

  12. I remember Norm getting axed from ‘update and maybe SNL entirely for saying “fuck” on-air. He burped or mumbled something and said “what the fuck was that?” Signed off with “see you next week, maybe”

    1. Disregard. Apparently it was in early 97 when that happened. Apparently I just didn’t watch the rest of the year.

  13. I watched the ALF Christmas special the day before listening to this episode and you guys barely touched on how messed up it is. You find out the reason Willie loves the cabin so much is because when he was a kid his family had struggles and lost their house and were homeless on Christmas. That’s when the man who owns the cabin let them use it. In the present (well, 1987) that man still owned the cabin and let Willie use it. And not only do you find out the old man’s wife was sick but she also died two weeks before Christmas. Which inevitably leads to the end of the special where the old man is about to jump off a bridge and ALF talks him down. And the most messed up part is how ALF befriends an eight year old girl named Tiffany who knew she was going to die soon. That’s a downer in itself. But, if you watch the end credits you’ll see the special is dedicated to a real eight year old girl named Tiffany that died that year.

  14. We used to rent videos out of the back of someone’s Vauxhall Astra in the 80’s and Bad Taste was one of them. Back then I never paid that much attention to the film itself but the cover art was iconic. A few years later I’d tape it from the TV and watch it regularly.

    It’s messy, fun and full of fantastic , quotable lines. Lord Crumb’s “aren’t I lucky, I got a chunky bit!” during the vomit-drinking scene is something that I find myself saying on an altogether too regular basis.

    I don’t think many people realise that there’s a making-of documentary from 1988 called “Good Taste Made Bad Taste” that features behind the scenes footage and interviews with the young Peter Jackson. You don’t realise just how much work went into getting the film made by Jackson and the rest of the cast. It took four years of weekend shoots to finish, and all of the effects, scale models and even the guns the cast used were built by Jackson and the crew. It’s fascinating to watch and luckily it’s available on Youtube in its entirety – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POXwP4ucPe4.

  15. “Breast Men” scarred me for life!
    Since “Breast Men” was an HBO original, they weren’t shy about showing it in every open spot in their schedule. This meant that, during its release week, they would even show it during the day, at regular hours, when kids were home from school and their parents were still at work. This seemed like a godsend for a 12-year-old Sean: a movie about boobs, on a channel that showed the boobs, airing at a time when nobody could walk in on me seeing the boobs. I checked the TV Guide, found out which day it would be airing in an afternoon slot, and planned my whole day around it. I was STOKED! I got home, made sure the windows were closed, and got ready to see some uncensored LADIES!
    The part everyone forgets about that movie is that it opens with a bunch of pictures of botched surgeries from before silicone implants were invented. The image that sticks in my mind to this very day is one where they used sponges as implants. The sponges soaked up all of the “wet” material, leaving lumpy, dried out meteorites on some poor woman’s chest. It looked like something from Hellraiser. I was so grossed out that I couldn’t stick around, even with the promise of non-mangled breasts on the horizon. My whole day was ruined.

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