Vidjagame Apocalypse 247 – Games You Can Finish in 15 Minutes

With Awesome Games Done Quick blasting through mesmerizing speedruns for charity this week, Matthew Allen and Bob Mackey join us to take a look at five games that you can play and beat (or “beat”) in 15 minutes or less – all without any cheating, glitching, or practicing to develop any special skills whatsoever. Then we briefly look at a few meaty Switch ports, get surprised by PSN’s top 2017 downloads, and find out which games you played over the holidays.

Question of the Week
With Activision’s Transformers games suddenly disappearing from online marketplaces, what licensed game would you like to see make a comeback?


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Mike Amari:


Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Crackdown 3
God of War
Metro: Exodus
Monster Hunter World
Dragon Ball FighterZ

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28 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 247 – Games You Can Finish in 15 Minutes

  1. Definitely Sega’s “Outrun Online Arcade”. The main reason why it isn’t on PSN or Xbox Live or whatever is because the Ferrari license was a significant expense to the company. It is because of Yakuza 0 and the 3DS version of the classic that I got into this racing game, and I like how it feels a lot like Cannonball Run, only without the destructive mayhem. Anyway, I heard about the more modern sequel from various online sites, and never had a chance to try it out because I didn’t own a PS3 until a few years after it was taken off the marketplace. I really want Sega to give its customers the opportunity to play Outrun in glorious HD.

    1. Definitely the rebooted Outrun developed by Sumo Digital. Don’t care whether it’s Outrun 2, Outrun 2006, or Outrun Online Arcade, the game is a super-dense caffeine shot of what SEGA did differently and better than anyone else (even though they needed Sumo to capture it…SHUT UP). Wonderful reposte to the “gritty”, dark, NFS games of the time, and the super serious sims. Hoping that maybe Drift Stage will capture some of that magic.

  2. QOTW: I’d like to see the ORIGINAL TMNT IV: Turtles In Time ported to PSN/ XBLA, as unlikely as that possibility is.

  3. QOTW: while I agree with Bob about a new good Simpson’s game , I would like Wayforward to do a new Ducktales game as a sequel of sorts to remastered. They could do it based off the new show even.

    1. Also forgot to add in my first post that it is possible to get an ending in Nier Automata in the first 15 minutes. Die in the initial shooting section and youj are told that the machines live happily ever after.

  4. QotW: Scott Pilgrim. I missed out on the initial run and never got to pick it up. By the time I wanted to, it was gone. If they re-released it, as well as made a sequel or two, that’d be perfect. I recall the game creator advocating for a re-release and interest in a sequel…Universal needs to get off their ass and do something about it, instead of concentrating on that bullshit Dark Universe

  5. As much as they probably don’t hold up, my inner Bond fan wants some sort of HD port of those EA James Bond entries. Specifically, Agent Under Fire, Nightfire and Everything or Nothing. It harkens back to when EA could do something great with a movie license.

    1. I heartily agree with this. At the very least, Nightfire, cause for my money that is the best Bond game produced after Goldeneye 64 and would probably be more playable at this point.

  6. First, want to say thank you to the Laser Time Network for all your work. I have been having a difficult time in my life right now, but each podcast I listen to helps me get through my day.

    Now for my answer, and I know this may sound weird, but I want another and better The Incredibles game. The original game was met with mixed reception but all things considered, it was a decent game. Since we are in the age of superheroes, and have a confirmed second The Incredibles movie coming, now would be the prefect time to make another game for the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

    1. That’s a good choice, but a bummer considering that Disney shutdown all of its video game studios since the last Incredibles movie.

  7. Side note based on Stanley Parable’s inclusion in the Top 5:
    This past semester (September-December) I took a fourth year course in my Communications program called Game Studies. One of the games we had to play for class was in fact Stanley Parable, and I ended up doing a presentation about it for that week of class. Plus, we also played the developer’s subsequent game, the Beginner’s Guide. Just thought I’d note that post-secondary actually offers some stuff for us video game players, and it was actually an awesome class.

  8. QOTW: I would love for the Godzilla games to come back. Destroy All Monsters and Save the Earth both had incredibly fun multiplayer modes. If anything they could just remaster Godzilla Unleashed and remove the god-awful motion controls. The world is really lacking modern city destroying games.

    (The real answer is Jordan Vogt-Roberts’s Kong: Skull Island: The Official Game of the Movie)

  9. QOTW: I’d like to see Twisted Metal brought back, but made by the Burnout/Criterion team. The TM folks could still do the story, and character/vehicle design, but the gameplay needs to be handled by someone that knows better. I think the Burnout crew could really embrace the destructive nature of the series while incorporating all the advances that driving games have made over the years.

  10. I have the violent urge to make a correction- Nier: Automata can in fact be beaten in under 15 minutes. If you die at any point before reaching the first boss, you’ll be greeted with ending W, “Broken [W]ings”.

  11. Really surprised that Myst didn’t make the top five. Once you know the final puzzle solution, you can get finish the game right at the start by entering a code, grabbing the page, and putting it in the proper book. (Or one of the wrong books, since those are technically endings too.)

  12. QOTW: Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. A game where I truly felt like the character I was playing. Crazy combos, everything is a weapon, you can turn cars into boxing gloves and surf on buses. Also, a ridiculous stealth mission where the Hulk wears a truck. Tons of fun even if you never work through the story. It never seemed to take itself too seriously and just let you have a good time running up walls, jumping off skyscrapers, and destroying everything in sight.

  13. QOTW: I really wish someone would make a modern Golgo 13 game. Think “open world” style where you have to pick up jobs (and by jobs I mean assassination missions), and hell, why not throw in a plot with some sinister Cold War shit like in Top Secret Episode. It would of course have to be cel-shaded or something to make it look kind of like a cartoon.

  14. Question of the Week: Though Spider-Man 2 is oft touted as the best game featuring your friendly neighborhooder, the one Spider-Man game that I always return to is Ultimate Spider-Man for the Xbox. Not only does it have an open world spanning Manhattan and Queens, but it has a cartoon/comic style that really roots it in its source material. Unlockable comic covers, segments where you play as Venom ingesting innocent, balloon-wielding children, and being able to dive off of the Empire State Building cement this game as a classic of my childhood. I would love nothing more than a sequel, keeping its cartoon style, but introducing even more characters with an even more involved plot. You could even incorporate the multiple characters of the Spiderverse! Could you imagine an Ultimate comic style multiplayer game where you and your friends could play as different Spider-Men swinging through New York?!

  15. Chris I’m reasonably sure that they didn’t take away ADS from 3rd person in PUBG, that sounds like you ran into a bug.

  16. Rofl we had a Lasertime meetup at MAGfest and we all talked about wanting to make a panel and try to invite you guys at some point.

    And yes. That sign was there this time and I think I saw someone having it in their room. Not talking about myself or anyone that I know.

    Can you guys please make it to magfest next year?

  17. QOTW: As much as this might be a bad idea, what about seeing Silent Hill make a come-back? But instead of a traditional survival horror game, why not an episodic adventure based horror narrative that allows the series to go in a different direction but stay true to its roots?

    Imagine this: KONAMI offers the Silent Hill license to Tell Tale Games. In turn, they pen a multi-character narrative (in the vein of Game of Thrones) about different characters drawn to the town for different reasons, potentially through a shared connection. Those reasons could be explored further based on interactions, what the player focuses on throughout their scenes (think Silent Hill 2 or Shattered Memories) and influenced further by playable flashbacks where maybe, just maybe, your choices can actually matter beyond the “personal experience” and create many alternate narrative threads instead of two or three.

    While it would terribly ambitious (almost nightmarishly so for Tell Tale), it could be a great way to celebrate why we love the series, put the final nail in the coffin and wash out the disgust of Book of Memories and the disappointment of never seeing Silent Hills come to fruition.

  18. QOTW: I’ve been chipping away at a sequel to my ebook “WRONG! Retro Games, You Messed Up Our Comic Book Heroes!” for a couple years now, which has led me to fall in love with a comic I knew nothing about before I researched its games from the ’90s — Capcom released a fantastic beat-em-up to arcades very much along the lines of its Punisher game, and there was a pretty terrible Sega CD game built around the core gameplay mechanic of shooting road debris while you drove (I wish I were kidding). However, neither approach really felt like the comics. But seeing as how the comic’s setup is basically Fallout meets Jurassic Park — the comic predates both, mind you — I’d love to see a Bethesda-style RPG set in that universe. Just imagine Fallout 4, but with cars, dinosaurs, and maybe a little bit more of a fun Indiana Jones vibe to it. It’ll never happen, but I want that game so bad…

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