The Worst Christmas Movie Sequels – Laser Time #308

It’s the time of year to break out your favorite Christmas movie DVDs and binge on some pre-packaged Hollywood holiday cheer! Buuuut maybe leave these movies out of the tradition.


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16 thoughts on “The Worst Christmas Movie Sequels – Laser Time #308

  1. As bad as you think A Christmas Story 2 is, it’s even worse than you can imagine! The actor playing Ralphie is really trying but everything else around him is horrible. 🙁

  2. wasn’t “It’s Christmas Time Again, Charlie Brown” sold as vhses at Shell? I know it aired on TV at least once because I have it on tape with the commercials.

  3. Re: The fairy in B&B.
    Fairies aren’t angels. They don’t only punish the bad or the wicked. They are capricious and turning a bunch of helpless servants into sentient objects because their lord was (sensibly) unwilling to let a stranger stay in his castle is just how they role. On a meta-textual level they are analogies for nature, and a storm that washes away a castle because the lord built it on a flood plane doesn’t spare the servants and neither do the faire folk.

  4. I think the guys may want to address the change in Patreon policy that looks like it’s going to be charging the Patrons the fees that used be paid by the content providers, so the $5 tier will now cost more, but I guess the guys end up getting an actual $5. It may put people off to suddenly see that they’re paying more than $5 out of the blue.

  5. Martin Short and Mel Brooks are two comics i legit love & respect despite hating almost every movie they’ve done. IDK what it is maybe it being Jewish and having a corny ass dad who kinda looked like Martin short and Sammy Hagar had a baby but I’ll give that guy my money & time every movie he’s been in.

    1. Baby it’s Cold Outside gets a lot of shit for being rapey but “I saw Mommy kissing Santa Clause” is kinda worse. In like 15 years that kid’ll realize mom had a Santa fetish. And the parents likely cosplay boned later that night 🤮 I mean BCS mom is banging Santa in exchange for gifts

  6. Speaking of Tim Allen, he’s in a new Christmas movie this year on Netflix. El Camino Christmas. Watched it yesterday. It’s not good. but he does swear and drink a lot.

    1. That name made me thing of Terry crews in idiotocracy and president macho Camacho…and now all I can see is him on a Harley as santa.

      Make it happen Mike Judge.

  7. This whole show reminds me that I am glad sometimes to have been a pretty cynical middle child pretty much since I can remember, I can’t remember ever really giving any straight to tv or video stuff any chances perhaps largely thanks to my older brothers shitting on that kind of stuff metaphorically speaking.

  8. The best part of Jingle All the Way is that it’s a time capsule of Minneapolis in 1995. I never got to go on that mega play structure at the MoA, but I always wanted to. And I totally remember that toy store where the raffle takes place. I think it turned into an Old Navy at one point, and now I think it’s a Pac Sun. Also, anything with Phil Hartman in it can’t be all bad.

  9. Damnit! The ending song faded out literally one line before one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard, and which garnered a legitimate cola-through-the-nose laugh/snort from me when I first heard it during the Filthiest Songs episode.

    The cheerful abandon in that guy’s tone as he belts out “Soon you’ll be TASTING SPERRRRRRRM!” pushed some primal switch in my brain. I could not stop laughing. It got to the point that I recognized I needed to get control of myself soon, lest I throw up in my office trash can.

  10. Was surprised that Ollie Hopnoodle’s Haven of Bliss wasn’t brought up as another sequel to A Christmas Story. Jean Shepherd wrote it, I believe.

  11. Dave asked if anyone had ever won an Oscar for playing Santa Claus. In fact, Edmund Gwenn won Best Actor in a Supporting Role in 1947 for playing Santa (or…is he?) in Miracle on 34th Street. Far from being instantly forgotten, the movie has become one of the most beloved Christmas staples.

  12. IMO bad father’s don’t become good father’s, they become good grandfather’s to your children, which is tough to watch sometimes.

    I’m in my 30s and will be in my 40s by the time my son is 10. And I bet I’ll be angry, bitter, tired and hating my life.

    But once I have grandchildren I’ll be retired, just me and the wife plus when I get tired of my grandchildren I can just leave or kick them out.


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