Star Wars: The Last Jedi – LIVE Laser Time Review/Reactions.

Join your pals from Laser Time live today at 2PM PST (5PM Eastern) for a live discussion on The Last Jedi. Spoilers, obv.

We’re fresh off of MULTIPLE viewing of the film, so we’re going to go over everything with know with a fine-tooted comb. Be here or on our YouTube channel live to offer up your own insight and be a part of this Mondays episode of Laser Time!

Note: This is also our final livestream of 2017, so there’s another reason to arrive promptly. Also maybe check out our Star Wars Commentaries if you haven’t already or Jon’s review if you haven’t already. Previously in Star Wars live reviewing:

25 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Last Jedi – LIVE Laser Time Review/Reactions.

  1. It was a total 6/10 movie. I have only seen Ep 7 once when it came out but liked it more than this. There is so much wrong with this movie.

    The opening was a joke in a literal and figurative sense. It felt so unlike Star Wars. The entire movie was filled with supposed humour to the point where it just felt condescending as if having a serious tone for a Star Wars movie is beneath the filmmakers.

    Leia was wasted. And the flying granny in space scene was mindboggeling in the worst way. I didn’t see a point to her being in this movie and can’t imagine a future where she is brought back in Ep 9 to do anything of importance, and I love Leia but man she was made to be so redundant. Which is a running theme of these new movies just throwing out everything people loved and forcing in some of the most unlikeable and uninteresting characters conceived. Even the prequels felt more like Star Wars than this even though technically they are worse than the new trilogy.

    Finn and the new chick are so far removed from anything to do with the plot that it would have been better to have left him in a coma.

    The move was carried by kylo and Mark Hamill, in that kylo is the only interesting character with actual development and reason to like him (I didn’t even like him in Ep 7) and I said mark not Luke because while it was amazing to finally see Luke back the only reason I enjoyed his parts is because I hoped there would be some of his actual characterisation come through but really they just trashed Luke from the start. Not to mention his last minute in the film. What a waste of a good opportunity. I can’t imagine how anyone could he excited to see episode 9 now.

    Rey is such a limp noodle of a character and honestly is way outclassed by both Adam and Mark in the acting department that I don’t know how they will make her function from here.

    The movie was such a slog, it went an hour too long. Cut Finn’s adventure. Cut the entire sequence from the rebels first jump to light speed til they are on the salt planet and have the empire track them there from the start and many of the issues with this movie would be resolved. And remove the quippy nonsense, it’s not Star Wars, they have turned every character into Jar Jar. This is not a good thing

    I was so excited for this new trilogy, as episode 7 was good, not great, and RO second half was great but I feel so burned out.

    Episode 1 far outclasses both 7 & 8 which is such a shame

    1. And I almost forgot the ending. Holy crap, i wasn’t sure if I was watching a movie or a cereal advertisement for crap Rebel Alliance ring prizes in specially selected boxes. How would the kids even know what happened to Luke during that fight. Why is he using the force like it’s no biggie as a 9 year old.

    2. I kind of agree. I experienced such a weird dissonance hearing the guys enthusiastically rave about it (especially Chris, who I usually agree with about movies) – it feels like I must have seen a different version of the movie to everyone else, because I recognised the events they were talking about, but in the version I saw they weren’t awesome, they were mostly awkward and embarrassing. So many of the set piece moments made me cringe so hard – BB8 driving a walker, the totally unearned Rose/Finn kiss, Super-Leia, the tragic orphans, the cgi horse chase (which flet like something form the prequels), Phantom Luke, “page turner”, the BIZARRE steam iron ‘gag’, the fourth wall breaking weird attempts at humour… I could go on and on.

      And I could probably overlook the weirder excesses of the movie of the story wasn’t a total mess. It’s just a string of extraordinarily contrived ticking clocks one after the other with no sense of organic flow, logic or momentum. I genuinely couldn’t believe it when it became apparent that the remainder of the film was to be an incredibly low speed car chase – it raises so many logisitical questions that are never addressed. There are so many maguffins, and trackers, and amulets, and codebreakers and other jargon that I genuinely had trouble trying to follow it all, and in a Star Wars movie, that’s not a good thing.

      The whole thing felt like a first draft badly in need of editing and boiling down to the finished article. So many characters and subplots could and should have been chopped and consolidated. Like, why not just have the rebels under siege on Crait for the duration of the film while our heroes go off on their adventures? Why not make it Leia who sacrifices herself and impart the lessons of leadership to Poe, rather than some stilted rando who literally no ones care about? Finn’s entire story (I wouldn’t call it an ‘arc’) is a pointless wild goose chase. Ditto Poe. And to make matters worse, we pretty much end up back where we started at the beginning of the movie in terms of character development.

      And no, I didn’t dislike it because it was ‘different’, or that I wanted this film to be a carbon copy of Empire. That’s not it at all. I’m all for them trying new things, but this just didn’t feel anything like a Star Wars film to me, even down to the weird Matrix-y camera work in the fight scenes.

      Mark my words, once the hype has died down, people are really going to turn on this movie, even more so than they did with Force Awakens.

      1. Name me one single star wars film that isn’t filled with inconsistentes and unexplained moments.

        I find it hillarious how people nitpick and shit on the new movies for stuff the original trilogy was stuffed with. If you were to be consistent with your criticism, why not judge the first trilogy the same way? To quote Bob Chipman:

        “Uuuuugh that part was SO BAD!!! They wasted so much time on a stupid comedy scene where the Falcon is in some dumb worm’s mouth! It doesn’t effect the plot at all, it’s unrealistic that there’s air and bat-monsters in a stomach and we never even find out the worm’s backstory!”

        “This guy Lando shows up in the third act who we never even heard of before and Han acts like he’s all important – WTF!? They were supposed to tell us about that Jabba guy!”

        The Star Wars films have never been logically airtight, that’s never what made them special. And to hold them to that standard now seems incredibly silly and tone deaf to me.

        Also… If you failed to see huge character development in both Finn and Poe… I think you didn’t pay attention. Poe had to learn to be more responsible for the people he’s in charge of, and not be so reckless. Finn at the beginning only cared about Rei, not really about the resistance. His whole subplot was to help him realize and understand their importance, as well as caring more about others. Even if he failed in his objective, there’s a ton he larned from that failure.

          1. I’m not really bashing them so much as pointing out that they are great films despite the fact that they have flaws as well. Something doesn’t have to be perfect or flawless in order to be great.

      1. It feels like a Star Wars movie whereas the new trilogy while better movies technically don’t feel out of place in marvels universe.

        1. Really? Nonsensical trade federation power struggles and bland, I’ll defined characters (Tell me one solid personality trait that defines qui gon jin beyond his role as “mentor”, or padme?)seem like star wars to you?

          Saw what you will about the new characters being more quippy, at least they have defined personalities. (Rei is dedicated but stubborn, Poe is daring and brash, Finn is loyal but slightly cowardly) Just like the original trilogy characters were (Luke starts off as adventurous but whint, Han is cynical and cocky, etc.)

          1. Honestly, the characters in the new movies aren’t really much better defined than those in the prequels, they’re just much more charismatic and likable.

            Like, is Finn brave or not? The films can’t seem to decide. It seems like he becomes a coward when the film wants to make a joke out of it, while other times he runs headlong into certain danger.

          2. One minute he can’t stomach killing innocent villagers, the next he’s gleefully gunning down dozens of his former comrades.

          3. And it isn’t the humour per se that people have an issue with – it’s more that the tone of it is all over the place. There’s a bizarre gag sequence in TLJ involving a steam iron that seems like it’s a deleted scene from Space Balls.

          4. If people enjoyed the opening commander hugs gag then they will like the movie. But if works for it’s audience which isn’t old Star Wars fans it’s kids. The whole cinema was all kids watching it and the loved it so that’s okay.


          5. I’ve heard this argument about Qui Gon before. He has his own beliefs and he sticks to them no matter what the Jedi counsel says. “Stick-to-itivness” is a personality trait. Please don’t judge my grammar.

  2. Loved the film, haven’t watched you guys’ take yet.

    This is one that I think will age better than TFA as long as people are willing to change their opinions on it.

    My only complaint is it needs more R2. Loved the Finn/Rose stuff as it finally gave Finn a reason to join the resistance and fight oppression. The Luke fight at the end was badass. The humor felt spread out to me and was always refreshing when it happened. BB8 fucking rules and I love that little guy. My favorite part of the movie was when BB8, Finn and Rose returned and Poe yells out “where’s my droid?!” Loved that part. Can’t wait to watch it again.

  3. I saw the film on Thursday and I have to say that I was not impressed. It’s visually excellent and the acting was fine. I don’t understand how you guys can applaud throwing away the plot points from The Force Awakens. We watch sequels to get an continuation of the story. We got no answer on who Snoke was. He’s just an Emperor wannabee. They dedicated almost half an hour to Finn’s pointless mission to find a code breaker which served no purpose. They ripped off whole scenes from other Star Wars movies and they don’t hold any of the emotional impact that they did in the original movies. You guys are sorry that JJ Abrams is coming back for the third film. I say, “thank God”! Rian Johnson is a great visual director but his take on Luke is so far off of what that character is all about that it is a slap in the face of all the fans inspired by Luke in the original trilogy. There were some good scenes and the humor did not bother me. There were so many stupid plot holes though. Why didn’t the First Order have a couple ships hyperjump ahead of the escaping ships and come back to sandwich the resistance fleet. Why didn’t the destruction of Starkiller base have any impact on the First Order.? Why didn’t Laura Dern’s character just tell Poe what the plan was? He was the highest ranking military guy left alive. Why aren’t there any New Republic ships left anywhere else in the galaxy to fight the First Order. I guess logical plot progression doesn’t matter to you guys.

    1. “I don’t understand how you guys can applaud throwing away the plot points from The Force Awakens. ” Something that emerged in recent months was that Abrams style of writing TFA was to write it with no idea in mind as to how to resolve these mysteries. Literally, he left it to the next writer to explain away who Rey’s parents were, who Snoke was, why Luke disappeared, etc. etc. etc. Frankly, Abrams left a mess of a story behind, and it’s a mess precisely because he wrote it with no resolution in mind. He did this exact thing with Lost, filling it with a ton of holes, or “mysteries” as the fans called them, then left it to other writers to try to explain away them all – those writers crashed and burned in the eyes of fandom as they failed to payoff those mysteries in a satisfying way. Rian Johnson kind of had a thankless task. I think he was smart not to try and answer every Abrams mystery, to just tell his story.

  4. If this movie wasn’t called Star Wars I feel like it would be more 7.5ish territory but the Star Wars name created serious hyperbole. I really hate how they did Snuke there’s a reason Palpatine is such a great villain and they didn’t let there’s grow and just doubled down on shit dick Rylo Kylie, I think Rey is dull much like Luke and hated how they seem to be both afraid of a gay romance and interracial involving a white lady(the ole Eva Mendes) it’s such a visually beautiful movie like all Star Wars movies but still committed way to many of the same sins

    1. I get that the sequels are bad but I still really love Anakin Skywalker yeah both actors were bad but they were given garbage but underneath it all you have a story of a kid born into slavery who just wanted to better himself yet was always reminded where he came from and was denied help and compassion when his new family life was threatened thus went rogue. Like there’s such a shittiness to The Jedi in those prequels that this movie failed to acknowledge if Mace and Yoda didn’t disallow love help the angry cope with anger and didn’t brainwash kids then Darth Vader never happens and it feels like such an oversight that’s not played upon enough.

  5. The Last Jedi was incredible. I don’t know if I place it above any of the original trilogy, but it’s the best outside of those for sure. It’s a very wrenching story about learning from failure, and about the nature of heroes and legends. The questions is raises are much more interesting to me than “But is Snoke really Darth Plagueis???” Plus, it STILL HAS lightsabers and weird aliens and space fights and all the cool shit that you like about Star Wars. I really don’t understand the complaints.

    I feel like everyone who is saying “It didn’t pay off any of the mysteries (like Snoke, or Rey’s parents, or the importance of Anakin’s lightsaber, or the Knights of Ren, etc, etc.) from The Force Awakens” is unfamiliar with JJ Abrams’ previous work. JJ had no answers for those questions, they were his stupid “Mystery Box” bullshit that is super fun to theorize about, but is ultimately deeply dissatisfying because THERE ARE NO ANSWERS. Ask anybody who made it through all of Lost.

    All of the “I would’ve done THIS!” posts I’ve read all boil down to the same stuff that makes the prequels terrible. Like, the lightsaber fight between Yoda and Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith is the stupidest thing in the world, but everybody is screaming that they wanted something just like that in Last Jedi. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

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