The Best TV of the Year – Laser Time #312

Fresh off of Laser Time’s look at the greatest movies of 2017, we’re back with an extended look at the best the small screen had to offer in the year that was. Talking Simpsons hosts, Henry Gilbert and Bob Mackey join us for a definitive, inarguable look at the best TV of 2017.


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16 thoughts on “The Best TV of the Year – Laser Time #312

  1. Given what a huge MST3K fan I was, and how much I’ve enjoyed every episode of the new show I’ve seen; it’s mildly shocking that I’ve yet to see every episode of the latest season of Mystery Since Theater 3000. I think it’s just a lot harder to peel out an hour and a half uninterrupted chunk when you’re pushing 40 then when you’re pushing 20.

    1. You’re absolutely right. My wife and I find it much easier to watch the occasional 22 minute show whenever we can find the free time, and we tend to build up a backlog of those. On the rare occasions that we have an uninterrupted 90+ minutes, we tend to catch up on movies from the last year or two that we haven’t seen yet.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed last season’s storyarc in Agents of SHIELD, especially when the rise of Trump also led to the normalization of facism. The gimmick was just a sick way of making sure the tv shows and the movies NEVER mix, and the writers made some lemon pie out of those conditions. We got to see darker versions of our “cute characters”, and heck made harder and stronger than any of the superheroes. Sad that Jason O’Mara’s character had to die, especially for such a stupid reason.

  3. During it’s third season (so the first half of 2017) the Flash took a dive into garbage territory for a bit with a predictable and lame overarching plot, but Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow were consistently great and still are for what we’ve had of their current seasons, while Flash is back on track and it’s great. Their fourway crossover this year (CRISIS ON EARTH X), featuring lots of Nazi fighting & killing, was AWESOME and probably my favourite episodes of TV in 2017. As for Marvel, I did like Defenders a lot, even though it had some big flaws that hold it back from being up there with Daredevil Season 1 and Jessica Jones. Punisher on the other hand was pretty much everything I’d wanted from the character all these years, and so so good. The real gem of Marvel TV this year, however, is RUNAWAYS! Legion was also awesome.

    For non-superhero TV, Fargo was excellent. Twin Peaks was a fucking trip every week and I’m so so glad David Lynch got to do it all his way, and the pay-off for some of it (Cooper related) is SO GODDAMN GOOD. As much as I liked Ewan’s performance in Fargo, I think Kyle should have won for TP. American Vandal on Netflix was shockingly good for such a dumb premise and idea, but it was a perfect mockumentary with some real things to say about how our cultural obsessions with media and crime can cross in harmful ways. Riverdale has been better than it ever had any right to be, but the last couple of episodes before the winter break started to make me feel a bit iffy about how long the premise can keep it up. Oh, and iZombie is super underrated and people should really check it out!

  4. Henry, I think you should give Oroville a chance. It is surprisingly good. Seth plays it straight/serious for the most part, and it isn’t too littered with FG style humor. It really is a homage/rip off/whatever you want to call it to TNG, and not in a bad way. I too was skeptical with Seth leading, but he’s not bad in the role at all. The other characters/actors help carry the show, and Seth isn’t a main focus, or rather he doesn’t hog the spotlight, the main crew gets shine in many episodes.

  5. Just fyi Great News isn’t really a Tina Fey show. She produces it sure, and has that 3 episode arc but the creator is Tracey Wigfield, a Tina Fey protege which is probably why it’s so close to Tina Fey’s voice. I do like it, don’t love it though. Briga Heelan is really good but I’m really bored by the romance with her and the producer. Also to go along with the Andrea Martin talk, I wish her character on Great News was an overbearing mother more in the vein of her on Difficult People.

    Wish there was more Good Place talk, that show is the fucking best. I adore Parks and Rec but Good Place is better from the get go then Parks was in it’s peak. And Janet? I mean c’mon.

    1. You are correct Mr Lime, The Good Place is incredible. Although it does feel like Michael Schur just got super into ethics and his only way of getting people to enjoy it as much as him was to make a sitcom.

  6. My favorite none live sporting event on tv this year is Search Party season 2 which may be better than Rick and Morty season or maybe I’m just being a hipster but it was legit excellent. Every character on that show is perfectly acted and if you put ex Presidential Candidate Conner Radcliffe on your show you’re at least getting a B+.

    1. Also Angie Tribeca season 3 was excellent, IDK when it aired as I watched it all on On Demand but loved it, also The Mick season 2 might’ve been my favorite network show aside from The Good Place

  7. I’ve never been able to watch Broad City, its just too druggy for me.

    I don’t watch a lot of new TV, and I can’t afford netflix. I love Fresh Off the Boat whenever I watch it with my mom though.

  8. Has there been any other show in the history of TV that has ever come close to regularly throwing away its Status Quo to close to the same amount that The Good Place regularly throws away its Status Quo?

  9. It wasn’t a show, but Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie was basically my favorite TV event of last year. Wrapped up the series perfectly if but a bit rushed, and hopefully leaves it open for Nick to do a season 6 (fingers crossed!). If you didn’t catch it, it’s worth a watch, especially if you remember most of the show because it has a *ton* of awesome callbacks including a very meta segment about how Helga has basically been filming everything Arnold has done over the course of the series and archiving it. A perfect return to one of the best Nicktoons and I hope the Rocko movie hits the right notes for fans of it too, because Arnold hit the right notes for me.

  10. I think everyone up and forgot about it because it came out in January of 2017, but the Young Pope is such surrealism goodness, that I have to recommend it. It is also gloriously style for the sake of style at times and I have to love that.

    Many people already out here riding for the Good Place, and I have to agree with them in excitement. I also agree that it is impossible to talk with other people about unless they are fully caught up.

    My wife and I also thought that the season of the Challenge (the dirty thirty) that happened this year is one of their best yet and reinvigorated us to keep watching. And yes we know its reality TV trash, it still is the best of those shows you could watch.

    Finally, Riverdale Season 1 is definitely worth watching. Season 2, is probably a good point to stop.

  11. I disagree heartily with the passing comment about 11.22.63. being ‘objectively terrible’! It was really, really good – better than it probably had any right to be, and it’s one of the performances that really showcases how great James Franco can be when he gives a shit.

  12. For me, I continued to enjoy Better Call Saul, The Good Place, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Fargo, Angie Tribeca, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Bob’s Burgers, and The Simpsons (yes, I still watch it). As for new series, I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention it but Legion was fantastic. It wasn’t as weird or crazy as Twin Peaks, but Legion was always entertaining and I would argue that it’s the best live-action superhero series period. Also, what a year for Aubrey Plaza, both this and Ingrid Goes West.

    Since the “Too Much TV” era, I’ve been late to most series. I still haven’t had the time to watch Master of None and Search Party season 2 or American Vandal. Going to try to catch up.

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