Laser Time – Bob vs Colin

In a wild deviation from a typical episode, our topic this week is a personal internet feud! Yes it’s Bob vs Colin, and hopefully, it’s The Complete Saga. We’ll try and explain it best we can, but basically our Talking Simpsons buddy Bob Mackey has been at odds with an internet sad boy for some time, it all came to a ridiculous head last week, and we wanted to put the whole thing to bed in one glorious episode. Oh, and if your instinct is to leave a nasty comment, maybe don’t bother? There’s no argument to win, nobody to destroy, and we’re going to go about our regular dorky business after this episode. Bob has rarely spoken at length about the ordeal, and we were happy to provide a venue to do so. Normal Laser Time programming will resume next week!


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159 thoughts on “Laser Time – Bob vs Colin

  1. Great episode, I love when Bob (and Hank) get passionate/ riled up about something (although obviously this is something more serious and stupid than usual). I didn’t catch the start of the “feud” on twitter last year, so hearing it now makes it sound even more ridiculous. Seeking out a dunk on a stupid comment and immediately calling for a (one-sided) debate really sounds like an attention seeking lunatic’s behaviour. Hiring someone to go through a twitter and look for stuff about you is paranoid, disturbing, and pathetic.

    And since it’ll inevitably get discussed in these comments, there really is a difference between criticizing/ making fun of a public “media figure’s” posts and words without attacking him, and sending all your cultist followers after someone and making rude and unfounded claims about one’s mental health and personal life. It’s similar to punching down, and more than that it is TARGETED HARASSMENT versus innocuous comments that you would have to actively look for. One person committed literal slander and libel, the other made jokes and observations about someone being a dick because they were.

    I’m sure some goon idiots will reply to this to defend their Lord and Saviour but whatever, your opinions matter to nobody and you’re defying a douchebag.

    1. Saddening to see how easily Colin is able to use his followers to harass Bob on a regular basis. One of them even recently sent a pic of a lynched black man to Bob. That’s the kind of audience Colin has cultivated: a bunch of tools who are so easily manipulated as to participate in targeted harassment whenever Bob hurts Colin’s feelings with a joke. Colin doesn’t know true harassment, but he does know how to dole it out.

  2. Considering twitter BS tends to not come up in Laser Time, this might even be fresh /new information to some long time listeners. Maybe we’ll get new listeners… or some angry trolls. Either way, should be interesting episode.

    1. I fully expect LT to become more popular than ever, people love drama and they definitely frontloaded this ep with plugs for all the new comers, they know what they’re doing lol


  3. You tweeted about Colin 700 times last year. SEVEN HUNDRED TIMES. Almost 3000 times in total.

    I think it’s seriously disturbing that a podcast that I’ve loved for over five years now is giving itself over to be a platform for your obsession. I sincerely hope you get whatever help you need. No doubt you’ll dismiss me as a troll but I’m serious. This needs to stop. I’ve enjoyed podcasts you’ve been on in the past both here and at Retronauts, and I hope I can again in the future.

    BTW, Colin’s video for those who haven’t seen it, including an incredible string of tweets from Bob:

    1. LMAO!!! Clearly you didn’t listen to this because he talks about this lie. But keep parroting your dear leader, it’ll get you really far in life.

    2. 1) Just because Colin is actively wasting his patron’s money to keep a tally of Bob tweets, doesn’t make the result accurate.
      2) 3000 times is the number that Colin’s paid Bob watcher projected, not a real number.
      3) Weird how EVERY snek defender rails on about how they “used to listen to the show” is a “long time fan” or a “previously devout patron” but somehow doesn’t understand that these personalities and shows have always come from the same place and that dunking on shitty racists goes along with that.
      4) Calling what Colin produces a “video” is a level of generosity he is undeserving of

    3. I like the part where you didn’t actually listen to the podcast and thus didn’t realize Colin’s been lying to defame Bob.

      Seriously, pull your head out of your ass and just listen to this episode so you can get it through your thick fucking skull that Colin’s been herding you like a fucking schmuck, and that Bob is just a guy who pissed off a sad, confused, middle-aged moron who needs his mother to defend him on the internet.

      Colin said people shouldn’t be offended by jokes, but the moment Bob made a joke at Colin’s expense (which Colin wholeheartedly deserves, because he’s a complete shithead), Colin starts screeching about harassment like the supposed “triggered snowflakes” he loves to mock on Twitter. “You are what you eat”, as they say. So Colin, with his hurt feelings and bruised ego, made up lies about Bob making him out to be a psychopath.

      Oh, and in his video you linked, you forgot to include the fact that Colin edits out the RTs and faves in all those tweets, because in every single one of those tweets, the RTs and faves can reach the hundreds, if not thousands, because almost everyone in the games industry knows Colin is a fucking hack.

      Colin played you. You’re just a tool to him.

      1. 700 times, dude. That has everything to do with obsessive behavior and nothing to do with whether I think Colin Moriarty is a swell guy (spoiler: I’m fairly liberal, so not really!) So no, I’m not going to listen to this episode because I don’t feel like rewarding shit like that. Hopefully things get back to normal next week and Laser Time doesn’t feel the need to spend any more time on Internet drama.

          1. Bob, I wish I could hug you, but my thanks will have to suffice. Fuck Colin and every other asshole who tries to spread the lie that institutionalized racism doesn’t exist. Thank you for making him weep.

          2. Bob, I can’t believe you are on pace to tweet about The Simpsons over 3000 times. Get fucking help you psycho. Matt Groening told me that he feels his life is threatened that someone has dedicated his livelihood to breaking down his creation.

            See how easy this argument is to plug into any situation. Love ya, dude.

          3. Alright, let’s put this one to bed.
            The Colin v Bob fight has been going on for about a year, and 600 tweets over a year is less than 2 a day. When you think about it, that’s not that bad. If someone tweets to Bob about Colin, and he replies twice, that’s more than enough to hit 600. If he and Hank have a conversation over twitter, he wouldn’t need to think about Colin for a week and still be able to hit 600. It’s not as obsessive a number as you’d think.
            I did a Twitter Advanced Search and just looked for any time Bob said the word “Colin” and this was the result:


            That’s just “Colin”, and it’s 225 hits. If this guy Colin hired went through the trouble of searching things like “Flag boy” or “Morifarty”, and included chained tweets, he probably *could* find 600 mentions.
            I’m not trying to say “ooo, Bob! You got CAUGHT!” what I *am* trying to say is that Bob is a guy who tweets a LOT, every day, about a wide variety of things. He’s also a lightning rod for Colin’s crap, so a lot of people bring the conversation to him.
            Do I think Bob tweeted about Colin 600 times? Yea, I actually do, and I think it’s verifiable for someone crazy enough to put in the time and effort. I also don’t think it matters. 600 tweets over an account like Bob’s is a drop in the pan. Colin is an unfortunate subject that Bob is in the center of, and he’s very good about responding to his followers. That’s not an obsession, that’s just good social marketing.

          4. That’s bullshit and you know it. You’re just trying to cover your ass now. Anyone can dig through your feed and see that you tweet about the guy constantly. It’s actually being generous to you to say you’ve only tweeted about him 700 times.

        1. The fact that you actually believe the lie that there’s a number of tweets from Bob even remotely close to 700 shows that you have no honest idea what you’re talking about, and you’re just allowing yourself to be used by Colin. You owe it to yourself to listen to this podcast and realize that you’re allowing yourself to be manipulated by a toxic, lying cretin.

          1. As someone who’s been following this on twitter from the start, I can confidently tell you that 700 times would be a low number. Bob talks about Colin Moriarty pretty much daily, and usually multiple times each day. You can say you’re on his side and you dislike Colin, sure, but it’s just insane to deny an obvious fact that anyone with a phone or computer can verify.

    4. Question:

      What did the harassed women, people of color and even white foreigners like Danny do to Colin on Twitter to deserve rape threats, pictures of lynchings, and death threats?

      The answer is: None.

      Colin can’t handle criticism and sorry but that is a part of growing up and being an adult. The problem is Colin didn’t have to do that. He got into college because his mother worked there, he got into a job because he lucked into it and he was at that job for over 10 years before becoming Greg Millars roommate. He has not had to go through the shit Bob had to and he definitely isn’t worth defending like you are. And also in that video you linked? He pre-empted it from actual events of harassment to whine for 10 minutes on saying AWFUL shit and having Bob retweet his awfulness. “A day of peace and quiet” on a woman’s day where they’re commiserating about the fact that MEN ARE AWFUL is not a cool thing to tweet. Neither is releasing a harassment video on the birthday of Martin Luther King’s birthday.

      And finally, Bob has tweeted over 7000 tweets in his lifetime, and if 700 is somehow a large number (it isn’t), then you probably need to go back to school.

    5. Wow it’s almost like you didn’t listen to a second of the episode and are spewing the same strawman bullshit that Colin is that Bob already talked about in the episode

  4. I said back when this feud thing first started that it was stupid. To be honest I’ve listened to the lasertime crew since episode 13 of tdar, and to podcast beyond and then kinda funny for an equally long time.
    According to all of the main individuals everyone is saying not to go harassing people, I’m sure I’ve seen Colin say it and I’ve heard you guys say it, but there is no accountability for anything on the internet and Colin has various right wing listeners on a dog wistle.
    There is always a very fine line between internet jokes and being an asshole and a bully, even if all your friends think you are right.

  5. I guess I’ll try to front-load this comments section with positivity before things get out of hand: I very much appreciate Bob, Hank, Chris, and everyone else at LT for the content they create and the time / effort they devote to all that they do. Even though I may not completely agree with the guys at times, on subjects as shallow as pop culture or as weighty as politics, I still respect their perspectives and convictions on those topics. We’re all humans; we’ve all got opinions. And I hope that as I say this, I’m doing so in a sober-minded, unbiased way: I support the Laser Time crew and I love the work they’ve done over the years.

  6. Hey I appreciate getting to hear Bob’s side of this. I don’t entirely agree with his behaviour but I now understand his reasoning behind it. Anyway I’m sure these comments are going to light up so I’ll just say I support you guys and for all our sakes I hope this can be the end of it.

    1. What is Bob’s side? I came into this podcast expecting to hear new information, but the entirety of his “side” was just him outlining all the reasons he has for hating Colin Moriarty, most of which just come down to personality and political views. It doesn’t tell us anything new, and it doesn’t make Bob’s multiple tweets about Colin every single day any less disturbing and obsessive.

    1. Yeah, there was a lot of talk about how Colin speaks in absolutes followed by lots of absolute statements and a lack of responsibility by someone engaging in a “war” on social media. I love Bob and think he is in the moral right but I don’t agree with “I got 200 retweets therefore being snarky on Twitter is an effective way to win people over to my side”.

      Ultimately I think the world is better when people have meaningful conversations and this just feels like throwing gasoline on a (very pathetic, wrong, douchey) dumpster fire. You can claim you’re doing it in an effort to support your cause, but without any evidence that it is effective, it seems like you just want to make the dumpster fire bigger.

      1. It seemed more than anything that these people just want what Colin has and they don’t.
        Maybe choose friends that are happy to be doing what they do instead of friends that come off as “angry” because they “work hard” or leave/quit/let go because they “hate it” not for the more obvious reason that they weren’t that good when compared to their peers…

  7. There is a lot of “I don’t know…” and “I haven’t seen…” Come on guys and gal. You could have done a little research or even watched Colin’s video in questions to at least be informed, before just jumping to your mate Bob’s defence.

    1. We watched the video FYI (Bob didn’t) and since we’re on the inside of this, there’s a high probability we know vastly more than you do.

  8. Why did we need a whole episode about these two egotistical idiots fighting? Whatever,
    I’ll look forward to the next episode.

      1. Seriously Chris, this was a terrible idea to use LaserTime as a platform to do this. I could care less about this shit and I would have to believe that a good percentage of listeners didn’t even know this twitter beef existed before this episode. Hell, I casually follow you guys on twitter and I never knew about it . Cancel the Bob Mackey Bitch & Moan Hour and bring back the good stuff you guys produce every single week! #shouldawentwithweirdal

      2. Thanks for trying to be a moderator during this discussion. Without your voice during this discussion I don’t think I would have been able to finish it. I love what you are doing and keep up the great work.

        But after listening to the podcast I still would have preferred if it would have stayed as Bonus Time. I think I understand why it was released as a LT, helping a friend and addressing something that was starting to bleed over into the greater Laser Time Network, but it was so far from normal content that people that don’t follow your lives will be turned off. As I knew about no of this before hand and despise personal drama

        Although I have lost a lot of respect for Colin since I stopped listening to him after IGN and the video he put out on Bob was inaccurate and hyperbolic at times, but I still will say that Bob didn’t some out a glowing saint from the podcast. What was sent to him was terrible and shouldn’t be allowed. Especially near the end of the podcast I feel like it turned to a character bashing of Colin, saying his content sucks for example. I hope Bob also learns from this situation as well.

        Hopefully something like this won’t have to be address again, because I really love what you guys do, and it feels weird to say this, but I feel more likely to pledge to Patreon because of of you Chris, also because I just got a new job.

        Thanks again Chris. Hopefully this all makes sense, because formulating thoughts that I had while listening into something intelligible for someone else to read is very difficult.

  9. I used to deliver Hostess and Wonder Bread products before they went under and TDar was my favorite thing to listen to while driving between towns. When the Radar went dark, I found Podcast Beyond. It was great and while I didn’t like Colin at first I grew to respect him. Then he left IGN and I started getting a better picture of his views. He is not evil but he is definitely an asshole.
    I am far from a typical liberal. I grew up in a blue collar family with a strong military heritage and used to think I leaned to the right of the spectrum. I have the Gadsden Flag (the “snek”) tattooed on my right arm, opposite the Marine Corps emblem on my left. In the years since I got out, I have moved significantly left and I find myself solidly on Bob’s side in this and many other things. Bob may have taken things a bit far at times but I think he has handled it better than I could have.
    Colin is selfish, arrogant, seemingly incapable of self reflection and deliberately disingenuous. He is a poser who has done nothing to earn the close association he wants with the first flag under which my beloved Corps marched. His hypocrisy is reprehensible but perfectly in line with the politician he seems to want to be. And for THE LOVE OF GOD, get over taxes! They are an essential part of a modern and civilized society and I am happy to pay them. Raise them, please. Or cut the defense budget by 60-100B.

    Keep it up, Bob. As a married straight white male Midwestern working class combat Veteran who receives no government assistance or welfare, I am a fan of what you do and am happy you are a part of the Laser Time Network.

      1. I am aware of the origin. Thing is, as a conservitive and libertarian, Colin believes that taxes should be a fraction of what they are. Some of his points have some merit but he is against or would cut funding to significant social programs that people rely on. Most of which are programs that have probably never affected him or his family in any significant way.
        You really think a guy like Colin chose that handle at random? Were all the versions of “I have not yet begun to fight,” taken? At least that would have a shared theme with the Gadsden Flag.

  10. Hey Guys,
    I like Colin’s stuff as well as LT. Colin is entitled to his beliefs as well as Bob to his and it doesn’t make either a bad person.
    I keep hearing that what Bob is doing isn’t harassment, but then what IS harassment? Is it when its happening to something you identify to or support?
    I want to play devil’s advocate and not take a side… and it’s difficult. There is so much negativity on the web and in culture and one of the ways to mend and help is the transfer and sharing of ideas. Not in a hostile or condescending way, but to talk things out and discuss. I’ve heard on numerous occasions Colin offering to discuss and talk things out to Bob, (and I’m not saying either side is right), but Colin is offering to talk while Bob sits and spreads more negativity (which is his right and choice). All I’m saying is maybe try to see one another as people and not platforms or ideologies. Isn’t it stupid and divisive to support either “the blue tie or red tie?”

    1. Hi Anthony. Good question. What is harassment? For some, like obscenity, people “know it when they see it.” Legally speaking, it’s determined state by state. For example, California defines it like this:

      ““Harassment” is unlawful violence, a credible threat of violence, or a knowing and willful course of conduct directed at a specific person that seriously alarms, annoys, or harasses the person, and that serves no legitimate purpose. The course of conduct must be that which would cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial emotional distress, and must actually cause substantial emotional distress to the petitioner.”

      – CCP 527.6(a)(3)

      The important part for the purposes of this is that Colin ignores that (1) he hasn’t directly communicated with Bob since he blocked him, and (2) although Bob admits that he likes joking, there is legitimate purpose to critiquing the speech of a public or semi-public figure; in other states, you have to have specific intent to harass. Someone you have no direct communication with taking your words and doing a silly voice so they sound offensive isn’t harassing you, because he’s not communicating with you. For instance, in the state where I practice, there’s a more specific requirement regarding communication: someone is harassing if they “send repeated electronic communications in a manner reasonably likely to harass” with the specific intention of harassing. While this can be stretched, you would have to convince a jury that a tweet to 12k people but specifically not Colin was actually communicating with Colin.

      Ask yourself: is someone “harassing” Donald Trump by doing a bad impression of him and saying things a grouchy toddler would say? What if someone told Trump you did the bad impression by text message every time you did it? Is this now harassment? The answer is no. If there’s not a communication with the intent to annoy or alarm someone, there’s not harassment, even if someone later tells you what was said. And when someone’s purpose is to criticize other’s speech, they are clearly not anywhere near what most criminal statutes would call harassment.

      Now you could have a defamation claim if someone is spreading false statements about you without communicating with you. But, as discussed on the episode, Colin is actually a lot closer to that by “disclosing” that Bob suffers from mental illness, while Bob isn’t seriously reporting anything about Colin’s life.

  11. I am not the least bit privy to this feud (btw, only started listening to LT in the last 6 months, I’m starting to get hip to the shows and the crew) but from what I gathered in my searching, this just sounds messy (the situation, not the structure, I like that part of the show) but nonetheless, it sounds like someone who can’t take a joke. Moriarty’s behavior sounds childish, to say the least, and Bob/Henerey (correct spelling?) are correct, you are a public figure, you can be made the butt of jokes, and the jokiness of Bob’s Barb’s are just jokes, not threats or condemnations of character. Honestly, this episode makes me glad to follow this podcast, I like the cast, and somehow, you’ve all endeared yourselves to me

  12. Haha man what a bunch of pussies, i don’t know you or colin but looked into this whole waste of time and literally, if you’re that worried about it just leave the guy the fuck alone. You reap what you sow and you can talk shit about how this and that isn’t harassment but it basically is.

    Oh and that ‘IM A WOMAN ON THE INTERNET’ shuttt the fuck up.

  13. I have to say hearing Bob say if you have conservative opinions you are dumb and deserve harassment, and no one calling him on it kinda sucks. I get it people have different opinions but if you are so willing to decry and demonize people who don’t share your opinion I don’t see the progressivism in that. To me Bob’s comment and Henry’s parroting were out of line.

      1. I felt that you were fair in saying that it wasn’t about his ideology and that you know many conservative friends.

  14. Great episode. I’m glad when anyone calls out Colin for his comically juvenile thinking. His political views are badly thought-out and haven’t moved past “ranting high-schooler” level. Sadly, stupid people who yell get an audience. Thanks for all your podcasts, and for tipping the scales towards good for at least a little while.

  15. Yeah as a longtime fan of Colin’s, don’t agree with your characterization of him. You make it sound like his fans are crazy angry racists sending death threats and he’s egging them on encouraging that behavior. Honestly, I’m sure some of his fans are total dicks, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen Colin encourage any behavior like that. I mean did you watch his anti-harassment video featuring Bob? The core concept of it is that online harassment is WRONG and we should be above it. We shouldn’t engage in it.

    1. You should listen to the episode. They discuss exactly what you’re talking about, and how Colin disingenuously decries harassment while engaging in deliberately, deniable harassment towards people he doesn’t like.

  16. I really hope Colin gets help because he needs to learn his actions has consequences, especially in a free country like ours.

  17. Me: “I can’t wait to see what pop culture topic my favorite podcast network is going to talk about today!”
    Laser Time: “We’re going to dedicate an hour and 14 minutes to an internet pissing contest between two privileged guys who used to talk about video games.”

    I mean, I’m not paying you guys to gossip, but it’s your guys’ platform, so do what you want I guess.

    1. Exactly. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it.

      But I’m not a precious little manchild who gets upset when women or minorities call for equality, so I’m already biased against Colin and his fedora donning crowd.

  18. Big Colin fan here. I’m giving this a listen because it doesn’t hurt to hear both sides to a story, so please know that I don’t come here with the intention to “flame” or try to stir up some drama or anything like that. I am about 10 minutes in so far, and I have a couple of questions, and again, I am genuinely trying to understand this better, so please don’t take these as snide or anything other than genuine questions. I apologize if any of this is addressed later in the podcast, if I can edit my post I will do so accordingly.

    You say Colin encourages his fans to go after Bob, this is untrue. You say that Colin does this by retweeting images of Bob’s tweets because he knows they will go after Bob, but then go on to say that Bob retweets images of Colin’s tweets but doesn’t encourage his fans to go after Colin. Doesn’t this seem a bit hypocritical? I have followed Colin for years, and have never seen him encourage his fans to go after people.

    You seem to have a preconceived notion of Colin and his beliefs that is flat out incorrect. This is something that I see all over the place. People calling him alt-right, or assigning political/social beliefs to him that are the exact opposite of what he truly believes. Have you watched/listened any of his content? If not, I highly encourage you to because I think it will clear up a lot of false assumptions that people have.

    Anyways, I’m going to keep listening, it’s only fair that I give the other side of the issue a chance to explain their side of things.

    1. People are entitled to their beliefs, yes. But people have every right to find brash opinions offensive, just as Bob has every right to mock a public figure for them. I don’t particularly care what his beliefs are, I take issue with how they are expressed and the culture of hostile fuckwits he appeals to and is ABSOLUTELY implicit in pointing toxic goons towards who he disagrees with. Including people like me, and our community, who haven’t done shit to him or his community.

      1. See, that’s the thing, I’ve been following Colin for years, the better part of a decade. I support him on Patreon, and I can tell you that he 100% does not send or encourage people to harass Bob, or anybody for that matter. The big difference that I see, and I’m sorry but it is a HUGE difference, is that Bob and the rest of the guys (or maybe it’s just Bob, sorry I’m not familiar with their voices so it gets confusing) are flat out vitriolic. Right out of the gate they’re calling Colin a piece of shit and other things. That’s shitty, and I think puts a lot of this into perspective. Whether you agree with his views or not, the man is allowed to be concerned that he’s being harassed, and he is not the one resorting to insults, apart from mentioning it here and there on twitter, Colin hasn’t really spoken about Bob at all in his content.

        Another thing is that they are just flat out, 100% wrong about much of what they said. They say that Colin denied ever being a Republican, but this is untrue. He’s talk about it openly for years, he’s talked about how due to Trump he’s left the Republican party and in this last election voted 3rd party. I think Bob and the crew are “at war” or don’t like somebody who doesn’t even exist. They legit call him alt-right, when he has hours of content expressing liberal views, views he’s been consistent about for years, way before Trump made him leave the party. This is why I encourage people to actually watch a video or two of his because so much of what people dislike him about is wrong. He’s pro-gay, pro-choice, has an entire video discussing transgenderism (is that a word?) where he expresses his support, the list really goes on and on.

        Every community has it’s over-the-top members who take any bit of friction as a call to war due in no part to whoever they are supporting. I KNOW Bob fans attack Colin because I’ve seen/read it, it’s the internet, that stuff happens with every fan base. For me, in this instance, there are two things that really stick out:

        1) Much of what they say about Colin is incorrect, and they don’t seem interested in viewing any of his content to confirm this, which I think is childish, and actually exploring who he is would help put an end to this.
        2) Bob and Colin have two very different approaches to how they talk about this situation. I think it is also childish how Bob and Co. resort immediately to insults and name calling. They spent so much time in this podcast passing judgement based on political belief, which is such an ignorant way to view the world. “This person has SOME different beliefs than me, so they’re a piece of shit.”

        Sorry for the long post, but I feel that this situation can definitely be resolved, and I think it’s worth discussing. I truly would love for Bob and Colin to get together and talk through this thing. If they took a page from the H3H3 playbook, who have had guests on that they’ve seriously made fun of and shit on for a long time, yet managed to hash things out and come to even form a friendship in a few cases, that’d be sweet, and end a totally unnecessary conflict.

        1. I don’t think anybody ever said that CM actively encourages his followers to go after anyone. But he’s implicit in them targeting people like Bob by not saying anything, especially when he’s aware they likely will.

          The best way to handle this is for public figures to offer a disclaimer about not targeting people. Bob and Henry do it all the time during TS when talking about/to potentially polarising figures, but there’s none of that social awareness shown by Colin (that I’ve seen).

          1. Shaneus, first of all, they DID say that Colin actively encourages his followers to go after people he’s at odds with….which simply is not true, having been an avid follower of Colin for quite some time.

            Secondly, Colin is NOT complicit in any case, as it’s ridiculous to think that a single person can completely corral his entire online community without any of its worst elements “going rouge”, no matter how unwelcome or advised against.

            Is LaserTime similarly complicit when members of their community act like jerks (as I have personally experienced first hand)? Of course not. And a disclaimer should not be needed in any case. Content providers shouldn’t have to tell their communities not to be assholes. People should have been raised by their parents and schooled with that knowledge etched into their foreheads from go. And yet, in this case specifically, Colin HAS asked that his followers holster any/all animosity and/or shit-slinging towards Bob, so your claim isn’t even accurate. Meanwhile, in this LaserTime episode you have Bob (and Henry, sadly) straight-up acknowledging their mean-spirited behavior while trying desperately to justify it…despite their entire reason for doing so seemingly being nothing more than their dislike of Colin as a person in addition to his politics (while displaying a particularly troubling ignorant and/or bigoted view of the latter).

            Now I’m not going to say Colin has been totally innocent throughout all of this, but on one hand you’ve got a guy who presented his side of the story in a mature manner, going so far as to extend an olive branch of sorts by inviting Bob to come on his show and hash it all out in person, with the other side effectively swatting down the offer while continuing to berate the guy in regards to EVERYTHING – including aspects that have ZERO bearing on this feud – in a comparatively juvenile, and at times factually false, manner.

            And believe me when I say I love both LaserTime and Colin Moriarty – LaserTime more, in fact – which is why I was deeply disappointed by the way they’ve conducted themselves in this episode. They seem to think that just because you disagree with someone politically, that person should be ripe for ridicule and attacks, despite doing nothing on their end to better understand why a person might lean towards that end of the political spectrum as they do. And as one of those individuals myself, I can tell you I have PLENTY of good reasons for leaning right as I do, while also being very much in tune with left-leaning views, opinions and arguments, living in a VERY progressive city myself. Of course, anyone who cannot understand why I or anyone else would lean right, vote for Trump, defend James Damore, etc, NEED ONLY ASK as we’re generally all too willing to have that conversation, the misguided presumptions in that regard without any effort made to explore the other side’s perspective being what frustrates and saddens me the most.

        2. You hit the nail on the head with how they unfairly judge someone and assume they are shit right off the bat just for being a Republican. I wish they would stop being so narrow minded and just stay on topic because at least once in every fricken podcast they manage to do this. I love the shows but damn it gets annoying how much they try to convince themselves and their listeners that only liberals are right.

  19. Bob is a great Retronaut, and knows how to talk about the Simpsons; his comedic styling is top-notch. I had no idea that people in the games industry have feuds not unlike pro-wrestling story arcs. It thought everyone would get along. It would be such a surprise to me if Richard Branson starts clowning on Tim Cook.

    Great episode, guys. Thoroughly entertaining. It seems like Colin is a shady character, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I also like to see what why he deserve such a massive audience and how he can amass a personal army he can summon at will. So, I decided to look up an episode or two of the “Kinda Funny” show that he and 3 others host/co-founded.

    My first impression:

    He looks like a guy that tries too hard to look cool and tough. He seems the type to take himself too seriously and is easily offended when he gets dunked on.

    He lacks any sort of charisma or personality. I find it strange that he barely speaks up on topics that the other 3 hosts are engaged in. The other three have great chemistry together, pal around and crack jokes. Colin is kinda just staring at his shoes and not contributing. Maybe I have to watch more episodes, but he seems to be dead weight. I was waiting for some sort of insane showmanship to manifest in Colin. Come-on, show me what you have such a massive audience. Is it only because of your right-wing political stance that people follow you?

    So why does his un-charismatic guy deserve an army to sick at people that clown on him? If anything, Greg Miller is the man that deserve a massive following. I’ve only watched two episodes, but in 5 mins you can tell right away that he’s the leader of the operation. He’s a funny guy and has loads more personality and talent that Colin has. I’m really beginning to see that Colin was just the free-loader roommate. He’s pretty unremarkable.

  20. I was under the impression that all of this started because Colin decided to nuke Megaton and nearly kill Colin…cuz Colin M…there’s a guy in Fallout 3 who….eh nevermind

  21. I appreciate that y’all took the time to address these controveries in public. You should not direct personal insults at Colin, but I agree with the arguments that you’ve made against Colin’s comments and the hypocrisy within them.

    Sometimes you avoid addressing Colin’s actual arguments, but in the past couple weeks Colin has taken himself apart by showing his hypocrisy.

  22. No one came out looking good here. A whole episode. Laser Time is getting way off the rails. Love talking Simpsons and 302010….but come on guys!

  23. Man I’m a fan of the Laser Time, Retronauts, and everything you guys do but this is just sad. Why are you guys promoting hate to other. Be the bigger people and spread positive on the Internet. I’m shaken by this a may need to take a break from you guys.

  24. I’ve been watching this feud from the sideline on twitter. I probably would have not seen Colins vid about harrasment if wasn’t for people leaving negative comments and taging it on twitter, so when I saw this podcast tagged I clicked it to hear both “sides of the story”, so to speak. All I’m hearing is just how Colin doesn’t align with them politically “My first day at IGN I go into the office and see a desk covered in Ron Paul stuff and it was Colin Moriarty’s”. No this level of harassment might not be as bad as what women face , (which is the prevailing argument I see on twitter) but it still pretty bad/scary when you tweet about somebody the number of times this guy has. I also see people using the excuse”I never @ed him”. Well, you don’t have to @ somebody for them to see it. This guy Bob has the right to keep doing what he’s doing, and I support free speech, but what kills me is the bigotry (yes go look up the definition)and hypocrisy these people are showing. And its not a good example you are setting for younger audience think about if these were highschoolers tweeting about another student this way.

      1. Yes. I chose to believe it was because it was over the top in quantity and because it was a work place…but I’m probably wrong. It’s probably just because it was Ron Paul.

    1. “No this level of harassment might not be as bad as what women face , (which is the prevailing argument I see on twitter) but it still pretty bad/scary when you tweet about somebody the number of times this guy has.”

      It actually isn’t harassment, and a lot of the response was how distasteful it is to compare real death and rape threats to someone you blocked on twitter making jokes about the dumb things you say.

    2. Seriously think for a second which sounds more like harassment: someone tags you about something you can’t see. You open a private browser window or log into another account on the app, then find the post. It’s the guy you blocked, and he’s made a joke about the thing you said about how asian stereotypes are all good and how this disproves the theory that racism is bad! He twisted your words!

      On the other hand, imagine you suddenly have more than a hundred notifications after coming out of a movie theater; the guy that blocked you made a video calling you a mentally unbalanced stalker, and now his fans are calling you names and threatening you, including at least one threatening to attend an already promoted live show.

      If that guy continues beyond the one-off tweet, that is what actual harassment looks like; communication with no other purpose other than to harass, intimidate, or annoy.

  25. I lost the respect I had for both, I was following them for videogame related news and comments. Unless they are bringing something interesting for political IDEAS, I don’t care about their views, just repeating what ideologies say or party affiliations is not bringing anything new to the table.
    I almost stopped listening to retronauts because of him and I’m a patron.
    I go to people who are qualified for my political and philosophical discussions.

  26. Boys, I love you guys but this conversation was ideologically one sided. I don’t care for Colin but this podcast is evidence you guys live in the bubble of left wing ideology. A lot of the claims you made were wrong and unfortunately, no one is there to call you out on it. Also, I always though you guys were not prejudiced but when I hear Bob say that all conservatives are stupid and their ideas are stupid it shows that you guys are not against being prejudiced or other-izing people as long as they have the “wrong” ideology. Also, the claims James Damore was making probably could be interpreted as unkind but at least they match the psychological literature. I guess saying something that is real and demonstrable is prejudiced in your eyes. These types of topics do nothing but divide the community, specially when the hosts are so far to the left. Actually Chris was trying to stay objective but you could still see the bias. I love you guys and I hope you go back to pop-culture non-political topics as quickly as possible.

    1. I think you put things a little harsher than I would, but I will say I agree with your assessment of Chris on this podcast. I was shocked to hear Chris being the voice of reason on this episode. Normally he’s the guy that makes the comments I grit my teeth to.

      LT guys, I’m not sure if you can go back and listen to this episode to understand some of the concerns you’re seeing on this forum. Conservatives are constantly trashed as being bigoted and racist and angry…can you hear some of the same from yourselves?

  27. Before this, knew nothing but controversy and bad things about Colin Moriarty to the extent I didn’t care to find out more.

    After this episode, still don’t care and while it certainly seems like this Colin guy sucks however you want to look at it, I generally have just come away from it thinking less of Bob. The need for everyone to recognise the righteous crusade aspect of the petty machinations of this very public feud is very offputting and I’m not sure what the end game really is.

  28. I knew nothing about this situation (I only listen to and enjoy the LT podcast). Nor do I care—it’s boring, and sounds entirely immature on both sides. But…

    1. I was hoping by the title of the podcast that you would have the other guy on to hash this disagreement out like grownups.

    2. I love the podcast guys, but you *do* have some conservative listeners. I tolerate a lot of your bashing, but this podcast was about as politically charged and negative as you have ever been. Not a good look.

  29. I have been a follower of Retronauts for longer than I had been listening to Podcast Beyond when Greg and Colin were the main show. I like Bob Mackey’s voice and have appreciated the effort he makes into Talking Simpsons (big fan). I actually only recently started listening to LT stuff and it was from following Bob (Retronauts -> Talking Simpsons -> VGA + other stuff). I’ve also taken in a lot of Colin’s stuff from Beyond and some of the KF stuff (like PS I Love You). Didn’t follow him into CLS because I just don’t really enjoy the content he produces there. Not for ideological reasons, but just because, even though I know it’s tough to be a one-man show, I don’t find his content engaging.

    All of that to say: Bob stop. Just drop it. I saw you retweeting a statement tantamount to “If I stop, he wins.” Wins what, Bob? This entire feud has moved well beyond any sort of ideological battle and has firmly become just a battle of egos. I am not a Talking Simpsons Patreon supporter. I have listened to every episode that’s available for free and have enjoyed all of them. I am excited when I see a new one has popped up in my podcast app and I listen to it immediately. I have wanted to support TS, but I cannot justify financially supporting someone whose clearly public behavior (via Twitter) is so reprehensible and utterly juvenile. And that sucks that the other people on the podcast will not be supported primarily because of one person’s immaturity, but that’s where it is. And judging by the majority of the comments on this post, a sizeable portion of the LT fanbase, which I’m sure has a large overlap with the Talking Simpsons fanbase, is either completely uninterested in this or is frankly sick of it.

    You want to win, Bob? Just drop it and walk away. No matter what, he’s going to continue to make his content. You have an opportunity to show maturity here, regardless of if you think “dunking on him is fun,” and just say “Alright, whatever. Enough’s enough. I’ll use my time towards more productive goals.” Don’t tweet about him, ignore his stuff, completely cut off the idea of his existence out of your life, because A) it really will accomplish nothing and B) I’m clearly not alone in being someone who has followed and enjoyed your work for years, yet is actively put off by this nonsense. I know what Colin said about you is sh***y (you know what I’m specifically referring to), but you have got to learn to be the bigger man here and just let things go. Sorry for the long post, but I’ve been watching this on the sidelines since it began and it sucks when you lose respect and affection for people you like(d).

  30. I have been listening to you guys since episode 1 of Tdar (that was seventh grade and I’m 24 now, Jesus.) I have never commented on your stuff, always preferred just listening. You guys are alienating some of your audience with this (maybe more than you realize.) “All conservatives are dumb.” “lol fuck James Damore.” “We hate meritocracy.” I get that you guys are SF liberals. I’m a moderate conservative and I’ll make fun of Trump alongside you; sorry I won’t shit on white people. I can listen to people with whom I disagree politically, that’s part of being a mature human. I had legitimately never heard of Colin Moriarty prior to this and I’ll look up his stuff now–I’m not sure if that’s the sort of publicity you intended. If this controversy gets you more viewers I seriously hope it’s not at the cost of you having to appeal increasingly to political tsuris. The content that you make is so unique, we don’t need more political bullshit. This was a chore to listen to. Chris, I appreciate you trying to reign it in a little.
    PS: Get Grimm back on even though he’s a commie bastard.

  31. “If I stop talking about him, he wins”
    Bob, come on…you’re not a teenager anymore.

    You can’t go around saying “Colin is dumb and stupid etc etc” and expect him to not say anything. You’re not @ing him? He’s not @ing you either. But you KEEP bringing him up (I remember you used the VGAs to make fun of him last month, despite him…not being involved at all??)

    You WANT to fight, Bob. You can’t act surprised when he reacts.

    And look, I’m saying this as someone who used to follow your work, but can’t now, because you’ve built your brand on snark. Just. Like. Him. You left games press, said “my old workplace sucked”, and you make money on Patreon by saying your opinions into a microphone.

    You’re the liberal Colin Moriarty.

    And Chris made it pretty clear on Bonus Time: this isn’t going to last forever. At some point, you’re going to have to seek traditional employment. Is this the kind of shit following you?

    But it’s your life, you do you. I just think it’s hypocritical that you’re going around dunking on this guy, then getting upset when he dunks back. Then you say “but his fans!” when this podcast is literally just to get your fans riled up.

      1. Ya, they started Talkradar around 2008 and I’ve donated a few hundred dollars since then and now I get an internet troll episode. I miss their podcasts that were about “topics” rather than opinions and culture babying. I tolerated Henry’s return, but this was ridiculous.

        1. If you really been a follower for this long, I’m surprised that this is where you think they’ve “gone too far”.

          It’s not like they haven’t been very clear with their ideological positions many times inthe past, and way more clearly, such as with the post Obama re-election episode back in 2012.

          1. It’s not about ideology. It’s about being petty children by making an entire episode to attack someone that I have never heard of.

    1. I’ve been a fan since talk radar too, I think they’ll look at the comments and see how damaging political topics are to their podcast. I’m not willing to stop listening just yet, but their political talk is getting harder to listen to.

    1. I have been listening since tdar 43 (they read out my answer to QOTW in ep 46 if you don’t believe me) and I was a fan of radar site long before but I can tell you I am not really sure why I stick around anymore, all my friends that used to listen have left and stopped donating because of the massive pandering and soap boxing in their liberal bubble, and my friends aren’t even conservative. Like I probably am here because I’m nostalgic for the past as it was my first podcast I ever listened to but everyone I like from the original days are gone or turned into whingy assholes and they have included some of the least funny and grating people to be permanent parts of the show.
      It’s so out of control and I don’t want to have to stop listening cause there are good parts but man the balance is so off. Honestly once Henry went back to work before talking Simpsons Patreon that was like a golden time, dude needs serious readjusting. And bob is such a child, self aggrandising and a lot of people can see it.

      1. I feel the same way. I’m a long time tdar fan. I had to download the podcasts at school cuz I only had dial up ,lol, and tdar was always like 150MB. It was good times.

      2. I know you well here, so I’m not referring to you although I am questioning the “shock” some are apparently having. I swear Chris has repeatedly gone on about their politics being known over the course of nearly 10 years at this point. What your issue is seems to be a different reason, namely the different new members, which is fair, although not an issue for me. I never knew much about Twitter drama and I still don’t care. This episode was interesting but it’s a one and done and I doubt this will come up again, considering I don’t recall much on LT prior. Do you have issues with other shows like VGA? Don’t worry, I’m not trying to be argumentative for the sake of it. I am curious and rather be diplomatic.

        1. VGA is the only show I don’t have complaints about, maybe except for when Heidi is on, she hurts my brain to listen to.
          But Mikel does a good job in keeping it from being cringy to listen to and keep humour going.
          My main issue really isn’t that they disagree politically with me it’s just that they aren’t funny about it, and it’s why I have to single out Henry and Bob (though bob to a lesser degree normally).
          I just find it strange that such self proclaimed comedy aficionados can’t keep a joke going or say their bit without dragging the mood and conversation down with it, and this isn’t even limited to their political views, listen to any episode of talking Simpsons, then count how many times a clip is played of a funny Simpsons joke and straight after the only “insight” Henry can bring to it is simply repeating it verbatim like no one understood it and anytime someone starts a bit rolling Henry will usually shut them up and tell them to move on, which isn’t new, Brett used to do that a lot near the mid-end of tdar days but Brett didn’t also ramble on about his political views unchallenged like it’s more entertaining than the jokes they slwould have been telling had he not been on the podcast.
          I just think when they moved to lasertime they lost so many of the people that had good chemisty and substituted them with people who don’t have it. You couldn’t have a better podcast group than Chris, Mikel, Brett, Shane, Tyler, Grimm, Charlie and Paul. ( I am partial to Dave but he wasn’t an original dude and now he is gone anyway). They were so funny, they created a whole podcast culture and now the only two people who are on regularly are Chris and Mikel but they are sidelined by really egregiously unfunny people, as I see it at least, and instead of bringing informative stories to entertain they just kill laughter and wax on about political shit like they are the only right people in the world. Shit I have to say that as much as I love VGA still it was a crippling blow to lose Tyler and Anne, they were so funny. But this is just my feelings and maybe Chris and the others like it this way.

          1. I disagree in many respects although I can’t really argue either since I don’t find issues as such personally while you do, despite still having issues with the whole LT network of my own, but none are deal breakers. There will always be hosts I prefer more than others, some of which are gone or part time these days but not only are their lives different but the general climate and sometimes I cannot fault them for that. Heck, I wasn’t the same person I was nearly 10 years ago. Ah well, enjoy what you enjoy I guess.

          2. oh my god, thank the heavens that someone else is also as annoyed as I am about Henry; that guy really needs to step up, cuz he is annoying as hell already, we don’t have to add those “I love how he said (repeats joke)”. I would liked it better if he just laughed and moved on, instead of dragging jokes like that.

        2. I’ve been a long time listener and only occasionally posted. I suspect there’s a lot of lurkers like me out there, and what you’re seeing is a result of the ire that this has raised…otherwise people are content to just listen and let some of the stuff that annoys them roll off. This last episode took some of the nonsense to a new level.

          So I don’t think it’s super fair to say that just because you’ve never seen some of these posters before it means that they are fake listeners or not true fans.

          1. But the problem is I’m not seeing how this is the straw that broke the camel’s back, at least myself. If you want to talk LT and politics, there are much more angry, ranting and charged episodes and segments than this, sometimes from the other perspective. For example, there was the time they dedicated an entire Cape Crisis to talking about the 2012 election. And before and since that time, they’ve not sugar coated any of their stances, even Chris especially. That’s the only reason I’m raising eyebrow but hey, like I said to somerandomchap, that’s just me.

          2. You don’t understand how an hour plus of bitching; instead of something focusing on Weird Al no less, would turn people off?

      3. I am in a very similar situation to this but I decided to look at these comments after, I unsubscribed to everything LT related (except vgmpire, maybe we can get a episode or two per year)

        Its been a fun 11 years for me with Chris and friends, happy to have given well over a thousand dollars to the Patreon over the last few years but I need at least a break, may be done with LT.

        I twitter blocked both bob and colin when their pissing match started last year. I was able to stop listening to Talking Simpsons and overlook parts of LT shows that got too whiny or annoying but this episode is bullshit.

        Fuck Colin, just ignore him instead of trying to capitalize on it. Instead they choose to have a circle jerk and rally the Bob sycophants for some patreon dollars .

        Its Team us Vs. Them sports fanbase bullshit.

    2. I hope its genuine…..ive been listening to LT since the first and a bit of TDAR….have the alf tar shirt and big bird street fighter shirts…haha dont know how else to prove long time listener. Never commented much…the over political of the last year is grating more than it ever did to me , but whatever….(im not super left, not super right) …but i do miss the topics and the humour too though. Hank is not for me, but there were always others to balance that out…now not so much. Bobs content on retronauts and Talking simpsons is great. good podcast voice too….but this is some childish crap. Sorry guys. Im not having a im not listening tantrum, but its all getting pretty off.

  32. And in regards to this episode, what is Bobs justification for hating Colin? It started cause he didn’t like his political views with the Ron Paul stickers? He feels Colin is self involved? How did that affect you in any way, enough to constantly berate him and now claim victimhood and the moral high ground now that Colin fired back at you? You started it, there are a lot of assholes in the world and you started shit with one. That’s on you. You felt you were better than him so you have to critique him constantly? Do you feel that way about a lot of people cause that’s pretty revealing. Just sounds like you found our mirrored equal.

  33. I think the worst choice you made here was putting this up as a laser time and not some side podcast. I am sorry for your fumble (Note I’m on the “Their both idiots” side.

  34. Really? And episode dedicated to a fucking twitter fued, and Henry bitching about politics for an hour? I’ve never skipped anything this hard in my life.

    And honestly, I think this is where I just pull out and walk away. You’re a good guy, Chris, and it’s a cool thing you’re trying to make, but fuck everything you surround yourself with.

  35. Colin never sends his followers to attack Bob. He discourages that publicly.
    I’d still like to hear Bob and Colin do a podcast together.
    I like them both but these twitter feuds are pretty dumb.

    1. This was hard to listen to. A lot of this podcast is just spreading false rumours about Colin.
      You really should have had someone from Colin’s side. The incorrect bubble/echo chamber is very present in this episode.

    2. No, Colin does not discourage that. And Colin would never sit down with Bob because he’s a whiny little turd who can’t play nice.

      But, hey, that’s just my opinion. That Colin sucks donkey balls, to be clear.

      1. He definitely does, just look at the comments of Colin’s harassment video for a recent example.
        Just because you and Bob choose to ignore it doesn’t mean Colin doesn’t discourage it.
        A lot of this podcast and comments like yours are just proving Colin right.

  36. Most of the last 20 or so comments on here are exactly what Chris was talking about when he said “maybe don’t bother.” Just take your money and don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. That is, if you ever actually were giving—they will literally not feel your “loss” at all, because both Laser Time and Talking Simpsons are now making more money than they ever have, and it’s Bob’s (and Chris’s, and Henry’s) karmic reward for having the courage to take the guy who’s been pussyfooting around the truth—the truth that all of Colin’s actions point toward, which is that he wants his followers to go after Bob online and harass him and make him feel unsafe and send him horrific pictures of violent racist acts—and never letting up on holding his feet to the fire for even a second.

    What virtually no one in this matter realizes is that Colin has been awful long before Bob ever even knew who he was. Colin entered my sphere of awareness in 2001, back when he was writing terrible Mega Man and Castlevania walkthroughs on GameFAQs under the screen name Quickman311. In those days, IGN plucked writers from GameFAQs who tended to have a lot of drive or who wrote a lot of guides for then-current games. Notice I didn’t mention “talent”. Colin was one of these FAQ writers that ascended to IGN, even though his FAQs were chock full of made-up statistics and irritatingly non-specific strategies, as well as terrible advice like “There’s a difficult jump coming up … but if you time it just right, you’ll be fine.” No one would deserve to ascend to even moderate success at IGN writing the pap he did, and yet he is by far the most successful product of GameFAQs recruitment. It makes no sense. Granted, I’m sure IGN was mostly looking at the quantity of writers’ output and not the quality, but Bob is absolutely right: there is no meritocracy. None of his work was up to snuff or as good as that of any given peer of his, and yet he parlayed it not just into a living but into prosperity. And Colin remains bad because he was never compelled to improve from those early days of garbage walkthroughs. He gallavanted from GameFAQs to IGN to Kinda Funny, unchallenged and uncriticized, and that extended to the rest of his life, to his behavior and his politics and everything else. He was never challenged, and thus never forced to grow up or become mature. Now he is falling apart because someone is finally pulling back the curtain, and that someone just happens to be Bob Mackey. Don’t be mad at Bob Mackey for pulling back the curtain; be mad at Colin Moriarty for fooling you into believing his career arc and stunted values represent true success and good living.

    Bob and Colin will never “talk it out” because there is nothing to talk out. Colin is being the self-aggrandizing, disingenuous weasel he has been for at least the last 17 years when he says he “just wants to have a conversation” or whatever. Colin does not confront people. He proposes “debates” purely for optics and to make himself appear magnanimous, the better man. No one takes him up on his “debate” proposals because they can see (accurately) that they will only be harangued and railroaded—if not by him, then by his audience, surely—and who wants to show up for that? He sics cronies and mooks on the people he “wants” to confront, and they do it eagerly and fantastically, so he has no reason to ever change course. Colin will always be who he is, and who he is sucks.

  37. I’m a fan of Bob Mackie, he is what gotme to stick around Retronauts and why I pay for the Retronauts patreon so many years later. I have never heard of Colin before this stuff and he sounds like an idiot loser.

    With all that out of the way, I want to say that I’m really bored of Bob constantly tweeting about Colin. I say this only because I like Bob’s tweets a lot and want to read them and then have to read him constantly talking about some nobody on the internet. Colin is a dickhead but he’s a small voice in the vast void of the stupid internet. I feel like this was a great episode to get it all out in the open and I hope that Bob uses it as a moment to move on. The worst thing about Bob’s posts about Colin is that they stopped being funny ages ago. Fuck Colin, but what else is there to say

  38. I guess the last 20 or so commenters missed the part where Colin said, verbatim, that Bob is mentally ill. Unlike saying someone is a stupid libertarian, calling someone mentally ill in a public venue is highly specific and libelous. On a sane planet, Bob would be able to sue Colin for spewing bullshit like that, but since the Internet is a nice shield for assholes, it won’t happen. Which is why, no, Bob should not back down and away—an online bully like Colin should be beaten back at every opportunity. I applaud these guys for doing this, and their reward is an explosion of Patreon donors and more of the gaming industry shutting out Colin. Oh, and for all of you white knights condemning the crew for trashing conservatives, who do you think you’re kidding? You’re not listening to a millennial nostalgia podcast inbetween Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity—you’re just arguing for argument’s sake. Grow (and shut) the fuck up!

    1. Cool for you to perpetuate stereotypes. Hopefully you are against all other stereotyping. You know, to be consistent.

    2. Can only speak for myself: you are incorrect. I listen to a lot of podcasts, but none of them are political podcasts. I don’t listen to Talking Simpsons, because I’m not a Simpsons fan. I do listen to VGA all the time.

      I like the crew, and I applaud the work they are doing. I don’t donate to Patreon because there are other shows I support. I’d be lying if I said my lack of support had zero to do with some of the anti religious and anti conservative jabs…but on the other hand, I’m willing to bet most liberal folks probably would blanch at giving their money to a team that made fun of them all the time, either.

      1. The Talking Simpsons Patreon alone has spiked around $300 since this shit started, so I doubt your patronage will be missed.

        1. Rally your hardcore fans by tricking them into thinking they fighting for a good cause.

          Capitalizing on a petty fight with dipshit Colin to encourage sycophants to increase their pledges

  39. I appreciate you guys taking the time to sort of explain the situation and so on. This Colin dude seems like a dipshit. With that being said however Bob came off looking incredibly petty throughout the episode and lacking the will to do the mature thing in this situation and leave it alone. Up until my girlfriend mentioned the feud and LT episode to me I was blissfully unaware of this entire situation. I love you guys, I really do, but you came off looking really fucking bad from this. I’m not going to be dramatic and say I’m gonna stop listening to LT network podcasts or anything like that because you guys have become a part of my daily work routine at this point, but when you dedicate a LT episode to a twitter feud and have Chris coming across as the most mature and least outrageous person in the room (Love you Chris) I think there is a problem.

  40. Just to point out to anyone who thinks otherwise that in the USA you would have an incredibly tough time in court trying to argue that someone calling you mentally ill amounted to libel, defamation or any other injurious claim.

    Also saying it was a joke wouldn’t fly as a defence to a comment someone found threatening or sexist or racist.

    1. Yes, it would be tough to prove as libelous in court. Hence my “on a sane planet” comment. But Bob giving Colin the solid online trashing he deserves for a knowingly false and damaging statement should suffice.

  41. Was this podcast supposed to clear up why Bob hates Colin? Because it didn’t do that at all. He talks about Colin’s desk being covered in Ron Paul stickers. So what? After that he says Colin was a jerk around the office. Alright, do you have any examples of jerky things he did or said? He then says Colin forgot his name. Speaking from experience, in large offices it’s difficult to remember everyone’s name. Lastly, he says Colin was a jerk during the cab ride. Again, why not tell us the jerky things he said.

    The whole explanation of how Bob started hating Colin just boiled down to “Trust me, he was a jerk”. The Ron Paul stickers were the only real detail he gave us, implying that the only real reason Bob hates Colin is because he’s conservative, which, by definition, makes him a bigot

    1. You conveniently left out:

      • Colin accusing Bob of being not only mentally unstable, but also a physical threat to his family
      • Colin likening Bob making fun of him as comparable to actual harassment against women and people of color (in a post GamerGate/Donald Trump world no less)
      • Colin directing his hoards of alt-right, hatemonger fan boys to Bob so that they could spam him with racist rhetoric and obscene images

      Not trying to be snarky, but you either purposefully excluded those examples to discredit Bob, or your listening comprehension is in need of dramatic improvement.

      1. I mean, I see a lot of extremely hyperbolic statements in your post but really no proof. If @ing someone on twitter is sending harassment than Henry and Bob are just as guilty then. I see both sides looking like babies, hurling insults from the comfort of their homes, while acting like their the victims of each others “harassment”.

      2. I’ll admit I probably wasn’t as clear as I should have been at the start of my post. I was specifically talking about the origin of Bob’s hatred of Colin. I stated it in the first sentence of the second paragraph, but I should have reworded my opening sentence to “Was this podcast supposed to clear up why Bob started* hating Colin?” I hope, in that context, my post makes more sense.

        To respond to your other points:
        1. I don’t see how that’s any different than Bob constantly accusing Colin of being racist/sexist. Also, from a post I read by Colin, apparently someone close to Bob actually reached out to Colin to tell him that Bob does suffer from mental illness. I suppose that could be a lie but there’s no way for us to know.

        2. I agree that what’s happening here is nowhere near as bad or serious as harassment of women or people of color. I can even see a bit of hypocrisy on Colin’s part for making light of the “A Day Without a Woman” movement and now taking harassment more seriously because it’s happening to him. That being said, in the context of internet harassment, I think this absolutely deserves a place in the conversation.

        3. I have seen more than one post where Colin specifically tells his fans not to attack Bob. One of those occasions was the same post where he says a friend of Bob’s had reached out to him to tell him about Bob’s mental illness. I haven’t seen any where Colin tells them to go after him.

  42. I’m glad to see so many comments here from people agreeing with Bob’s statements but disagreeing with his methods. Hopefully he sees some of these and at least considers elevating the level of his discourse (and not sinking to the level of jerks like Colin) because this is not constructive.

    1. The infallible Bob Mackie does not have the humiity to prevent his childish behavior.

      Fuck him and Colin

      Those assholes deserve each other.

  43. Holy Shit. Is all that spam posting in the Laser Time Forum the result of this Colin’s massive army? Damn..

  44. This is sad. You hate him because of Ron Paul stickers? Retronauts was the first podcast I ever listened to, long before Bob came along, and when Bob came along I was so happy he kept it as good as it always had been. On the other hand, I don’t listen to Colin. That said, I had to give up on Retronauts because I can’t support the petulant man child Bob has become. It always sounded to me like Bob somehow holds Colin accountable for being the only 1UP staff member that wasn’t offered a job at IGN.

    I’m not a Lasertime listener, I’ll admit. I listened to this to see if Bob was finally going to let his childish anger rest so I could return to Retronauts. But all he has done is double down with his enabling podcast hosts. I was completely ready to forget it and get back in on the fun times but Bob’s ego is too monumental. Pathetic and disappointing.

    Some of you American liberals could do with spending some time with British liberals and learn how to actually get things done and talk people to your side instead of turning in to the republicans you hate..

  45. And on Bob’s ‘Oh, but the people of colours, it’s my job to defend them from Colin’. I’m British Chinese. You are not my white savoir. You are not the protagonist in my story. The currently world is not a 1930s white savoir narrative . What Colin says is most certainly ignorant, but your responses to him and how you prop yourself up with the stories of people of colour is certainly a fallibility of its own kind. Learn from this.

    1. Bob was/is speaking out against Colin for the people IN THE GAMES PRESS who aren’t able to due to their career, not because they’re women or PoC. Bob has the freedom to do so because he is out of the games press. The women/PoC in the games press (who Colin has made a career out of trashing) can’t fight back directly because doing so would jeopardize what little job security they have.

      1. Bob literally said towards the end that he feels like letting this go sometimes, but then Colin apparently says something bad about ‘PoC’ and then he feels the need to keep it going because it’s fun to call Colin out.

        If that isn’t a war of egos between two white men on the backs of minority groups then what is?

  46. The saddest thing about this entire affair is that the LT hosts could not even step back and listen to themselves.

    “Oh, and if your instinct is to leave a nasty comment, maybe don’t bother? There’s no argument to win, nobody to destroy, and we’re going to go about our regular dorky business after this episode.”

    By far the most hateful comments are within the podcast itself. It is a solid hour of personal attacks directed toward another person that most listeners probably did not know of, and still care nothing for. How hard would it have been to simply tell Bob he was way out of line and, no, you were not going to give him a platform from which to dump fuel on the fire?

    You just threw it all away on this–that goodwill is gone forever.

  47. I’m sorry, but I think you are in the wrong, Bob. Looking over both your and Colin’s twitter feed over the past six months, it’s absolutely clear that you continually harass him, and he has not retaliated very much at all. Also, after hearing both his and your podcasts, yours is an hour of personal attacks and insults, while his is a more intelligent look at game harassment.

    I am absolutely not a Colin fan, quite the opposite actually. But I believe it’s up to gamers to speak out against harassment, and you are harassing him. It needs to stop.

  48. Whoa…I did not even know that this was going on. I really don’t post much on any platform, LaserTime Community FaceBook Page, Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, etc. or here, but this was a really weird episode. I don’t really know much about Colin Moriarty. I watched that video he put out earlier about this Twitter war with Bob, and I listened to the podcast twice today. But now, I might do a little research about Colin, which I don’t really know if it will be helpful for me; or detrimental for Bob??? I agree with many things that Hank and Chris speak about, because my girlfriend and I share alot of the same opinions on politics, racism, and gender neutrality, and when she hears them talk about those issues, she is usually also in agreement with them. When that does happen, usually we will pause the podcast, and have our own political discussions which spur from what Hank and Chris politically speak about. I like that you guys talk about politics and people behaving badly. Call out those people!

    I guess I WILL look up this Colin Moriarty, but do not fear Bob Mackie! My trust is in you sir! And I doubt I will succumb to the evil nature of this Colin Moriarty, but I would like to form my own opinion of who I believe he is. You guys are awesome. Keep it up!

  49. Even speaking as someone who commented earlier, despite over 130 comments… nothing will happen or change folks.

  50. Welp. Finally got to listen to this.

    It’s funny, I do remember Colin back when he worked at IGN. I thought he was alright, but never followed him too closely to know his personal views. Sad to find out that he’s such an entitled manbaby.

    Also, for all the comments complaining that this episode has crossed any line that hadn’t been crossed before… You guys obviously haven’t followed LaserTime that closely. Sure, addressing a twitter feud like this is kind of a first, but their ideoligical positions and subsequent trashing and mocking of the opposite side is nothing new, and this episode is not even close to their “worst” in that respect.

    1. Hey BladedFalcon!

      Long time not talk (having exchanged some posts with you on the ol’ GamesRadar message boards back in the day)!

      For starters I hope you are well.

      As a similar long-time fan of all things TalkRadar and LaserTime, I agree that their “trashing of the right” is nothing new, and hailing from that side of the political spectrum myself it’s always been the only gripe I’ve ever had with these guys over the years…although not so much because I don’t think they should ever “go political”, but more so because they routinely mischaracterize conservatives at every turn, seemingly informed by nothing more than the (misguided) views espoused within their hyper-insulated far left-leaning bubble. I mean, if these guys leaned any more left, they’d be flat, WHICH IS FINE, my issue being that they’ve (seemingly) never made an effort to understand our values, our goals, why we think as we do, etc. Instead they judge us strictly by our worst outliers, namely the internet trolls that are doing my side no favors whatsoever, and the demonized vision of us that they’ve perpetuated within their own circles. It’s often heartbreaking and frustrating to listen to, wanting nothing more than to spend an hour live with them answering any questions they’d have, doing whatever I can to set the record straight and show them that, ultimately, we’re not all that different to begin with (while respectfully “agreeing to disagree” on points that I’m sure wouldn’t exactly overlap, but I’m certain I could manage to carve out some middle ground even in those cases).

      I wrote a lot more on that point in a lengthy response further down (and, sadly, probably too late to the party for anyone to have noticed), please check it out if you have the time/wherewithal.

      That said, while LaserTime’s ongoing “dunking on the right” may indeed be nothing new, it has gotten worse over the past year (gee I wonder why) with this episode, to me at least (and seemingly to quite a few others) representing “the straw that broke the camel’s back”.

      Usually it’s just commentary peppered into episodes that have nothing to do with politics in general, so I’m accustomed to just clenching my teeth and muscling through it. But this hour-and-fourteen-minute BLAST-A-THON really had no place as a flagship series entry, filled with some fair points against Colin (of whom I am a big fan of as well) but mostly just baseless smears and accusations, let alone a total tear-down of his character, his opinions, his success, his FUCKING EVERYTHING…and for what? Because, apparently, Bob simply can’t let it go? Over what? Him not liking Colin and disagreeing with his political views?

      I watched Colin’s video on the topic and gave LaserTime a more-than-fair and VERY open-minded chance to see it from their perspective (knowing full well that OF COURSE Colin was going to frame himself with a halo throughout his defense). In fact, I was actually excited when I first saw the episode’s title. But, as it turns out, what I thought the episode was going to be wasn’t the case at all, and by twenty minutes in I was struggling to see exactly what it was that Colin had done (other than the aforementioned “Bob thinks he’s a total dick and his politics suck”) to warrant this feud, which by every measure seemed to involve Bob simply taking things WAY too far. And the hour that followed was simply BRUTAL, with the shit-slinging escalating far beyond just their distaste for Colin, ultimately spilling over into Colin’s audience (of which I am a member) and then conservatives in general (of which I am also a member).

      And my love of these guys (previously) knew no bounds, until now, this episode very much being a “bridge too far” in my opinion. So while I can appreciate your point, can I also assume that you probably didn’t feel like a bunch of your favorite people were taking turns kicking you in the head for an hour straight? Never has it been this bad before, unless this is a lot more commonplace in BonusTime, which, if the case, isn’t exactly an incentive for me to support them via Patreon (as I was actually on the verge of finally being able to do thanks to a bit more money in my paycheck thanks to a certain someone’s tax plan).

      Last point, and thanks for bearing with me if you are still reading this: Don’t be so quick to judge Colin based on LaserTime’s portrayal of him alone. Check out his content and formulate your own conclusion. His content is actually quite engaging and pretty insightful and not nearly as “red meat” as one might think. He also has a new gaming channel (Colin’s Side Quest), so it’s nice to see him returning to that scene as well. Can he come across as a bit arrogant? Sure. Entitled? Maybe. Man child? I don’t know…as an avid follower I’d say that’s a bit of a stretch, especially when you consider the reasons why he has been framed as such. But don’t take my word for it…or LaserTime’s for that matter. Because I see no reason for the divide. Being a massive fan of both LaserTime and Colin, I consider myself the rare bridge between the two, a bridge that I’d argue LaserTime is desperately trying to blow to pieces whereas Colin has at least offered some semblance of an olive branch by inviting Bob on his show (with Bob’s reasons for refusing being quite stupid and petty in my book).

      Anyway, I’ve always appreciated your feedback and welcome any response you might have. In any case, peace and take care!

  51. This Colin guy sounds like a jerk and I can appreciate that Bob doesn’t like him or his shitty opinions, but maybe it’s time to walk away from this. I mean, you spent an hour telling LT listeners, most of whom probably never heard of this guy, why he’s terrible. Is he really worth all that effort? There are a plenty of idiots just like him all over social media. And my argument isn’t that his opinions shouldn’t be mocked or that they aren’t terrible, it’s that Bob has wasted a lot of energy (and brought a lot of shitheads to the LT site) when it isn’t doing much except keeping a Twitter/social media feud going.

  52. One of the nastiest, most childish, juvenile things I’ve ever heard.
    Ad hominem attacks straight out of the gate, a total misrepresentation of someone who supports gay marriage, is pro-abortion, pro-diversity, pro-drugs, anti-big-government as ‘alt-right” ffs, and a general exercise in blowing smoke up one of the speakers’ arse.
    Three or four people sitting in a room and broadcasting a one-sided attack on someone is the very antithesis of the liberal mindset you purport to support, and keep claiming you are a part of. You didn’t sound like liberals. You sounded like a bunch of spoiled frat-bro brats.
    Safety in numbers, guys. How brave.
    This was the the action of degenerate, man-child bullies.
    Shame on them.
    I look forward to Mr. Moriarty’s response in which he calls them a bunch of swear words.
    Oh, that’s right.
    That won’t happen.
    Appalling behaviour, ‘gentlemen’

  53. I’m so annoyed by this, but not because it’s an LT episode that is utterly deranged from the purpose of the show itself.

    I’m annoyed because of the name. You’re totally confused to call this “Bob VS Colin.” While everyone on the show had a swell laugh at the (true, honestly true) reality of Colin offering Bob a debate, which he repeated many times throughout his various public outings, that you still had the click-bait nerve to call this “Bob VS Colin” when Colin wasn’t there. Furthermore, this is a trainwreck of an episode from top-to-bottom; you all sound like pretentious, sheltered cowards from the very beginning. You also sound like children swinging at a guy who has already undergone the exact character-assasination you’re propagating here, which was publically brought on, and which he recovered from. So great; you guys are definitely 100% liberal if all you want to do is (falsely) attack character rather than actually think, or consider, or even evaluate, both actions and self.

    But okay. This was a huge mistake. I’m a public listener, and I’ve been for years. I am libertarian in my views, I find the modern “Liberal” to be greatly confused, but despite that, and despite the numerous times you guys bring up your political stances on the show, I was never once deterred from the Lasertime network. It’s a great series of shows, it’s very fun, and it can even be helpful in some ways. That being said, this episode isn’t just “politically” divided; it’s moronic, cowardly, and honestly embarrassing.

    I just underwent something like this. I started a new job in China, and one of the people in my group had a freakout from the move and insulted everyone cruelly and stupidly and meaninglessly. It took her a couple days to calm down, but then she did and she called us all down to the center lobby, and apologized— an it was fine. We all need each other here; we’re all new here; and many of us are freaking out, but ultimately you got to get it together. And if you made a mistake it’s okay; just own it, and move on…

    You guys didn’t make a mistake publishing this podcast on the regular network; you made a mistake creating this period.

    I would suggest apologizing to Colin Moriarty, and then maybe slowly letting this video getting killed on your various platforms. And then moving on. And I want to point out, that what CM went through, if you wanted to be “fair” you (and retronauts) would drop Mackey. Not recommending that, but you need to understand and actually consider that you have no idea (and clearly not the courage) to overcome what CM did.

    But you guys seriously made a big mistake with this. This is childish and honestly moronic. And I’ll say it now; you’re wrong to take Bob’s side, and Henry is nothing more than a homeboy here. It’s a (stunted) political tirade that flails and begs from the moment this episode starts.
    I think what sucks most here is how much of an a**hole Chris sounds. Henry is flamboyant with his politics, and always is a loose cannon when it comes to politcs on the LT network; he’s a joke, basically. And Bob’s okay; he’s not great with that stuff, but not as bad as Henry. But Christ— he’s done well with very swiftly going “Sorry about the politics; we’re all liberals here; now we’re moving on!” And that’s fine; it works well without being invasive or boring. But yeah; dropped the ball with this episode…

    Anyway. You guys definitely owe Colin an apology. I would also reconsider Bob, but I’m sure you guys won’t.

    Either way, I’ll check in with the LT group every now and then… but I did unsubscribe, and I’m not concerned about finding another entertainment podcast amongst the many out there.

  54. As a content creator and social media user who has learned the hard way, I’ll simply say that I’ve adopted the philosophy that if I don’t have anything nice to say then I’ll keep it to myself. I admit, I sometimes fail because I’m only human. While that might not make for interesting content, I don’t think the following drama is worth the hassle. I’ve come to accept that not everyone thinks the way I do and some will never accept anyone else’s viewpoint but their own, so trying to change that seems pointless. Not everyone knows how to be rational or professional on the Internet either…I know, go figure. 

    Hope you guys get this all sorted out!

  55. The anti-political correctness people are usually the people with the thinest skin. They’re fine as long as what is made fun of etc. is someone else.

  56. Overall, I think both sides are self-righteous, egotistical dummies stuck on a crusade to prove their dumb points through increasingly unethical behavior and nonsensical justifications. They both suck in their own way (this colin guy sounds like an asshole, bob is desperate to be seen as the good guy when he is also a hypocrite ).

    After hearing all of this I simply lost respect for bob, was annoyed because I lost a probably entertaining podcast because he had to shove his drama into this, especially because I had never even heard of this colin guy before, like most people here it seems.

    At this point, I will have more respect for whoever decides to drop this bs first.

  57. Bob says verbatim that “Colin is making people worse,” but openly admits to being not “nice” and to making fun of people who he deems deserving of his scorn. Does he think this behavior, especially on Twitter, is making anybody better? Or not affect people at all? Yeah, Colin says some dumb stuff and appears to lack compassion and empathy. Why attack him for it? If we all attacked people who said something dumb, we’d all be attacking everybody all the time. Who wants to live in that world?

    Also, the host of the show says “Why stoke those flames?” Agreed, Colin could do more to quell this quibble. But am I mistaken in seeing that all Bob does is stoke flames when he makes fun of people on the Internet? And how did this podcast itself not stoke the flames?

  58. Meh Bob and Colin are both terrible.
    This twitter bitch fight is like watching an pretentious asshole mongoose fight a racist asshole cobra

    1. I’m team pretentious asshole mongoose because it accepts its description & has fun with it whereas the racist asshole cobra is just utterly insufferable.

  59. Guys, guys, guys…let me just start by saying that, for reasons I’ll get into below, I am extremely disappointed with the LaserTime crew on this one. I can only hope that Chris & Co. struggled with whether or not this was the right move (spoiler alert: it wasn’t), But we’ve all made mistakes, myself certainly included, in which case the best route moving forward would be to simply LEARN from this mistake…and a good start in my (and seemingly many other’s) eyes would be for BOB TO SIMPLY DROP IT. Let it die, man. You don’t like Colin Moriarty. WE GET IT. And sorry to say but the more you bark up that tree, the more you reinforce his take on the situation, which he presented quite strongly in his “Bullying, Harassment, and Abuse in the Video Game Industry” video. And I know you guys did your best to counter that, but I gotta say those efforts fell pretty damn flat.

    …but I’m WAY ahead of myself. So first, some context:

    One very important thing to know about me going into this is that I have exactly TWO internet loves that I completely, absolutely adore: LaserTime and Colin Moriarty.

    I’ll even go so far as to say, if it were between one or the other, LaserTime, hands down. You guys have managed to brighten my days and make me laugh much harder than just about ANY source of entertainment out there in recent memory. I’ve often felt like I could get along with you guys famously, nodding often when it comes to things we unanimously agree on and smiling endless over our overlapping love of certain games, movies, shows, etc. You’ve successfully managed to forge a place that I’ve routinely looked forward to retreating to get away from all the rigors of my career and family life, the divisiveness of politics and all of the “us vs. them” rhetoric that there is no shortage of pretty much everywhere else these days.

    Of course, as a conservative, I’ll often cringe when politics creep onto the scene, and even then NOT because I necessarily disagree with what is being said, but mainly because of the manner in which conservatives are often portrayed, which is routinely WAY off the mark. Fellas – I get that you live in a hyper-liberal bubble of a city but PLEASE brush up on the realities of what conservatives value, our goals, etc, before continuing to make more ill-informed, if not utterly baseless, claims about us…starting with Colin (who isn’t all that conservative to begin with). Having followed Colin for many years, I can say with certainty the following: He is not racist. He is not bigoted. He has never ONCE instructed his fans to “go after” ANYONE online. In fact, he has ACTIVELY discouraged people from doing so. And I’m sorry but he is NOT COMPLICIT if some of his fans have taken it upon themselves to be total dicks. You guys should know that better than anyone as the LaserTime community itself isn’t always the most tolerant and welcoming of people, to be sure.

    And if you have ANY evidence to the contrary, do tell. Seriously. I’ll own up to being wrong if the case but to my knowledge, virtually nothing that you’ve accused him of (in those above terms) is even remotely true. I say this as an avid follower of both you and him.

    And if you guys HONESTLY think his “Day Without Women” joke was THAT sexist…please. If you’ve ever laughed at any episode of Married With Children, you have absolutely no right to slam him for something that was pretty innocuous by comparison. That joke was akin to something from the Honeymooners, for fuck’s sake, so let’s drop the bullshit, OK? I’ve even heard WAY worse right here on LaserTime – and you all know it – so this pearl-clutching business simply won’t fly. So PLEASE knock it off. And sorry but there’s a HUGE difference between a joke like that and Bob’s seemingly ENDLESS hammering on him on Twitter…to what end?

    And for the record, I’d happily jump on any of your shows at any time to offer an informed conservative perspective, answering any/all questions you might have. Seriously. Ask me ANYTHING. I’d be thrilled for such an opportunity, if anything to set the record straight and show you all, once and for all, that we’re not all that different, let alone anything near as heartless and evil as we are routinely made out to be. And to be clear, I’m all for fair criticism, of which PLENTY can be hurled at the right, my issue being the wholly misinformed characterizations of us that routinely accompanies any political discussion on your show.

    Bear in mind, I’ve been a fan of LaserTime from back in the TalkRadar days, my first episode being Dan Amirch’s departure. And I still laugh whenever I recall Dan having a particularly heartfelt, tearful moment, only to be punctuated by Chris hitting the “fart” button. The timing could not have been more perfect, and from that point on, I was hooked. But a few months back I was dismayed by something I had heard said on the show, which ushered in my first ever post on these comment boards. Chris was (rightfully) railing against some alt-right trolls who were being dicks, leading Chris and Bob to yell “Fuck you alt-righters! Fuck you Colin Moriarty!”…which struck me as odd, because I can also say with certainty that Colin is pretty far from being anywhere near “alt-right”. So I decided to ask why he was categorized as such…and wasn’t exactly met with open arms from the community. Having identified myself as a conservative in that post produced instant ire across several replies, while others tried to shame me for trying to censor the open-language nature of the podcast…when I never suggested any such thing. I honestly and truly just wanted to know what led Bob (and to a lesser extent, Chris) to associate Colin with the alt-right. Chris (thankfully) intervened and (somewhat) answered my question, vaguely explaining the ongoing spat between the two while (appreciably) admitting he didn’t know much about Colin, it really being Bob’s axe to grind more than anything.

    Satisfied enough, I carried on, enjoying the content in the months that followed, but not without feeling a bit more annoyed by the ever-increasing “dunking on the right” that was becoming more commonplace on the show. But big boy that I am, I can take it, and it never really subjugated what made the show great…until now.

    Having said much already, I’m not sure where to begin with the many, many, many issues I had with this particular episode. I’ll even leave the “low hanging fruit” at the door, i.e. the frequently mentioned “wouldn’t this have been far better served on BonusTime instead of the flagship offering?” criticisms shared on this page. Far more concerning to me were the following points:

    1. The title, which raised my eyebrows at first because it suggested that Colin was a guest and he and Bob would FINALLY be in a position to clear the air and bury the hatchet once and for all. But no. Not the case at all. In fact…

    2. Bob’s “reasons” for disliking Colin as much as he does, which seems to be to a ridiculously – and rather unhealthy – degree. It seemed to simply boil down to Colin being somewhat arrogant and espousing political views that Bob doesn’t agree with (and more on THAT in a bit)…and that’s it. Seriously? All the vitriol on Twitter, all the endless taunting and (yes) harassing and “dunking on” and…JESUS. Like I said, GIVE IT A REST. Having listened to and considered both sides as objectively as I can (with a leniency towards LaserTime, no less), it does appear that Bob, on some level, has become completely unhinged when it comes to his very unhealthy obsession with Colin. The number of tweets alone promotes that case, let alone the nature of the tweets themselves, which so very often were nothing short of character assassinations and false smears that were often completely untrue and completely out of bounds.

    Bob – get a grip or get some help, seriously. All you’ve done here is completely tarnish LaserTime’s sterling reputation. Bullshit like this is doing your friends and your/their livelihood NO FAVORS WHATSOEVER. Fine if you are have a fan base for doing so, Bob, but it doesn’t make you any less an ass, and now you are jeopardizing something much bigger than yourself by bringing this drama into the LaserTime tent.

    No one asked for this, no one wants this. LaserTime was built on the idea of unity, the idea that, no matter our background, we can all come together to share in the celebration of that which we do have in common, everything else be damned. Until this episode I’ve considered you each to be virtual friends of a sort who have gotten me through some very rough patches over the past few years especially, just by virtue of being there. And being funny. And being spot-on in your assessment of all things entertainment (for the most part, at least). For that, I will always appreciate LaserTime.

    …and speaking of friends, Chris – I admire your wanting to support Bob as a friend, which is ironic because Colin wasn’t afforded the same courtesy by his Kinda Funny co-founders when the internet decided to pile on him for next to nothing. But it wasn’t for nothing, was it? It wasn’t even the joke, really, which any of you could have uttered with only laughter returned in kind. Nope…the reason Colin gets dogged on so much, both then and now, is because of his politics. Strictly and purely because of his politics. You’ll attribute (read: attack) other aspects of his personality, but let’s face it, if he were an equally arrogant, outspoken lefty, you would HARDLY take issue with the guy.

    …and boy did I tee up point #3 quite nicely with that segue, if I do say so myself:

    3. Politics (See what I mean? It’s as if I KNEW I was going there next!). Jesus Motherfucking Christ. So many times while listening to this episode, my heart sank. It was honestly rough to get through. At one point, a mention of conservative friends, immediately followed by some suggestion that “you’ve got to be careful who you are seen with in public”. SERIOUSLY? Is it honestly THAT BAD in your neck of the woods? Colin has actually stated that he finds it UTTERLY AMAZING that he’s the only openly conservative person he has ever met in the games industry, an astounding fact when you consider that roughly HALF THE COUNTRY LEANS RIGHT. But it’s not so much that as the SHEER LEVELS OF INTOLERANCE so often on display throughout the episode’s entire run time, culminating in a SPECTACULAR display of bigotry in it’s final stretch. Guys, to say it was like getting kicked in the nuts by some of your favorite people on Earth is an understatement. Seriously.

    And you are WELCOME to disagree with his (and my) politics, but over and over each of you (or at least Bob, Henry and Chris) just slam the guy for fucking EVERYTHING, looking at him and his success from a COMPLETELY one-sided perspective, not at all even attempting to appreciate, let alone entertain, ANYTHING from his perspective. Because of his politics your opinion of him and his content has been completely skewed, and it’s obvious. You accuse him of being in a blinding bubble WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING the complete lack of introspection on your part. From Trump to Damore to Colin and so on, you have NO IDEA why people are fans. And we’re not jerks. We have good reasons for supporting these individuals even when you do not, the most painful aspect of all of that being your complete reluctance, if not refusal, to hear us out, ever. The intolerance and hypocrisy on display throughout this episode was STAGGERING. You each simply write off Colin’s politics (and therefore my own) as “shitty” and “entitled” and whatever else you can come up with to undermine his (my) positions without actually tackling any of his arguments head-on. We can agree to disagree, as I’m sure we will, but let’s at least be civil and respectful to one another, OK? This is not LaserTime. This has nothing to do with makes you guys great. I have NO PROBLEM with you guys leaning pretty far left….which is why it’s especially painful when I have to face the fact that you all VERY MUCH DO have a problem with me and my politics…which you clearly have no interest in exploring, so convinced that anything I’d have to say is simply dumb, racist, etc…all the usual stereotypes that I’ve endured for a lifetime despite NONE OF IT BEING TRUE. And just because you disagree with something doesn’t make it “inflammatory” or “toxic” or “hateful” or “provocative” or “radicalizing”, let along straight-up “wrong”. There are REASONS I think the way I do. Might you be the least bit interested in hearing them? Based on everything uttered during this episode, I’d wager not.

    4. Colin offered to have Bob on his show to debate, talk it out, whatever…and Bob has effectively refused. Sorry Bob, but anyone who walks away from the invitation to debate, especially for the petty reasons you’ve cited, tells me that you are not interested in making peace whatsoever. You can say what you want about Colin but looking at everything through an objective lens, I see (quite plainly) one person who perhaps framed his argument in his favor (predictably) while at least, on some level, offering an olive branch…and another (person and/or group) who seem only interested in furthering the divide, wholly incapable of seeing the other side as anything less than dumb, toxic, horrible, evil, etc….while clearly knowing next to nothing about the guy himself, his positions, his arguments. You just assume everything without actually peeling back the layers or doing any sort of homework on any of the subjects he has discussed at length….which quickly became incredibly difficult to endure. I always considered you guys smarter than this, BETTER than this. Yet, you all just continued to double down on the assumption that you are right and we’re all wrong and GOD FORBID you break free from your self-informed perspective and give us a chance to simply EXPLAIN OURSELVES with an open mind.

    I’ve been nothing but tolerant with you guys while you guys have been anything but in return to folks who lean right, as I do…and it’s not so much aggravating as it is heartbreaking. But’s it’s pretty damn aggravating too.

    Case in point: For all of your talk about Colin’s fans swarming on a scene and harassing his “targets”, looking at the posts on this page I’m seeing a lot of well-articulated, respectful responses that are mostly trying to set the record straight in terms of the MANY LIES that were made about his character on this episode. You literally refer to him as a CARTOON CHARACTER at the end of the podcast…only to go on to make his audience out to be something arguably worse. You keep claiming that you strive to see “shades of grey” in all things…while not offering Colin (or myself, being part of that audience) the same courtesy whatsoever.

    Final point: Ironically for years and years and years now I’ve been waiting to have a bit more money on hand to support both LaserTime and Colin’s Last Stand via Patreon, and thanks to a certain someone’s tax plan, my paycheck got a welcome bump this past week. My wife and I discussed smart (and not so smart) ways we could spend the extra money and I mentioned that I’d like to put up $10/month ($5 to LT, $5 to CLS) to keep the excellent content rolling. And I’d like that amount to increase over time. But now, after listening to this episode, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Not for LaserTime, at least. Not yet, at any rate. I’ve often heard you guys say “vote with your wallet” in terms of games and movies and couldn’t agree more. And so long as you continue to refer to folks like me as “radicalized individuals” when you clearly know NOTHING about my politics, judging the right based on nothing but our worst troll-like outliers (while making ZERO effort to engage with anyone who could speak to our positions from a more reasonable, level-headed perspective, Colin being an PERFECT person to tap in that regard), there’s no way I can support you guys in good conscience. You all just continue to see us based on your own self-informed perspectives, effectively “radicalizing” your own left-leaning fan base, as evidenced by so many examples of “mob mentality” on this page alone, who seemingly bought every lie uttered about Colin – and conservatives –
    unconditionally. And I’m not saying Colin is altogether innocent in all this – the guy can certainly be a dick – but by comparison your efforts here have really made you all out to be so much worse, which is a very painful thing for me to have to admit, loving you guys as much as I do.

    So thanks for the kicks to the head, fellas. Hoping the Weird Al episode more than makes up for it. Peace!

  60. Bob is a stalker. It’s really as simple as that. No ifs, no buts, Bob is an internet stalker. His obsession is at such an extreme level now that Colin is right to be worried that it will manifest itself in the real world as violence. If I was Colin, I’d want a restraining order, and if I was Bob, I would be urgently seeking help before something truly awful happened, something that could never be taken back.

    As for Colin, whether or not you agree with his politics he comes across as level headed, calm, measured, and now understandably scared that his stalker will attack him in the real world. Colin is the victim, Bob is the abuser.

    I used to enjoy Lasertime shows, and Retronauts too, but I don’t believe either should be giving a platform an mentally unstable and clearly unhinged an individual as Bob. He is showing very clear signs of psychopathy and is mentally ill.

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