Talking Simpsons – Round Springfield

It’s a very special episode of the Simpsons as Lisa is saddened by the death of Bleeding Gums Murphy (though he was never popular). After Bart eats a jagged piece of metal and sues Krusty, that somehow leads to Lisa learning about jazz. Look, it’s a sweet episode, just go with it and listen to the podcast…


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5 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Round Springfield

  1. It’s interesting that Lisa takes part in playing Stars and Stripes Forever in this episode when she’d come to loathe that same piece in Season 11’s Saddlesore Galactica.

  2. Mentioned this on the patreon page, but this wouldn’t be the last time we see someone being inside of a snake, either – it comes up again when the family goes to Brazil in season 13. I don’t remember disliking that episode at the time, but I doubt it actually holds up very well (I was young at the time).

    Despite the episode being pretty meh (especially for season 6), I listened to the ending song a lot as a result of it being on that Songs in the Key of Springfield album, which my dad put on my first MP3 player back in the day (aka like 4th or 5th grade).

  3. I remember who George Washington Carver is because I went to a school named after him…for the last quarter of 5th grade anyway.

  4. WTF is up with your home state guys? Everything I hear news about food poisonings it’s usually from the West Coast. From the Hartz Mountain, Chipotle, to Jack in the Box. I thought you liberal hippies over there were just as strict about food safety like we liberal hippies over here on the East Coast.

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