Talking Simpsons -Two Dozen And One Greyhounds

Special guest Kat Bailey comes by to see our vests in this doggone episode. In a series of Disney parodies, the Simpsons get one new greyhound that leads to another 25 who think they’re Models Inc. Then we get to see all the cute animals Mr. Burns has killed. So start standing and walking to this week’s podcast!


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10 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons -Two Dozen And One Greyhounds

  1. On re-watching this episode I thought that name “She’s the fastest” was a female version of being a “Tramp” in that she’s “Fast” as in getting around. Also, I always thought the Grizzly Bear underwear, the Red Robin suit, or Rhino Slippers would be cool to own, all faux fur of course.

  2. Not having seen all of Beauty and the Beast until recently, I only knew the “See My Vest” song so I would sing it if anybody dared to sing “Be Our Guest” like a jerk. Was chastised by a teacher in a high school film class for it.

  3. So many damn lines of the song have entered my regular vocabulary.

    The bit of Homer fake-hanging himself to bat the light bulb is probably one of my favourite gags of the entire show.

  4. When I had access to a gym to work out (college), I would actually watch the Today show out of boredom or BBC America reruns of the Graham Norton show. Yeah, it is an awful program, but from what I hear it’s not as bats- crazy compared to when Charlie Rose ran the CBS show, always giving his cohosts a contemptible look.

  5. I assume this podcast was recorded some time ago or there would’ve been some mention of Matt Lauer’s firing from the Today Show. Also, I was surprised there was no mention of the Family Guy episode where Brian goes to a racetrack and ends up having sex with another dog who also gets pregnant.

    Great episode. I’m not sure if this is my favorite song or not, the Stonecutters’ song and “Who needs a Kwik-E-Mart” are pretty close. But it certainly wins for clever lyrics and great animation/choreography. I also love Bart’s line about the destruction missing his ‘social commentary’ which was the first time I even heard that term.

  6. so can we expect disney jokes now that Disney’s bought out fox?

    Will Homer be shitting on the mouse now 🙂

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