Monday Night Movie – UHF

Be here at a special time (4PM Pacific, 7PM Eastern) as we all sit down for a joint viewing of Weird Al’s immortal classic, UHF.

It’s our first Monday Night Movie of the year, and it’s a doozy. Dave Rudden will be joining us for a screening of the overlooked 1989 gem, UHF. Otherwise known as The Best and Only Weird Al Movie! You know the drill, grab yourself a copy (on Amazon or whatever) and be right the hell here at 4PM Pacific (7PM Eastern but that’s all the math we’re doing.)

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One thought on “Monday Night Movie – UHF

  1. Oh yes! I can’t wait! So glad Dave is going to be there too! I’m going to eat a hot-dog Twinkie and then drink from the fire hose tonight!

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