Mega Man is born, Bond does something, but c’mon, Titanic become the biggest movie in the entire world and we’ll never live to see anything like it again.


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33 thoughts on “Mega Man debu-TITANIC IS THE BIGGEST MOVIE OF ALL-TIME

  1. Spiral Zone was fucking bleak for a kids show and I love it. The story hook was that a mad scientist creates a device that will sap people’s free will and turn them into docile, zombie-like “Zoners” and only an ultra rare substance called Neutron 90 provides protection. He builds a series of generators and actually conquers half the planet in a corkscrew pattern, meaning there are huge parts of major cities under his control. The UN puts together enough Neutron 90 to power a half dozen suits of armor (the bad guys ate theirs, meaning it was permanent but disfiguring) and the heroic Zone Riders try desperately to smash individual generators and chip away at the enslaved territories. It’s full of child endangerment and low level horror and I can’t believe it existed.

  2. Great episode! Love the show! Just wanted to comment on the Titanic discussion. I’m apparently a bad person with bad tastes cause I am not a Titanic fan. I wouldn’t say that I hate it but without the hour long destruction of the ship at the end it would just be another bland, romantic, period piece. Without the hour long big budget disaster movie tagged to the end the film is just a boring, unremarkable Hollywood love story. It’s by no means a terrible film but is arguably an extremely overrated one. I actually see a lot of Titanic in Avatar (which is a film that I do hate) with the fish out of water love story, the fact that the film is very obviously building towards some sort of disastrous event, a fearless leader who sucks and is kind of to blame for the disastrous event and Avatar is even more of a visual spectacle than Titanic.

  3. Titanic is the only time I can recall publicly embarassing my mother. My parents wanted to see it and my best friend was hanging out at my house so they took us and my sister to see it. I don’t recall wanting to see it, we probably were forced to go along as they likely wanted us to get out of the house and away from the computer and video games. During the sequence where the boat is splitting apart and people are plummetting to their deaths, my friend and I busted up laughing watching the tumbling bodies smashing into objects. My sister even joined in a little, but after the movie was over my mom was quick to inform us she had never been so embarassed as we were apparently pretty loud and the only people laughing. The laugter was actually genuine, though I can’t speak for my friend, and wasn’t done to be an asshole. As a 13 year old probably lacking in empathy and bored from sitting in a theater for over 2 hours seeing a movie I never wanted to see, I apologize for nothing. As a 30-something who now tears up during the worst Christmas specials, I kind of miss being able to laugh at such a scene.

    1. I wanted to stick my 1987 Christmas tape ramblings in a separate post, but my homemade tape ends with A Muppet Family Christmas. During which is a trailer for Leonard Part 6 so little Joey Jo-Jo grew up thinking there were 5 other Leonard movies for many years. Even the trailer makes it look like shit. A Muppet Family Christmas is defintiely a good-bad Christmas special. It’s more spectacle than anything, and I genuinely like a joke between Bert, Ernie and Doc where they explain Sesame Street “small talk.” This was also before Elmo was a thing so it’s really odd seeing him in the special as a generic monster who has no spoekn dialogue. A region 2 version was released on DVD not that long ago, but I think it actually will play on a region 1 player and they’re common on eBay now. Also, my friend who lives in NYC texted me not long ago to tell me a museum near him was showing it this December and apparently somoene affiliated with the project is to be onhand for a Q&A. Airing right after the original broadcast was The Sound of Christmas starring Julie Andrews, John Denver, and other 80s personalities. My mother did not include it on our tape though and I do not blame her based on the commercials.

  4. So this is the first episode I won’t be listening to. I’ve been a big fan of the show since the beginning, but last week’s episode really, really disappointed me. When you were talking about Norm MacDonald getting fired from Weekend Update, hearing all of you cracking up at his “homosexual pedophile” jokes bothered me a lot. Obviously the gay pedophile stereotype is one that’s been around for a long time and is not only incredibly offensive, it’s also been very damaging to the push for equal rights. I know what you’re going to say, that Norm’s jokes were necessarily tying together homosexuality and pedophilia, that he structured his jokes specifically to be able to keep those two things separate. But honestly, I think that’s bullshit. Besides the fact that Norm MacDonald’s humor has always had one foot in stereotypes– a trait which has increased mightily over the years– he also had no reason to specifically mention Michael Jackson’s sexual orientation alongside his pedophilia unless he thought it was A) related, and B) funny. I don’t agree with either assumptions, and frankly I was very surprised that all three hosts were laughing so loudly at harmful material like that. I don’t think any of you believe all gay people are child molesters, but the fact that you felt fine laughing uncritically at a joke based on that stereotype also shows you don’t care if you perpetuate that belief, which to me is no better.

    I turned off the episode right away because I was so unhappy, and then I just went ahead and deleted it and unsubscribed. I really don’t want to listen anymore, which is sad because, like I said, I’ve been a big fan since the beginning and talk so frequently about the show my friends and family are kind of weary whenever I bring it up. I’m just really disappointed.

    1. I had a slightly different issue with this episode, because I believe Michael Jackson is INNOCENT. MJ has come up a few times in the past on the LT Network, and as far as I can tell the entire crew assumes he is guilty, which is one of their worst takes of all time. It is clear to anyone with a little critical thinking that MJ was falsely accused by children whose parents put them up to it, for the MONEY! And yet, they never mention this possibility, very disappointing.

    2. okay but you’re just misunderstanding the joke, and what people are finding funny about it, etc. the joke isn’t that “gay people are funny”, or “gay people are pedophiles”. the humor stems from the fact that A) it’s such a tasteless, blunt thing to just repeat on network TV like that,, and B) it’s not even a punchline. that’s the joke.

      1. bobblueblob: I honestly don’t know if MJ did it or not, and it’s honestly unrelated to why I find the joke to be so distasteful. It doesn’t need to be true for joke to be rooted in homophobia.

        cddb: No, I get why people think it’s funny. But that doesn’t change anything. Repeating a profoundly homophobic joke still perpetuates the damaging stereotype, despite you thinking it’s funny ironically. Doesn’t make a difference. If anything it’s a little worse, because it’s being repeated by people who ostensibly know better.

  5. I remember seeing Batteries Not Included on the Disney Channel first time I watched. It’s funny because even as a nine year old (or was it eight year old?), I was actually enthralled in what was going besides being attracted to the premise of tiny, sentient spaceships. I actually was invested with the stuff with the old people and the other tenants. Diner scene looked fun to me as a kid. Eventually, I did rent it from Blockbuster and months ago I saw it as part of a friend’s Livestream alongside The Breakfast Club and Big Trouble in Little China, which, well, how’s that for a triple feature? And it seems to hold up reasonably well, there’s a lot of charm to it that’s kind of endearing really so, yeah. I enjoy it.

    And concerning Leonard Part 6, Cosby had no right to tell Lisa Bonet what movies to star in given that and Ghost Dad. Then again, those probably constitute as karma so Lisa Bonet is a better human being anyway and hey. it’s cool she got to be in a Horror film like Angel Heart.

    Tomorrow Never Dies I find to be an underrated Bond film. I like it as much as GoldenEye and The World Is Not Enough even. I mean, it’s a Bond film for me that has everything. I love the action scenes and the attempted satire on news conglomerate media given the villain played by Jonathan Pryce who’s basically a Rupert Murdoch analog. Michelle Yeoh was pretty much a scene stealer-like one of the best Bond girls in the entire franchise. Yeoh had great chemistry with Pierce Brosnan, the character could hold up her own in a fight, she was just an all around badass like Bond, his literal equal, how cool is that? And I do like the one liner Bond gave to the villain before 86’ing him and I just love the overall execution given how the scene played out. And admittedly, I feel asleep watching this in the theater and didn’t watch another Bond film for years but once I got into the franchise, I enjoyed this one a lot. Admittedly, I wish KD Lang’s song in the end credits was the actual opening song to the film rather than demoted to the end credits. Nothing against Sheryl Crow but KD Lang has extremely powerful lungs, you know? The woman channeled Shirley Bassey for Christ’s sake!

    Titanic, I think I remember seeing in the theater, I could swear I did and I remember sitting there. I mean, I remember watching the VHS at least and really, anything Titanic related was my sister’s idea. To give you an idea how and why, well my sister had a Leonardo DiCaprio VHS tape, that should give you an idea. But my thoughts on the film itself, honestly, I’m not into it much. I mean, it turned me off from romance films forever before I realized that shouldn’t deter from watching such. Then again, Cameron may have been too sentimental I guess because yeah, the dialogue’s pretty terrible. Plus, I think Billy Zane’s character was out of place given how cartoonishly evil he was. I know certain assholes exist in real life but the execution was too much like a Saturday morning cartoon villain, you know? Then again, my mother has a similar attitude when she called people in Kansas City “peasants” so what do I know?

    But I think Mathew Buck had a point when discussing the film is that Titanic would have been better off as a ensemble piece. Like for example, David Warner was in this film. Do you remember what David Warner did in the entire film? I remember the stuff with Bill Paxton but not David Warner. See, I don’t think the romance angle was the right call for it as a result. But I also do agree with Buck that perhaps in a way given the Bill Paxton character is an analog for Cameron himself given how obsessed he was about the Titanic. Which, yeah I can see that.

    Sweeney Todd on the other hand, I prefer. Like first of all, where else are you gonna watch a Slasher movie musical besides 2014’s Stage Fright? Although, I never did see the actual Broadway musical besides a PBS airing a couple of years ago that I watched. And second, despite Johnny Depp, the abusive prick that he is, I do love the cast. I love the music, the gore, the cinematography, etc. There’s a lot to love about the film really and really, it’s an ideal Tim Burton film given the material. Dude loves Horror, macabre humor and he seems to like a lot of musicals. I thankfully saw this in the theater and it’s worth the ticket price. To me, this and Big Eyes are the best of his modern works.

  6. Batteries Not Included…

    Man, another time I swear me and Chris were stuck in the same zeitgeist. I was absolutely obsessed with this movie as a kid. As there were never any toys I elected to make my own. I would glue two pietins or paper plates together and make my own “little guy” I always wanted to try it with tuna cans and the such but my parents were concerned i’d cut myself. They might have been right. I’d add tools with paperclips and tape and construction paper and make all sorts of stuff for the face and eyes.

    Invent my own, make characters and powers and explain them very indepth to my grandmother and parents.

    Such a bizarre memory to have brought into my head but same undying affection Chris, you are not alone.

  7. I watched Life is Beautiful a few years ago knowing not much about it other than it was Italian. During the first hour I was thinking “oh this is nice and charming” and then suddenly… Damn. I think not knowing where it was going was the best way to experience it.

  8. Re: Mouse Trap – Lee Evans was (and still is to an extent) a huge stand up comedy star in the UK, where he plays to sold out stadiums.

    Though I now consider his stuff a little broad, I was a big fan of his as a teenager in the 90s and was excited to see him start appearing in films like The Fifth Element and There’s Something About Mary. Looking back, I imagine that he was probably being positioned as ‘The British Jim Carrey’ due to him being a similar style of comedian – more of a physical performer that a guy telling jokes. I seem to remember reading an interview with him where he talks about why he walked away from Hollywood – I think he’s a very simple, family-oriented kind of guy, and just got sick of the usual Hollywood bullshit and being away from his family.

    Though I think Titanic is kind of sunk (har har) by it’s lame, unconvincing love story (I still think Winslet looks ten years older than DiCaprio in the movie) and very heavyhanded writing, I still admire it for being an incredible movie on a technical level. At the risk of sounding like an old man, it’s a proper movie-ass movie – made during that period where cgi was ascendent but practical effects, miniatures and lavish sets and costumes still reigned supreme. Movies like this have lost a lot of spectacle for me now that almost everything is done digitally.

  9. Oh my god playing that MouseHunt clip reminded of its existence and the fact that I had it on VHS and watched it a fair bit as a kid, but barely remember shit about it so it’s probably terrible.

    Tomorrow Never Dies is perfectly *fine*, and I agree that it’s Brosnan’s second best, but I am a total outlier on which his best is (but I won’t get into that until 2019…).

    1. Also, my best friend of the time’s favourite movie is Titanic, so in 2012 for the 100th anniversary of, we saw it in theatres for the first time (given we were 16). While it is loooooooooooong and I have problems with it, the last third of the film is so worth it on the big screen. Plus, that experience was great in general for hanging out with a really good friend and our mutual friend, and we ended up sneaking into 21 Jump Street afterwards (cause apparently nearly 4 hours of movie wasn’t enough for us).
      And on a classic teenager note, because my friend loved the movie so much, she saw it at least 3 times during that theater revival. One of those instances was the first time she and our mutual friend mentioned above had hooked up (after years of failed mutual crushes and what not, and finally dating after this) so it’s weird to think back on it now. I guess that’s what the show is for though.

  10. Oh forgot to mention, forgive me, I love the movie MouseHunt. I really enjoy the slapstick that’s done in the vein of a lot of Tom and Jerry cartoons and slapstick, screwball 30’s comedies. Gore Verbinski really nailed the style and pacing of those kind of films to great comedic effect. It had a timeless feel in a way and if one joke fails, another one ends up being funnier. And it brought along many of the laughs and it even played up to Nathan Lane’s greatest strengths as a comedic actor. I consider it to be his best film bar none.

  11. Chris getting a little choked up about Jim Henson in this episode was a weird coincidence for me: just yesterday, one of my kids brought home a biography of Henson from his school library. I immediately realized that my son is the same age I was when Henson died, and how sad it made me and my dad back then, and I started getting teary myself. It culminated in me showing my wife a clip of his memorial service with all the performers singing. So great.

  12. I wonder how common it was back in ’97 for guys to make pacts to never see Titanic. When Dave told that story, it reminded me I made the same pact with a couple of my friends and have still never seen it. I genuinely have no desire to see it today based on the length, but I feel a bit ashamed about making an actual pact because it reeks of pettiness.

  13. It’s worth noting that there’s a an interesting and believable study on the reaction to Electric Soldier Porygon that suggests the reason the number of people affected was so far above the average photosensitive population was epidemic hysteria. Most of those affected showed no symptoms until the “Pokemon Shock” hit the news. Science Solved It covered this theory, and have a link to the study:

    And yes, it was Pikachu what caused the flashes. Porygon is innocent! Free Porygon and its evolutions from Pokemon excommunication!

    1. To this day, Japanese TV is so seizure-phobic that ANY program that might have flashing lights is edited to lower the frame rate to prevent a repeat incident. This is most notable when it’s a Hollywood film with lots of laser blasts or gunfire. Likewise, any cartoon on TV is preceded with a warning not to watch the show in a dark room or to sit too close to the TV (this warning might predate the Pokemon incident, but I’m guessing that moment convinced TV execs the warnings have merit).

  14. Man, Charles Nelson Reilly is one of the most interesting and entertaining celebrities of the past century; his one man show was also a blast. The balls on that man to go on Match Game to go on match game in the 70s and (drunkenly) ramble about how much he wanted to sleep with Burt Reynolds is just priceless (I can’t find the clip, but I distinctly remember seeing it).

    A few years back Chris, Diana and Henry recorded an LT episode about secretly gay celebrities; I would love nothing more than a follow-up covering stars who made no attempt whatever so to hide. Charles Nelson Reilly, Andy Warhol, John Waters, Marlene Deitrich, Paul Lynde, Sal Mineo, Tommy Kirk, Jim Naibors, George Takei, Cole Porter – the list goes on. I’ll even put together the research if you’re interested in recording a follow-up episode.

  15. I’m not the avid South Park fan that I once was, but I still bust out Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics album every year during the holidays. It’s been part of my Christmas music collection since it came out, and I definitely started singing along to that song when you guys played it! Also: Lupe Fiasco’s “The Cool” album was HUGE. He fell off after that, so this was definitely his peak.

  16. I remember going to see the Titanic. It wasn’t opening weekend, but some time after. I asked a friend if he wanted to go, and he just said “Ehh, the boat sinks”. I went to the theater, but all showings were sold out. So I went to see “As Good as it Gets” instead. That was a movie that was instantly quotable.

    When I finally saw Titanic, I already knew that Jack dies. People said it was sad, but my reaction was different. A lot of people were killed on the Titanic. And so on his last day on earth, Jack has a good meal, falls in love, has sex, and saves the life of the woman he falls in love with, twice. That is a better last day on earth than most of us could hope for.

  17. Dude it’s so funny that walk hard is this week because as a result of a horrible Amazon debacle I had 30 dollars to spend and only wanted books or movies cuz the problem was about shipping. The first thing I bought was walk hard, because it is far and away my favorite comedy. I can watch it over and over and laugh just as hard as the first time. It never feels bad or dated to me and me and my fiance quote it often. I’m sad to see it has a low review score, because it’s the best Johnny cash movie out of the two, better than the real one. And Chris must be lucky, because it never airs on tv on my market and finding streams was so hard that when I was looking for a free movie to get with my new windfall, my fiance immediately said that one
    Also, check out the Dewey Cox album on spotify to hear the songs cut from the movie….holy shit.

  18. I know movies get delayed all the time but Titanic was the first (and last) one I can recall where the delay was so close to the intended release date: on May 29th, the July 2nd date was bumped to December.
    The release was so close that in our movie theater we had already started promoting the film with special Titanic popcorn bags which had the July release date on them, since the “summer” movie season starts in May and we wanted all those Lost World viewers to get hyped. Who knows how many posters or other promo items we had to scrap because they had the wrong date on them. When the movie eventually came out we had new popcorn bags and, as you mentioned, the film stayed in theaters FOREVER. Not quite a year in our case, but at least six months which is an eternity even in the 90s. I remember it had such staying power that we got a new print which included English subtitles for the hard of hearing – something I’ve never seen in theaters before or since.

  19. “Tomorrow Never Dies” was one of the many movies from that five/six-year stretch from 1997 through 2003 that I’d get super-hyped for then never go to see in the cinema. It isn’t as good as “GoldenEye” but I think it’s underrated in the Bond series, not because anyone necessarily thinks it’s bad but because it’s not really one that’s well-remembered. A fun fact about “Tomorrow Never Dies” though: MGM (I think it was still with them) were very keen on spinning off Michelle Yeoh’s character, Colonel Wai Lin, into her own movie, but it never happened. Sony was similarly keen to do the same with Halle Berry’s character in “Die Another Day” later on.

    “Titanic” is something I was aware of at the time, but because I was only six/seven during its run I was never really interested in seeing it. However, I think it’s the first “adult” movie I can remember that really filtered all the way down to my own age group. People would talk about it on the playground in school from my recollection. To this day, I’ve never seen it the whole way through, although I have a pretty good idea how it ends (I think the boat sinks, doesn’t it?).

  20. What Ivan Boesky is doing now is also just insane. I looked it up and he married an heir to Detroit Real Estate, and they divorced, but she had to PAY him $18 million and $180,000 a year per life. What the hell.

  21. When I was 11 my parents thought I was watching too much TV. Somehow we came up with the idea that if I went 1 year without watching TV I would get $500, a lot of money for a kid in the late 80’s. We wrote up a contract and everything and one of the provisions was that I could watch video tapes of stuff we had already recorded before I signed the contract. Well, the only tape with cartoons that we had recorded was everything the played on KATU from 5:50 am to 10 to noon (probably taped on accident). In that tape the very last one show . . . . Beverly Hills Teens. And did you notice the odd timing of that tape? Because in that VHS I watched over and over again in my TV-less year, I never got to see the ending to the BHT. There was a race in it, I remember that clearly, but as I watched them again and again and I never found out who won. Bianca Dupree? Troy Jeffries? Larke Tanner? 30 years later I still kind of wonder. Does anyone know?

  22. This is a special week for me as I turned 2 in 1987, 12 in 1997 and 22 in 2007 all on December 19th. And Mouse Trap is one of my favourite movies. I think it contributed to my weird sense of humour and my love for 1920 looks in the modern era.

  23. We must have watched very different channels as kids, because I watched Spiral Zone and Beverly Hills Teens quite a bit. I don’t really know how to describe Beverly Hills Teens other than it was sort of an 80s version of Richie Rich. It was about a group of four or five rich teens who had silly adventures in Beverly Hills, and since they were rich, they could basically do whatever they wanted. Looking back, I’m not sure if it was trying to make some kind of sarcastic commentary on the ultra rich, or if it was embracing the decadence.

    As for Spiral Zone – yes, an obvious GI Joe rip off. But now imagine GI Joe fighting Cobra in a world that has been ravaged by a plague that turns people into zombies. Areas affected by the plague are marked by the spiral-like spores that can be seen growing on abandoned structures. The good guys have to wear special hazmat protection when they enter these zones, or else they too will become infected with the plague. You know, perfect kid show material.

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