Spice World, The Postman, Good Morning, Vietnam, Alien Vs, Predator: Requiem, Gran Turismo, & There Will Be Blood – Dec 22-Dec 28

This week: in 87, a forgotten Spielberg epic, a scary-ass Pinocchio, and a WOMAN gets to talk sports? 97 needs five for the power of Spice and Leslie Nielson needs glasses. 07 knocks some things off its Bucket List and drinks your milkshake. All this and more!


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27 thoughts on “Spice World, The Postman, Good Morning, Vietnam, Alien Vs, Predator: Requiem, Gran Turismo, & There Will Be Blood – Dec 22-Dec 28

  1. Dayton Hudson is the company that used to own Target. Target was their discount spinoff of their department. Santa Bear was like, their mascot they sold during the holidays.

    1. I had a legit moment of a memory being pulled from the furthest most depths of my brain when they were taking about Santa Bear. I don’t remember any Christmas specials, but the bears themselves were super popular.

      1. This commercial was also airing during 1987 (even though this YouTube video claims the date is 1989) and was featured prominently during the various network Christmas specials. It’s a Cinnamon Toast Crunch commercial with a Santa Bear contest tacked on at the end (I’m guessing the animation is from the special). I grew up watching this commercial every Christmas thanks to a recording of Christmas specials on a VHS tape. Many years later I tracked down these bears on eBay as a Christmas gift for my sister.


  2. I half remember the show that Matt recalled with an actress having her pregnancy disguised, especially the food scene. More recently, Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Melissa Fumero had to disguise her pregnancy on camera (to varying degrees of success) with giant bags, baggy aloha shirts and at one point a pregnant belly “disguise”.

    1. And just recently, they didn’t bother to disguise Chelsea Peretti’s pregnancy, just making her character go onto maternity leave.

    2. I assume Matt was thinking of How I Met Your Mother, where they hid Alyson Hannigan’s pregnancy for most of a season, until there was a flashback about her winning a hot dog eating contest and she had a big, clearly-pregnant belly.

      When thinking about hiding pregnancies, though, the one that always comes to mind is on Frasier. Right after Niles and Daphne finally get together, Jane Leeves got pregnant, so they had her character develop a massive eating disorder that resulted in her having to be sent off to a “spa” to help lose the weight. (There’s a cute joke after the real-life baby was born and Niles says that Daphne has “already lost nine pounds, twelve ounces”.) Afterwards, they used the weight gain to go into an episode about how Niles had problems with facing reality and seeing Daphne as anything less than the idealized version that had been in his head for eight years. All that stuff was pretty well-done and interesting… the problem, at least twenty years later, is with all the fat jokes that the show makes during the “weight gain” episodes. It feels especially cruel considering that they later treat it as a legitimate mental/medical condition.

  3. Guys Doris Burke has been doing play by play for the NBA for two years regularly and had done it off and off for quite awhile before that. Chris I know you like to assume the worst about sports and the folk who play them but come on it’s been very progressive for quite awhile the NBA literally loses money on the WNBA yet has funded it for nearly 20 years

    1. Dave mustaine damn near came in his pants listening to Topher explain the signifance of Sting (and do his best to explain the shit show that was Starcade 97) even I kinda was shocked about how much he had on just pure osmosis.

  4. I know Titanic overshadowed everything last week, but I can’t believe you missed the premiere of “A Claymation Christmas”. That has got to be one of the greatest forgotten Christmas specials of all time. My family still has a recording of that original airing, and we watch it every year on Christmas Eve, commercials and all. I can’t believe it’s 30 years old this year.

  5. As Good As It Gets is a top 10 all-time favorite movie for me. I never saw it until I had to write about it in High School. I was the only person to pick choose it from a list of 30 movies and just watched it over and over for my paper. I ended up loving it despite having to write a multi-page paper on it. It just works for me.

  6. The Postman isn’t that terrible, contrary to what you may think the Postman isn’t an original creation or production of Kevin Costner. It is based on the much better novel The Postman from 1985, which is much better as the movie only covers the first third of the book and then jumps to the ending. There is an interesting if sadly very MAGA leaning in the idea that 50 years after civil war, nukes, and a plague destroyed America and survivalist dirt bags decided to recreate the Roman Empire that small isolated enclaves would embrace the boring stability of a government entity like the Postman could represent society coming back.

    The largest problem is that the cut the book to shit and created a villain in an attempt to give some urgency to the plot. The book is able to take its time painting the Postman as a grifter trying to get food and shelter but discovering both an internal morality that he didn’t know he had and realizing that his con meant that he couldn’t stay there forever.

    Not perfect, but it is kinda fun. The worst part of The Postman is that it guaranteed that there will never be a good adaptation of the book.

    1. I remember hearing an interview about the Postman. Not sure if it was the novel writer, or the screenwriter. He was asked directly “What went wrong?” He responded that the character was supposed to start the story as a charlatan , but Costner didn’t want to go that way. He wanted the character to be more of a hero, more likable at the beginning. So it flattened the whole character arc. I never read the book, but it sounded like a waste of an opportunity. Like another actor may have kept the character arc intact.

  7. I saw An American Werewolf in Paris on TV before watching the original An American Werewolf in London,

    Mr. Magoo, yeah, I saw this in the theater. Yes really. And this was my first introduction to the character and I don’t know-remember even why I wanted to watch it and did but I guess because I wanted like stupid, haha funny stuff as a kid and sadly, I did have poor taste as a kid because I didn’t appreciate Peter Sellers when I was a kid but somehow tolerated the Mr. Magoo movie. I don’t remember how I reacted to the film as a kid except maybe curious as to why the bookends were animated but oh well. Surprisingly and fun fact, the film was directed by a noted Hong Kong filmmaker, Stanley Tong. A dude who has worked closely with Jackie Chan and did his own stuff and the only other American thing he did were a couple of episodes of a show called Martial Law. So I’m curious why Disney wanted him specifically and why Tong even accepted in the first place because of all films to make his US debut, he picked Mr. Magoo why?

    Spice World I did want to see but never got the chance which I guess was on the account of me being pushed away from “girl things” because my mother is for the patriarchy and all. Though The Postman, wow, I’ve heard A LOT about that movie. Costner’s ego has no limits, does it?

    Oh, the Adam West episode of Johnny Bravo! I also remember that one! I even saw it a few months ago, that’s still hilarious stuff. XD I mean even as a kid, I knew who he was because I did see the 60’s Batman TV show via reruns on the Sci-Fi Channel and probably some other network before. So I’m still entertained by the episode, West even appeared again in another episode where he’s the host of a First Date reality TV show parody where Johnny Bravo dates of all people, the Space Ghost villain Black Widow (not Marvel’s Black Widow, different one).

    And wow! Transformers: Animated, I saw it when it first aired and yeah, I loved it immediately and it was off the heels from the live action movie but unlike the Michael Bay Transformers films, Transformers: Animated is more well written and everyone is actually interesting. The first for a Transformers show.

  8. Ok, I’m gonna have to be that guy. I will sitck up for Paul WS Anderson, as he is clearly not the worst director of all time.
    The guy gets the properties, like resident evil, and AvP and the big studio budgets to pull something off.
    AvP was alright. It was never going to be an easy one to pull off and keep fans of both franchis s happy. It was the same with Freddy v Jason.
    I’m a huge fan of the resident evil series ( maybe the only one) and the key plot elements chop and change depending on what he needs to push the story forward.
    With WS you know what your getting when you buy your ticket. It’s going to be loud, action packed but story might be a bit choppy.
    Always a fun movie with Mr Anderson, definitely not the worst director though by any stretch.

    1. …and yeah, The postman is not good. It was far too slow. It could have used an edit back to around 90mins and tightened it up, and it may have passed for a b grade action drama.

    2. I would love to one day have someone on the show who knows their shit, that when confronted with Chris’s “Anderson is the worst director” shtick, will fire back with “No, he’s not. Tommy Wiseau, Neil Breen, Len Kabasinski, and THE ENTIRE PRODUCTION COMPANY OF PURE FLIX are worse than PA’s nerdy genre films that clearly hurt [Chris’s] feelings”.

      I can watch a Resident Evil film and be entertained. It’s a dumb action movie… but I cannot get through Pure Flix films like Voiceless, Old Fashioned or God’s Not Dead without wanting to blow my fucking brains out. And while it’s dumb that Ada looks like her game character onscreen, it’s better than seeing Neil Breen have a tantrum in the desert next to a car with “Help” written in blood on it.

  9. Because it was the last time I gave a shit about Transformers as anything other than objects of nostalgia, I was really happy to hear Matt go to bat for Transformers Animated. I remember hardcores hearing it was being developed by the same team as Teen Titans and seeing the very chin-focused character designs, and writing it off pre-emptively as kiddie bullshit. Instead, we got what is probably the most grown-up Transformers series in franchise history as far as writing goes. There’s some goofy shit in there, but also some real pathos and joy,

  10. I saw As Good As It Gets with my family in January of 98 during a vacation in Disney World. We, being ignorant folks from the north east, didn’t realize it can actually be a little chilly in Florida in January so when a spate of bad weather came in towards the end of our vacation we decided to get out of the cold by seeing a movie in Downtown Disney. We actually all liked it and I have nothing but good memories of the film, though I haven’t seen it since. After seeing it we had to bite the bullet and get 60 dollar Disney branded sweatshirts to make it through the day at the parks.

  11. Minor note about Police Quest: Daryl Gates didn’t come on as consultant until the fourth game. Before that it was designed by Jim Walls, a recently retired police officer, and the series was set in the fictional town of Lytton, CA. When Gates came on was when it got away from being a point-and-click graphic adventure and focused more on FMV and SWAT elements.

  12. Believe it or not The Postman does have fans. I grew up in the heart of the Midwest, and all I’ll say is there’s a big overlap between people I saw gushing over The Postman in 1997 and Trump voters in 2016.

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