Vidjagame Apocalypse 243 – Games Within Games

As 2017 and its new releases begin to wind down, Henry Gilbert rejoins us to start this week’s show with a topic that we somehow didn’t think to do until a listener suggested it: video games that your character can play within larger video games. (We went for original ones, too, so don’t be disappointed if your Yakuzas or Animal Crossings don’t make an appearance.) We then flop over to the Mega Man 11 reveal, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’s Versus mode, Mario’s new cereal, and the exclusive games you’d want Nintendo to steal for the Switch.

Question of the Week
If you could adapt any game as a cereal, what would it be?


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And while we’re showing videos, check out these video answers to last week’s Question of the Week!


Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Crackdown 3
God of War
Metro: Exodus
Monster Hunter World
Dragon Ball FighterZ

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29 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 243 – Games Within Games

  1. QotW: Always surprised Nintendo/The Pokemon Company didn’t adapt Pokemon into a cereal. It meets many cereal tropes…we could’ve had pokeball O’s and marshmellow pokemon…and here’s the kicker…each box would have different ones! They could use the Gotta Catch’em All tag line in the commercial! I envision a commercial where some snotnose kid wakes up late like Ash, runs downstairs and his mom tells him to eat his balance breakfast of Robert Loggia OJ, toast, and Pokemon cereal. Cut to eating it, pokemon theme, and some narrator saying we gotta catch’em all.

  2. I likeada Witcher cereal it’s probably have an earthy grain taste akin to “Total” but loaded with assorted berries to represent the assorted potion. To further ad to the sugar it could have marshmallows shaped like swords, assorted tits, gwent cards and monster heads.

    1. The Warriors book is hella fucked it’s like at best the most moral character is slightly shittier than Ajax they do humanize the main character towards the end and show how his shitty Home life shaped him and how he tries to get better but can’t. It’s actually a depressing but compelling book that is nothing like the movie

  3. R-Type the cereal, while you can just chow down the whole bowl like the Simpsons family does, it could make for a rather dangerous meal especially if you gulp down the included blast cap in every box. Slowly and surely, you can figure out which parts of the spoonful you should eat, and there are plenty of flavors from beef stew to berry blast, if you manage to get through the bowl, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment.

  4. Dopewars cereal, cannabutter infused shredded wheat covered in frosted sugar laced with psilocybin, every box comes with a free graphing calculator, incidentally each box of cereal costs $100 despite both sugary breakfast cereal and 8-bit calculators being extremely antiquated things that nobody in society buys unless they get forced to

  5. Bethesda has licensed Nuka Cola, so it seems natural that they should have at some point licensed Sugar Bombs from the Fallout series.

    But more to the question, which is adapting a game into a cereal, Katamari is the natural choice. Especially if they give you a recipe on the back to roll up the cereal in a Rice Krispies Treat-like manner to make your own Katamari balls of cereal.

  6. My ideal videogame inspired cereal. I have 2 answers.

    The first is Okami. The cereal would be Japanese as hell, super colorful, and include marshmallow shapes the things you can draw with your celestial brush, like the bombs; or any of the celestial gods, like Okami, or any of the other characters like Issun and Susanoo.

    My second choice is actually Battle Chef Brigade, a game, where you are making food out of questionable monster parts. Seeing as how you already stretch your imagination to believe people could eat Lupir Soup, Hydra Rolls, or King Bean Tofu, what’s stopping General Mills from making a Trix flavored variety breakfast cereal. Each main character would get their own box!

  7. I come not speak of a game cereal I’d like to see, but rather one that I WILLED INTO EXISTENCE AS A CHILD! Circa 1982, I was about 6 years old and feeling feverish as I ate my bowl of Lucky Charms. This fever consumed me, as I imagined most of the marshmallows morphing into ghosts, with the crescent shape of the yellow moons making for an ideal form to consume them. Yes, I had a bad case of Pac-Man Fever that morning — and in 1983, Pac-Man Cereal would grace the shelves of my local Safeway, itself very much being what I had imagined one morning just a few months beforehand. Before long, General Mills would add in Ms. Pac-Man marshmallows, promoted with a commercial that’s said to be the first ever acting gig for Christian Bale — so I think it’s fair to say he pretty much owes his career to me.

  8. Dark Souls, it’s not the best tasting or easy to chew or swallow but it’s sooooo satisfying once you’ve finished your bowl.

  9. Qotw: I would create a cereal based on Mega Man 2. Mega Buster pellets made of corn with Robot Master weapon Marshmallows. Think Corn Pops with marshmallows. Green Leaf shields, Orange Atomic Fire, Pink Quick Boomerangs Oh My! There could be cut out masks of the various robot masters on the back of each box. There could even be a contest where in random boxes theres a jagged metal…… Metal Blade. If you find it you can send it in for a free download code of the original Mega Man Legacy Collection for a console of your choice.

  10. QOTW: I have two Nintendo ideas. The first is Kirby! It would be a lucky charms type cereal with Waddle Dee oat pieces and various versions of Kirby as marshmallows. The second is a Trix type Pikmin cereal with the different color pikmin as the indistinguishable, but supposedly different, fruit flavors.

  11. I think Sega/Nintendo listens to Vidjagame Apolocalypse cause holy fucking shit we’re getting Bayo-motherfucking-netta for the switch!

  12. QotW: Bloodborn! Saw blades, tonitruses, umbilical cords and blood vile marshmallows in a crunchy eyeball cereal. It hurts to eat! Also, there is a maze on the back of the box that is unsolvable.

  13. QOTW: To celebrate the Bayonetta 3 announcement, I would go for some Bayonetta cereal. The box will come with four fancy spoons you could carry with your hands and feet. The cereal will have angel-shaped marshmallows that will attack you when submerged in milk. To fight the angels, you eat the demon-shaped oats. The oats will then transform your hair into a monster that will then consume your marshmallow assaulters. It will be the most wholesome breakfast experience one could have.

  14. QOTW: I think Pikmin would make a great cereal as well. I don’t really treat cereal as a breakfast food; I tend to only eat it as a midnight snack. So when chowing down on a bowl of Pikmin cereal in the wee hours of the night — full of red, blue, and yellow shapes, little eyes staring at me in horror — I could imagine that I am predatory Bulborb, gulping down a group of unlucky plant men who were left behind after the sun went down.

  15. QOTW: I’d like Hideo Kojima to be given the reins back for Metal Gear Solid, SPECIFICALLY so he can design me a breakfast cereal that delights, confuses, and frustrates, all at the same time. Specially marked boxes can contain a Fulton Recovery balloon, or some of Otacon’s precious Japanese anime.

  16. QOTW: How about a cereal for the 90s Classic Splatterhouse? You could have organ shaped marshmallows and maybe something that would turn the milk some shade of red. How this wasn’t a thing in the 90s escapes me.

  17. I’d have to go with a Vectorman cereal- it’d basically just be green Kix, but kid tested and orbot approved. Otherwise maybe a Metroid cereal with marshmallow energy tanks and berry metroids. It could have morph ball and power bomb pieces too. I’m struggling to think of something terrible enough for a Grape Nuts clone, maybe Karnov or something. I keep thinking I’ll like it, but I’m always disappointed.

  18. Qotw: How about a Crash Bandicoot inspired cereal in honor of the remake? It would contain mango flavored wumpa fruits and tnt/nitroglycerin boxes filled with some sort of pop rocks candy. It will be called N. Ticing’s Bandicoot Blast and come with a cardboard cutout of a hoota mask. This is gold people. General Mills, call me.

  19. QOTW: Bejeweled. It would be like Lucky Charms, only the marshmallow bits would be replaced with glass beads that lacerate the inside of your mouth when you crunch them.

  20. QOTW: Portal Cereal: orange and blue Os that may or may not taste like cake. And maybe some companion cube marshmallows.

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