The Best Movies Of 2017 – Laser Time #311

What were your favorite movies of 2017? Here are ours!


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19 thoughts on “The Best Movies Of 2017 – Laser Time #311

  1. I thought War was bit too “dark and edgy”, Dawn is best imo, it felt like I was watching Logan 2. Plus there wasnt any war, first of the apes films i got bored watching.

    1. I thought “war’s” plot was pretty crap actually, specially once they get thrown into “prison”, the amount of plotholes, inconsistencies and coincidences required for the plot to “work” makes the errors in “The Last Jedi” feel like pointless nitpicks in comparison.

      All that being said, I did enjoy most of the characters, Bad Ape in particular was fucking fantastic, and easily the best thing about the movie for me.

      1. Last Jedi? What’s that? I’m unfamiliar, sounds like a garbage ripoff by the asylum. Did it come on syfy channel? Are you sure that’s a thing and not confusing it with original movies like Return of the Jedi or Empire Strikes Back.

  2. As for why Tommy made The Room, as someone whose lifelong dream it was to make a film and who did so ( it might have been for the sheer joy of it. If I had his money I would totally make another film. There is an excitement and joy and fun to seeing your words come to screen that is hard to describe.

  3. I liked Wonder Woman a lot and it would probably be in my top 10 but I have a hard time feeling better about it then at least Thor and Spider-Man because it has some serious flaws that I think a lot of people just ignore because it was the first good DC movie and obviously it’s nice to have a female led one. It’s very by the numbers in a way you can’t really get passed for an origin story, the villain sucks (which I can’t say about any of the MCU movies in 2017) and the final fight kind of betrays what it’s trying to talk about. When the whole point is Chris Pine saying that maybe humans are bad and the war is our fault and then Diana talking about how she won’t kill doctor poison and everyone because she believes in love is interesting and really good but then when it boils down to just a very generic fight against Aries but it’s just a generic fight. The fight seems to stop the war anyways so is Steve just wrong about that? It’s a mixed message; not to mention how the movie isn’t as incredibly feminist as it’s highlighted to be.
    Again, I really enjoyed the movie but I just don’t get he unreserved and critique-free love it has.

    1. But then it boils down to a very generic fight against Aries it seems to toss all that away**
      RIP my proof-reading

    2. I highly agree with you. That movie is just OK and not some great masterpiece. Lots of problems the entire movie and they have some shitty sex jokes. AND they are way too inconsistent with her powers that overall reduces her badass-ness.

  4. Chapellel’s new standups are probably the best ones this year. Great humor in addition to social commentary.

  5. Chris: I’m not sure if you read these but you said in this podcast some reader mentioned the edited version of the Hobbit. That was me. If you want to watch it (and it is a darn good film, SINGULAR) hit me up at my e-mail address; my name (no spaces) at google mail. Cheers, JR Ralls

  6. Great episode. There were so many great films last year that even my favorite films of 2017 leaves out films that I liked and enjoyed, like John Wick 2, It, Battle of the Sexes, War for the Planet of the Apes. But here’s said list:

    Get Out
    Wonder Woman
    Baby Driver
    The Big Sick
    Ingrid Goes West
    Blade Runner 2049
    Three Billboards
    Lady Bird
    The Disaster Artist

  7. The clear number 1 for me this year (I don’t think it got a mention here) was I, Tonya.

    Seriously guys – highest of recommends for this, it’s an incredibly good movie. The trailer compares it to Goodfellas, and that isn’t empty hyperbole.

    Also, shout out for Colossal – a seriously underrated movie that deserves to be seen by more people.

  8. As someone who raises a kid who isn’t biologically his, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hit me so hard. My wife and I were “SpongeBob crying into his own mouth”-level bawling in the theater and my nephew was just looking at us like, “What’s wrong with you?”

  9. 1.Blade Runner
    2.Logan Lucky (#1 almost any other recent year fuckig S-Rank AF who knew when not playing a whiny cunt or a lame on again off again that Adam Driver can be really fucking great)
    3.Dunkirk (another movie that could’ve been a #1 that ending was the closest I ever came to crying in a movie)
    4.Lego Batman
    5.GotG 2/Homecoming/Thor 2

  10. Get Out and It were my favorite cinema experiences this year and then I really enjoyed beauty and the beast and Logan

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