Homer’s Sadgasm, Sarah Silverman is F’ing Matt Damon, The Wonder Years, Super Smash Bros. Brawl – Jan 26 – Feb 1

Sarah Silverman is ****ing Matt Damon, The Wonder Years hits the small screen while Hannah Montana hits the big one, and Homer has a Sadgasm on a new Thirty Twenty Ten!


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41 thoughts on “Homer’s Sadgasm, Sarah Silverman is F’ing Matt Damon, The Wonder Years, Super Smash Bros. Brawl – Jan 26 – Feb 1

  1. I can’t believe anyone else has even heard of Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama. My friend and I were browsing a local video store around 1998 when we stumbled on that tape. We were in the mood to watch a terrible movie while laughing at how bad it was, and that masterpiece ended up being the perfect choice. I’m sure it deserves the 4.6 it has on IMDb, but for us it provided an afternoon of laughs and a few in-jokes that lasted several years (usually references to the “Crispy critters!” line). I’m glad to hear you say that others have recognized its glorious blend of 80s cheese and schlock horror.

    Also, since I’m way behind on VGMpire and the comments are closed on that episode: Chris, you’re not the only one who remembers Kickle Cubicle or appreciates its greatness. It was sadly overlooked, and it feels like one of those hidden gems that hasn’t had the proper recognition in the years since

    1. I saw the cover art for Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama at my local video store for years, and was always intrigued by it, but never actually rented it.

  2. I’m surprised that the Wonder Years ended the same month as Quantum Leap and Doogie Howser. Things do have to end, but somehow not the Goldbergs, which got season 6.

  3. That 90s ep of Simpsons would’ve made so much more sense if it was just a Lisa dream sequence, but a whole episode? ‘Cuz it has some funny bits, like Homer & the boys being a Boys II Men tribute group, and Marge’s Rachel haircut.

  4. The episode is fine but the audio is WAY too compressed and it doesn’t sound great. Chris especially sounds weird.

  5. Ok. You guys opened it up. I have got to share my impression of “Fox and Friends”. I don’t watch Fox News, but I know some of the backstory of Steve Doocy. In the 80’s, he was on the Washington D.C. NBC station, WRC-TV, channel 4. Do you remember the “reporting” job that Jim Carrey’s character had in “Bruce Almighty”? Steve Doocy had that job! Goofy, human interest stories of no real importance, except to the person who was the subject matter. I vividly remember this, but all I could find on YouTube was the promo.


    When I first head that Steve Doocy was on a Fox News show, I thought “What? The goofy guy from channel 4?” In my mind, he will ALWAYS be that goofy guy.

        1. But… If you know the Sports Machine, you probably are familiar with movie critic Arch Campbell. I had my picture taken with him once. Pretty cool.

  6. I had a PS1 demo disk that had “Bust a Groove”. Even tho it was a demo, I played it a lot, and completely fell in love with the song “The Heat is On”.
    I made an mp3 of it, and I still listen to that song! Love the flute solo!

  7. I really miss this Sarah Silverman when she was a blue comedy princess I think she like Amy Schumer & Ronda Rousey changed to much to appease a more Liberal feminist audience and while she’s not a lame two faced hypocrite like Schumer or Rousey she’s lost her fastball BIG TIME in her Netflix special & Hulu show. The Sarah Silverman Program is an all timer for me she was a frequent guest on Opie & Anthony(as was Pre- Crisis Schumer and many NY stand ups I grew to love) and her standup at this time was so good. IDK if it’s age or better mental health meds or not wanting to isolate her new base but I haven’t enjoyed her in years.I get artist change with the times but you can be a feminist and still be dirty & obnoxious as a comedic character not everyone is ultra sensitve.

    1. Basically to neaten that schpeel up around 2nd term Obama Sarah Silverman went from a Lita to a Bayley and as a “one of the guys” jewish chick I kinda felt betrayed. It’s fucking silly to think that way but idk it’s hard to explain without coming off as a knob.

      1. Also I was unaware that Pulp made a song that wasn’t Common People, actually like the Great Expectations song. 99% of what I know from Great Expectations was from an episode of South Park(season 3 or 4) called “Pip” which is literally just Great Expectations with one of their ultra side characters

  8. Sometime in the mid 80s I discovered that UHF channel 28 in Cedar Rapids, IA was showing stuff like Lone Star, It’s a Living, McHale’ s Navy, Disney’s old stuff like Davy Crockett, and F Troop, and I’m pretty sure that was the first place I saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Apparently in 88 it turned into Fox, so I spent a lot of time watching Tracy Ullman, and was into the Simpsons right from the start. A few years later there was some dispute, so 28 wasn’t Fox from 92 to 95 or so, so I missed several seasons of the Simpsons, but it came back right in time for Who Shot Mr Burns part 2, which also happened to be the time I went off to college. We only had three channels, plus Iowa Public Television, so finding a fuzzy hidden channel in the middle of the UHF dial was cool in the days before cable was everywhere.

    1. Looking at the Wiki for Fox Channel 28 (I don’t know why a Cedar Rapids UHF channel has its own Wiki) it looks like it might have only been a year or so without Fox. I know I watched Animaniacs, and the Critic, but at the time it seemed like it was forever without the Simpsons.

  9. The Golem and the Cabinet of Dr Caligari are coming up in two years, Diana could give us hundred year old worthwhile movies pretty soon.

        1. I had the same issue. I feel like it always happens with TTT where it gets posted to the site well before it shows up in my podcast feed. This ends up being the show I listen to twice the most since I want to hear it when it goes up while I’m at work and then it ends up on my podcast device later to be enjoyed again.

  10. The katana bit with Studio Ghibli was in response to cuts being proposed for Princess Mononoke, and it was sent to Harvey Weinstein (gross). I expect better of you, Matt Jay (kidding, of course).
    I used to love that Spider-Man show. It was distributed by Saban, and obviously aired on Fox Kids, but Saban was famouse for shopping around for the cheapest animation they could get, so even though Saban did X-Men, they weren’t animated by the same companies. There was actually no cross-over with the writing staff either though they did have X-Men showrunner Eric Lewand fly-in for the cross-over they eventually did. I actually never really liked that theme song, even though it was done by Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and I was a huge Aerosmith fan in the 90’s. They had kind of a nod to that when Spider-Man gets the black costume and Peter tells it he wants to dress “like that guy from Aerosmith.”
    I should have noted in my comment last week concerning Edguy that it was also the tenth anniversary of Edguy frontman Tobias Sammett’s “The Scarecrow” released under the Avantasia umbrella on January 25th, 2008 – a metal supergroup that started off as a “metal opera” but transitioned to a more typical rock opera with that release. Even though they ditched the metal opera label, it still has some really great, up-tempo tracks with guest vocals from Alice Cooper, Jorne Lande, Michael Kiske, and Roy Khan among others. A great album though and I think it’s better than the Metal Opera. Hard to pick a favorite cut from that record, but I would probably go with “Another Angel Down” if I had to pick just one.

  11. Small correction, it was New World Pictures who recut Nausicaa into Warriors of the Wind. But the Weinsteins did target Princess Mononoke though and basically, he and Ghibli were pissed over New World Pictures as to what they had done to Nausicaa so they decided to prevent the same when the Weinsteins wanted Mononoke.

    But hell yeah, I still have a heart for the 90’s Spider-Man cartoon. There are a lot of problems whether it’d be the censorship stuff or storytelling issues but it’s still a fun show to watch and yeah, it has a lot of hokey moments but I think there is charm to it but the best Spider-Man cartoon is Spectacular Spider-Man, let’s not kid ourselves. But I’ve seen the final two part episode and it’s disappointing they never technically resolved everything because he and Madame Web never did find Mary Jane when she got thrown into a portal. Like, after the whole business with a clone and everything else that happened, not even some kind of text to say at the end “Spider-Man did find Mary Jane and got married again”, not even that kind of closure! It’s a bit of a cheat is all I’m saying. And I’ve seen Spider-Man: Unlimited, it’s not very good.

    And as for the recent Marvel animated shows, appears the rumors have been false because season 2 of that new Spider-Man cartoon that replaced Ultimate Spider-Man has been greenlit.

    Kids WB, I believe I was there when that block launched and yeah, a lot of reruns of certain shows like Batman, Superman, Animaniacs and Tiny Toons. Even Captain Planet reruns aired there. And oh yeah, I love that episode of Batman: The Animated Series, that Riddler episode. Very good stuff and yeah, I can’t argue with the Edward Nygma’s motivation wanting to target his boss.

    The Eye and Inkheart, heard about but never seen. Strange Wilderness I knew about via Film Brain’s Bad Movie Beatdown review and from what I’ve seen, some moments I laughed at but I think I can see why people weren’t too interested. Essentially this thing started out as the film version of a series of skits on Comedy Central that parodied nature wildlife shows and especially this was the brainchild of Fred Wolf and yeah, you can understand how well that went.

    And yeah, that Hannah Montana concert movie, I think Disney did make a big deal about it and apparently worked so well yeah for Disney that they attempted again with the Jonas Brothers the year after…didn’t work out much since apparently, people wanted more 3D screenings of Coraline.

    Episode 2 of Breaking Bad, oh yeah, I remember the last scene; among the best scenes of the episode. Walter’s reaction and Cranston’s delivery just sells it. However episode 3 I’d like to talk about more given that represents an even further turning point for Walter White. And that 90’s Simpsons episode, I don’t have much of an opinion on that episode. It is just another episode and it’s ho hum, just mediocre.

  12. I have no memories to recite.

    Instead I’ll just point out that I don’t think there’s anything more 30/20/10-ish than doing an 80s segment, a 90s segment, then a 00s segment where you talk about Simpsons retro-actively setting their origin stories in the 90s and doing a whole episode about it.

  13. Ah, I remember loving the Wonder Years from day one, probably helped along by me and Kevin Arnold being pretty much the same age. I remember trying to get my sister into the show, but I happened to introduce her to it at the exact moment when Kevin (in his imagination) punched out a much older teenager. And she went, “So, does he like, have superpowers or something? Cause I’m not into that.” I tried to explain that was just his imagination but she was never really interested in the show after that.

  14. Wow buried memories!!! I have a tale to tell….Hannah Montana and the One Armed Dad. I have to be a bit cagey on the details just as an over precaution. It involves people in real life, although highly unlikely to listen any digital media.

    I spent the best years of my life working for the Hope Lodge Program of the American Cancer Society. Hope Lodges are free hotels for cancer patients and I worked in that program for about a decade. In 2008 I was a manager of a Lodge in Appalachia during the absolute height of Hannah Montana craziness.

    We had a 13 yea- old girl with a brain tumor staying with us (Let’s call her Hazel). Hazel, was a massive Hannah Montana fan. Now, we are not a treatment facility, the patients are getting outpatient care. Most weekends, the whole joint cleared out as most patients would go home with their families and come back on Sunday Night or Monday morning.

    I would come in sometimes and stay as the caretaker for an entire weekend. Sleeping at the facility and basically living with the guest. This particular weekend was especially quiet. Only Hazel and her parents were there. The family lived deep in Appalachia and were, needless to say…colorful. Hazel’s father was, to be perfectly honest, one of the dumbest people I have ever met. I don’t say this lightly. I loved him and all my guests. But god bless him, there just wasn’t something right about the guy. His most distinguishing characteristic was that he only had one-arm.

    I’m inquisitive and I’m real good at getting people talk about very uncomfortable subjects. But I never thought to ask Daddy One-Arm what happened. He just seemed so dumb that when I cross-referenced his age and IQ, I simply expected there to be one less limb. Hazel’s mother, by contrast, was tough, caring and wise.

    I found out on Saturday night that Hazel had never been to a mall. Ever. She had never been to a mall! But this mall had a Hannah Montana STORE! Action had to be taken.

    They were literally the only people at the facility that day, so I got permission to forward the phones to my cell and take Hazel to the mall with her parents. They didn’t have a car since they were dirt poor, so I commandeered our hospital transport shuttle.

    To preserve the dignity of their parents. I lied and told them I do this all the time.

    It’s pretty cool to see a little girl wander around the mall for the first time. We didn’t tell her about the store. We just wanted her to find it.

    When Hazel walked inside that store, it was like watching someone have a profound religious experience. She had been having mood problems due to the severity of the tumor and had generally vacillated between sad and angry. But here, in this little retail space, the power of fandom temporarily altered the physiological reality of her situation. It’s difficult to find words to adequately communicate the intensity of what I saw.

    Her parents had no money. So I blew a giant wad of cash on some random stuff and giant Hannah Montana blanket. It wasn’t me being nice. Leona Helmsley would have bought the place had she seen her face.

    I also helped Daddy-One Arm buy a Pay-as-you-go phone, so it would be easier to communicate with the family.

    Once back at the facility, Hazel went to roll in the blanket or something and Daddy worked to figure out the phone. A few minutes later father returns to the lobby, plugs the phone into the wall and proceeds to have a conversation.

    When finished, I gently told him that he didn’t have to have the phone plugged into the wall to the use it, the battery would be just fine. He grinned like he just got away with something. He leaned in and told me ” I know, but I figure I get charged less if use my own electricity.”

    He was not kidding. I finally asked where Daddy-One Arm was from. I had to know what produced this marvel of a man. I figured the answer would be Bucksnort, West Virginia or something. Nope! To my great horror he grew up 40 minutes from me. (He was from Bob Mackey’s Youngstown!!!) He settled in Appalachia after High School. Culturally, we had the exact same background. The area between Cleveland and Pittsburgh is a very distinct part of the country. We talked about our mutual experiences, and sure enough, beat by beat…we grew up in the same rust-belt petri dish.

    Needless to say, that was humbling revelation. Life lesson on judgement learned.

    Hazel, unfortunately, never really had a chance. The cancer was fast and she died within a month or so. I was told she was buried with that blanket. Although, it’s equally likely its on the wall in her old room; in her mini-museum. Her parents were tough folks though, they handled everything with a grace that was beyond understanding and Daddy-One-Arm had qualities that transcended the hand he was dealt.

    Miley Cyrus has done a good job burying Hannah Montana. Which is probably a good thing. I don’t have a great connection to Disney. But I will say that their mutual creation did allow me the honor of seeing something special. For that I will always be grateful.

    Keep up the great work!

  15. I understand why people don’t like “That 90s Show” for retconning Simpsons history, but I honestly think that most people who are pissed off by that are simply looking at the first 8-10 seasons with rose-tinted glasses. The simple fact is that Simpsons canon only mattered when it needed to, eg killing Maude when her voice actor wanted out. For some reason, nobody got mad when Homer went from being an astronaut back to being a laissez-faire safety inspector (directly responsible for how many meltdowns, again?) at a nuclear power plant.

    The great thing about cartoons is that canon never needs to matter, because you can just draw whatever you want. I honestly believe that, if a “That 90s Show” equivalent episode (oh, I don’t know, “Homer Simpson, smiling politely” mean anything to you?) existed in the first 10 seasons, it’d be a classic.

    Just a note or two about Canadian content laws: it has nothing to do with government funding. All broadcasters – radio, tv, cable, private or public – need to play a certain percentage (30% is pretty common) of Canadian content (CanCon) in specific blocks, eg 7-11pm. It’s needed because we’re literally ten times smaller than the States, and without regulations, our media would simply not be able to compete. (Even with the cancon regulations, it’s hard enough!)

  16. I actually really love That 90s show. And the canon was always in flux. At first it was Homer and Marge were in late 20s not 30s, plus as they said insinuated they had Bart right out of high school.

    In addition to that: it’s a really funny episode. The Marvin Cobain comment, all of Professor August’s lines and “Run townie! Run back to your town!”

  17. You guys missed this week’s Walker: Texas Ranger episode, the Crusader. It’s the first 5 wrestling related episodes of Walker and is the second worst of the bunch. Roddy Piper plays retired wrestler who has to reconnect with his estranged son while his ex-wife is getting chased down by the mob. The episode is your standard Walker: Texas Ranger fair. Walker helps the family out, but the son is stupid and gets kidnapped by the mob and Roddy and Walker have to save him. It’s the end that pushes it in terribleness. So throughout the episode, it’s been established that Roddy has retired because he’s taken too many concussions and eventually to show his estranged son his lifelong passion, Roddy wrestles one last match. During the match, he gets a concussion, wins the match, and then has a seizure and goes into a coma. But all is well because it’s Walker and the son prays and Roddy wakes up good as new. Let’s just say that after Chris Benoit and Daniel Bryan, this episode hasn’t aged well. It’s not the worst of the 5 episodes, but that episode comes out in two years.

    Also, Vampire Weekend’s first album came out when I was borrowing CD’s from the library and ripping them to my computer. I got so much music from the library for free. Basically all of Radiohead’s discography, several of my favorite rap albums, and a lot of other music because the just let you borrow music no questions asked.

  18. I watched Strange Wilderness solely based off of the trailer. I watched that shark so many times and convinced my friends that I’d rent it and we would watch it for my 17th birthday party. I thought it looked like a rated R Accepted, so it couldn’t be that bad, right? It currently sits at a 2% on rotten tomatoes. We were confused, bored, shocked and disgusted that by the time we got to the actual shark bit in the movie all I could muster was a half hearted chuckle. The standout scene was a group of people trying to pull off a goose that had bit on a guy’s dick and watching the prosthetic dick stretch as all my high school friends screamed and looked away. Right after seeing the movie, I forced them to watch the trailer. “This is why I wanted to see it!” My friends would not let me pick another movie for months.

  19. I was in the same boat as Chris regarding Phantom but I was older. I had a roommate and former best friend who was obsessed with it and when the tour came through our city, she badgered me and claimed I just had to see it. Cue me and my sister (who hadn’t seen it either) going to see it together from the cheapest seats we could get. And man were we blown away. We ended the show in tears and were on our feet clapping at the end. It was basically like Conan O Brien crying over the show Cats.

  20. Just watched Zero Effect for the first time with my wife last night, we both really liked it. Wish it had become a series though, because there was definitely a lot of potential there and could have been a great re-imagining of the now popular interpretation of, “Sherlock Holmes is one messed up dude.” One of the reasons I love 30 20 10 is that I’m fairly knowledgeable about pop culture so it’s really interesting to me to hear of movies like this that were just not on my radar. Realistically, if 30 20 10 had never mentioned it I never would have watched it, so thanks for the show. I know you guys have busy lives and can’t watch everything you talk about, but how often does 30 20 10 get you to watch something you’ve never seen before? Once a show? Once every other show?

  21. I’m surprised you guys skipped Super Bowl 32, the last NBC Super Bowl til 2009 but of course, I blame Chris.

    John Elway who was the Quarterback for Denver from Super Bowl 22 was stiller with Denver and took them to the first Super Bowl win against the Packers and would repeat a year later.

    The post Super Bowl show was 3rd Rock with a Live Intro.


  22. You guys missed Panzer Dragoon Saga on January 29th. I guess it really is a forgotten RPG now, if only Sega didn’t lose the source code…

  23. Deep Rising is absolutely worth checking out. Yes, it is a bit of an Alien rip-off, but think “Alien meets Evil Dead.” This movie is bonkers and it knows it. Very tongue in cheek while being gruesome and violent as all hell. This movie looks REALLY expensive. The sets are amazing and huge, and the FX hold up pretty well, for the most part. The cast is great, including Treat Williams doing something between Han Solo and Ash from Army of Darkness, and super cute Famke Jansen does her best impression of Sandra Bullock from Speed. There’s also something about a jewel heist thrown in. Definitely check this out.

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