Vidjagame Apocalypse 248 – Weird Modes in Fighting Games

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition is out this week, so our old pal Brett “Brelston” Elston returns to help us talk about its new modes, as well as five fighting games that had some really bizarre modes built in. We then move on to Sims doing laundry, Gravity Rush 2’s online features getting a stay of execution, and the licensed games you’d like to see make a comeback.

Question of the Week
What’s your favorite special move in a fighting game?


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Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Crackdown 3
God of War
Metro: Exodus
Monster Hunter World
Dragon Ball FighterZ

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26 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 248 – Weird Modes in Fighting Games

  1. QotW: My favorite fighting game move of all time has to be either Scorpion’s spear or Sagat’s Tiger uppercut. I cheese the fuck out of both.

  2. Cassie Cage’s nutpunch taking after her father in the personality department she like to assault your ass area male/female/demon/robot/etc what makes her differ from her dad is she says “ding!” on the standard punch and “ding! dong” on the EX version. Her super move has her literally explode your balls with her fist…she’s my hero

  3. QOTW: I don’t have much love for the Mortal Kombat franchise, but I must say it usually had the best special moves from a visual perspective and a cheese one. Mortal Kombat Trilogy is probably peek ridiculous MK and the move that I loved spamming from that game was Noob Saibot’s projectile move where he makes a clone of himself that runs across the screen, grabs the opponent, and does a sort-of judo flip to them. You can sneak in an uppercut or low kick if you’re quick enough following the flip. Honorable mention to the insanely overpowered Kintaro from the same game and his brutal stomp move and Johnny Cage’s crotch punch, because what could possibly be funnier than a fist to the groin? (a football, the correct answer is a football)

  4. QOTW: my favorite special move is from Darkstalkers; specifically Demitri’s “Midnight Bliss.” In addition to creating Rule 63 versions of the male characters (a valuable service in 1994 before the internet had taken over that job), it legitimately features beautiful unique spritework for every character in the game.

  5. In the same vein as Boo Boo Jeffries Rihanna special move, I also liked the ridiculous moves of Doronjo in Tatsunoko vs Capcom.
    Especially her Super Comfy (down twice) where she just lays on the ground.
    Its ridiculous but it does dodge projectiles and all her specials, including taunt are usable from the Super Comfy.

  6. I heard Brett on Retronauts talking about Mega Man X, but I swear it didn’t sound like his voice, I missed his introduction, and even though they said he worked at Capcom, I thought it must be some other Brett who worked there. It was odd. This Brett sounded like the real deal, though.

  7. QOTW: It’s a close call between Gon’s fart (Tekken 3), Kuma’s fart (Street Fighter X Tekken), Chaos’ fart (Primal Rage) or Falcon Punch (Smash Bros). I think I will go with the latter.

  8. QOTW: My favorite super move comes from the Budokai games and it’s Captain Ginyu’s Body Change attack. Switching characters with your opponent mid-combat is probably the most interesting and unique mechanics in the series. Between that move, his short shorts, and his sweet ass poses Captain Ginyu will always be my main in any Dragon Ball game.

  9. QOTW: Rumble Roses XX’s Miss Spencer pulling a textbook (hardback) out of her butthole, ripping it straight through her rasslepants and smacking another chick in the face of it.

    By the way, unsure why Outrun 2 was deemed not on topic for previous QOTW, it’s literally a game about racing a Ferrari, the license for which expired. If you want, just imagine it was called Ferrari Drifter.

  10. Ibuki was a goddamn beast in SF4. My favourite move being that slide in neck snap. It’s stupid broken, and that’s probably why they relegated it to a V trigger special in SF5.

  11. Hi guys, Sam here. for the qotw I want to talk about 2 characters with a similar gimmick.
    Both Shulk in Smash Bros. and Misango in ARMS!!!! can modify their abilities in real time. I’ve been playing ARMS!!! a lot using Misango and I often forget I can even use this tactic. I had a similar problem with Shulk, but I know it takes practice like when I struggled to learn stick as a teenager.
    Luckily there are just three enhancements: speed, armor, and invulnerability. The last power-up only works during a rush attack, so i usually use just the two modes other than neutral. Thanks for reading my essay on ARMS!!!!

  12. My favorite special move in fighting games is Zangief’s spinning pile driver because I have never been able to pull off that move. I know you move the controller in a circular motion but I always screw it up. I usually respect players who master big and bulky characters, but like those who actually manage to pull off their crazy moves instead of depending on their hard-hitting punches and kicks. Actually seeing it in action during a casual or pro match, will always astound me.

  13. Yoshimitsu in Soul Calibur II being able to pogo stick around on his sword was always hilarious to see. Ditto him stabbing himself so he could stab you when you were behind him. Such a goofy fun character.

  14. My favorite would have to be from Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Deadpool’s health bar beating. Besides having the usual 4th wall breaking and Deadpool specific humor, it’s just a savage beating with a blunt object done for humorous effect. A distant second place would be Gado from Bloody Roar 2’s move where he would single handedly pick up his opponent by their throat like they weighed a pound and a half, and then kick them into the second Tuesday of next week.

  15. QTOW: My Favorite move is Raiden’s Torpedo attack. It’s such a devastatingly fast attack that is paired with baffling gibberish. If there ever one super move that I can have in real-life, it would be the that Torpedo move. Imagine yourself stuck in traffic, while a screaming “Tamababa leey!!!!!” torpedo, who is dressed in a nice button-up, clean dress slacks and while wearing a rice hat, comes barreling down the highway. He has to stop every 10 to 20 feet, but resumes screaming gibberish at ear shattering decibels, and annoying the fuck out of everyone in the process.

    I would like to be that guy.

  16. QotW: My favorite fighting game move of all time is also one of the dumbest. Blanka’s Tropical Hazard Super from Street Fighter Alpha 3. It is basically impossible to ever hit an opponent with it, but Blanka jumping to the top of the screen, grabbing on, and shaking until watermelons fall down onto your opponent is just an incredible thing to see. Completely ridiculous, and part of why that game was so much fun. If you ever hit your opponent with it it was so much sweeter.

  17. Qotw: I was a little young when the original wave of fighting games hit, so it wasn’t until the PlayStation era that I bought my very first fighter, Bloody Roar 2: The New Breed. I loved the human / animal transformation aspect of the game, and after trying my hand with all of the characters, I decided that Bakuryu the Mole would be my go to. I based my choice on one specific move, where Bakuryu, while in his Beast Mole mode, would jump into the air, grab the opponent’s head with his huge claws, balance upside-down above them, and spin like crazy, drilling his mole nose into their skull. I’m sure it sounds silly, but it looks awesome in game, especially given how much blood shoots out of your opponent’s head!

  18. For actually winning fights my favourite move has to be the Pheonix crusher from Paul in Tekken. Fast and easy to dominant with. Most mememorable move has to be Akuma’s Raging Demon starting in SF Alpha 1 and all versions of it. When a UK games magazine printed the move back around 95, my mates and I spent all afternoon trying to do it just once. Eventually we called the magazine to ask how the move was done. Finally we got it. We loved the fact that it so violent we couldn’t actually be shown what was happening.

    BTW when I had misread the question and thought it said favourite ‘mode’ I was going to say Dramatic battle, also from SF Alpha.

  19. QotW: My favorite fighting game move by far has to be the tag move for Nagare in Project Justice (aka Rival Schools 2) on Dreamcast. You smack your opponent down and then you along with another teammate proceed to perform a short water ballet routine (accompanied by dramatic classical music) with your opponent. It completely throws off the flow of the fight in hilarious fashion and getting a KO with it is amazing.

    Link to see it in motion:

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