Conan on strike, Between Two Ferns, Living Single, Hell Comes To Frogtown, & Homicide: Life On The Street – Dec 29-Jan 4

This week: in 87, a ninja strikes, Roddy pipes, and Betty Boop a-doop-boops. 97 lives single, takes a holiday, and grows an uncharacteristic ponytail. 07 shows us around the office before making our sweater disappear. All this and more!


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13 thoughts on “Conan on strike, Between Two Ferns, Living Single, Hell Comes To Frogtown, & Homicide: Life On The Street – Dec 29-Jan 4

  1. FSR my Sammy Hagar looking dad read Jet magazine and one issue from when I was like 3 or 4 had the Cast of (In) Living Single and I remember noticing how the woman I’d later know as Queen Latifah had a really toothy Julia Roberts smile and it stuck with me for so long that circa 2011 I became the 1st (and to this day only) person to do a Bing search for “Living Single Jet Magazine Cover”, I also pioneered “Ritchie from Family Matters Now”, “Rachel True Now” and “Jenna von Oy King Magazine” that same day. I know that’s a kinda stoopid anecdote but I can’t not think about it everytime I see Queen Latifah…BTW Bing is dope you get Amazon/XBox gift card points just for using it yeah it’s a bribe but worth it.

    1. Also I feel kinda bad for (In) Living Single yeah it was a forgettable sitcom but Frands(an even shittier sitcom) came along like a year later did the exact same “modern complicated friend/romantic relationships between the sexes” gimmick and blew huge. It’s like the Skip James of bad 90’s sitcoms in some way

      1. If you tell a black person who lived in the 90’s that Living Single was forgettable, you’d be told off. It was hugely popular in black communities and is still really well loved. I used to love that show and Martin. It still gets play on black tv stations like TV one and BET.

        I’m not calling you racist or anything, jsut that a lot of times, black pop culture phenomenons are completely glossed over in these shows/media about the zeitgeist. It’s not your fault since you are coming where you’re coming from but its so odd to see these things I gre up with and shaped my cultural awareness jsut brushed off like they barely existed

  2. 10 years ago I got married! Today we are still happily married with two wonderful children but in 2007 I had about one hour left of being a swinging bachelor so me and my best men decided to spend that time in the most 2007-way possible; playing Wii Sports and Guitar Hero! Here is a video that of it and thank you all so much for helping me remember all the events of my life Thirty Twenty and Ten Years ago!

  3. This is the second time The Opry has come up in recent memory, and it’s a little painful to hear you guys BS your way through a discussion. But fear not, you count a Nashville resident among your listeners. I’ll try to set you straight. The Grand Ole Opry (yes, it’s Ole, not Old) is not the building, it is the name of the radio program. The building is, appropriately enough, called The Grand Ole Opry House, and the program has benn broadcast from there since it outgrew the Ryman Auditorium. The word Opry, which is indeed a “Southernization” of the word opera, has become somewhat synonymous with country music and Nashville in general.

    Opryland was the amusement park until it shut down. I went there several times as a teenager, and have fond memories of it. They tore it down and built a mall there instead, which is called Opry Mills. The hotel that served the park remains and is now The Gaylord Opryland Hotel.

    Hope this clears up some of the confusion.

    1. I went to Opryland twice in the mid-90s. There were a few notable rides, including The Hangman, a suspended coaster that was moved to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and renamed “Kong”.

      Opryland’s legacy lives on in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas. In the early 90s, they created “Fiesta Texas”. Within a few years of its creation, it was sold to Six Flags and became “Six Flags: Fiesta Texas”, which is still open today.

  4. Love the Living Single talk! I totally forgot about that theme song! Also liked the 227-A Different World shout-outs (there’s a great dance performance clip of Bobby Brown performing on 227 on YouTube (peforming “I’ll Be Good To You”) if you want some R&B ’88-’89 nostalgia.

  5. That episode / mini-arc of Homicide sounds super interesting, and I’m with Matt – I wish bisexual men (or bisexual people in general) were portrayed more frequently in media. Sometimes we see these kinds of characters (usually women), but it’s pretty rare and helps to still perpetuate stupid beliefs about how bi men are just gay and ashamed to admit it / general confusion about “how can you like BOTH???”.
    Besides, who wouldn’t wanna go out with Peter Gallagher anyway?

    1. As a bisexual man myself, agreed. It’s EXTREMELY rare for men to be bisexual in movies and TV, and when it is shown, they’re the skeevy gross bad guy for the main character Captain Hetero.

  6. Am I the only one getting long gaps between segments/ads and low volume on some song intros? It’s via my itunes feed. I feel like I’ve been hearing this a lot across all shows. Is the editing outsourced now???

  7. The Big Dig was a punchline for many years here in Boston. The results have been pretty good, aside from the chunks of concrete that fell off a tunnel roof killing some motorists, as now the main highways run under Boston as opposed to through it or over it. Actual traffic in and out of the city still pretty much sucks, but it is better. Of course, the whole thing ran way way over budget and the accumulated debt was slapped onto the public transit system so now that thing is an unprofitable piece of junk with failing equipment, but hey, we have tunnels!

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