Happy New Year and Holiday Break Catch Up – Laser Time #313

We’re back from our respective Christmas breaks! Where did we go? What did we do? How did Hugh Jackman get The Greatest Showman made? Find out on the new episode of Laser Time!


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11 thoughts on “Happy New Year and Holiday Break Catch Up – Laser Time #313

  1. Welcome back!



    And hoping it’s a happy new year for you guys!

  2. Loved the “Bonus Time”-type episode! T’was a fun listen, and I always love it when Bob and Henry join the crew to shoot the breeze!

  3. Super fun episode, these “back from the break” ones are always a blast to listen to.

    With the Marvel Comics talk, I really hope they can get their shit together (starting with an entirely new executive team, for instance) before they piss themselves into oblivion and destroy any fanbase they’ve managed to hold onto thus far. If Aquaman really is outselling X-Men, then goddamn Marvel’s devaluing of the brand worked (not shitting on Aquaman, just that X-Men was one of the biggest titles in all of comics for so many years beforehand). I still read a few books, mainly Daredevil and Spectacular Spider-Man, but I’m really disgusted by them as a whole and don’t see it improving anytime soon. It’ll be nice to get a Fantastic Four book back provided the Fox deal passes regulatory review, but I don’t have faith that it will be any good.

  4. With all the slobbering you guys did over ‘Lady Bird’ I can’t believe ‘Wonder’ was given such a dismissal. Not only does it have the exact same structure but it even has some of the exact same story beats (an inexperienced student joining drama club and falling in love with someone) but ‘Wonder’ also has likable characters and doesn’t ask you try to make you relate to a garbage person who spends an entire movie lying, stealing, cheating, and being an ass to everyone except their dad before making their parents refinance their home so they can run to NYC and wind up in the hospital not having learned anything.

  5. Henry, I say with 99% confidence that your step-dad wasn’t talking about Kaepernick when he mentioned SF’s new QB. After the 2016 season Kaepernick opted out of his contract under the assumption that he would get a new contract (because he should have). No contract from SF or any other team in the league was presented, which is why he is suing for collusion.

    The new QB that your step-dad was referencing was Jimmy Garopolo who was traded to SF in the middle (October) of the 2017 season. He wasn’t named the starter until December for the final 5 games of the season, all of which SF won. Prior to his becoming the starter SF was 1-10 (ie, horrible).

    My apologies if this is too pedantic but I know that none of y’all are big into sports and Double Diamond Dog DaverTime Dusty Rudden isn’t there to translate.

  6. Love and loathe Legos. They’re great fun to assemble, like puzzles but with a way more interesting end result, but they are damn expensive and take up a lot of space. As a kid, I never got the big sets, I’d get something small and I had a case of just generic blocks you could build a bunch of stuff out of. As an adult, I’ve allowed myself to grab both Simpsons sets (plus all of the mini figures), the Ghostbusters firehouse, and the Disney World Cinderella castle. The latter two were a nauseating 350 bucks, but at least the sets are so big I got many nights of construction out of them (my wife and I assembled the castle during the end days of pregnancy when she couldn’t do much else but sit around and be miserable). I’m both disappointed and relieved a Sleeping Beauty Castle hasn’t been released. And I hate the “girl” Legos. When they came out I saw a few places giving Lego credit for releasing toys aimed at girls, but girls like Legos! They don’t need ugly new mini figures, just get more licenses that appeal to girls. Make a Frozen castle with traditional mini figures, they’ll love it.

  7. Hey chris, just wanted to let you know, your definitely one of the reasons i listen to many of the podcasts on this site, and if your every doubting your chosen profession when small minded people want to lob insults at you, just know that i and many other would still listen to you even if it was just you talking about stupid shit.

    P.S. marvel ran their brand into the ground with their extremist left wing pandering that ultimately did not pay off and then they proceeded to respond poorly to their fandom and bad PR over all lead to x-men getting out sold by super sons. As a DC Fanboy, seeing the DC movies and now animation crash and burn like has, marvel’s comic shit show is some nice schadenfreude for me.

  8. At the beginning of this decade, I was working on a project for school about the comic book industry, and if it was dismal then, it still must be! We know the crash of 1993 basically ensured that a single issue would never the millions, but I was thinking hey, maybe the Marvel movies would bring it back! I just checked, and the numbers are about on par then and now. More people are buying comics, but definitely not enough. Whatever is going on today, it’s definitely not more diverse creators that are causing this slump.

  9. Can’t believe I’m doing this, but Max Landis’ script for Bright was pretty much completely thrown out once David Ayer came on board. He’s still 100% a douche, but while he gets a screenplay credit for Bright, Ayer completely rewrote it once he signed on to direct (hence why Landis was oddly silent about it when it came out).

  10. Doubt anyone sees this but to comment

    1) not all android phones are that way at all. I use an android phone and it is great. I’ve owned a windows phone, iphone, and android and so far android might be my favorite of them.

    2) legos are expensive BUT routinely go on sale. I am an AFOL (adult fan of lego) and buy them consistently. I average >20% off on all sets I buy. I just bought a 159 dollar set for half off. Have to be smart.

    3) i still enjoy marvel comics and read them frequently.

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