Vidjagame Apocalypse 249 – Shut Up and Play Monster Hunter!

Of course we’re gonna yell about Labo, but we’ve also played Dragonball Fighters Z, SOS, the new OK KO game, and special guest Bob Mackey has played over sixty hours of Monster Hunter Worlds!


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18 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 249 – Shut Up and Play Monster Hunter!

  1. I could never get into MH. My first real foray was the 3DS version of 3U…and I don’t know…just doesn’t have that appeal to me, at least not to sink so many hours into it.

    1. blasphemy. tar and feather this person. jk. that’s too bad but I completely understand when it comes to Monster Hunter.

  2. Glad youse guys were somewhat reasonable about Labo the reception has really annoyed me as someone who has no real affinity with Nintendo I always feel like they get kids gloves and the BFD from nostalgic. If Microsoft or Sony tried to sell cardboard they’d be critically sodomized to high hell Nintendo is like Valve literally nothing they do will ever get shit on especially compared to sister companies.

    1. @ AL – How can you be so cynical about Labo? Overpriced cardboard and strings that take hours to set up and seconds to destroy are the perfect way to get cats into the Switch. Cats are the biggest, yet untapped market! Cardboard and strings! Its every cat’s dream!

  3. Bizarre but super fun episode this week, always great to hear the gang talk about stuff they’re passionate about. And Bob is *always* a pleasure to have guest-appear.

  4. I just realized next week’s episode falls on Groundhog Day, which should probably be changed to Bill Murray Day at this point. If you guys need a topic, maybe in honor of the film, you could do games that require you to replay the same day over and over like Majora’s Mask. Or just repetetive games. You’ve probably already done both topics and I’m just forgetting. There are a lot of these episodes, after all.

  5. I’ve never played a Monster Hunter or Dark Souls game, but it sounds like the quality of life changes they made for World are the sorts of things the guys praise Dark Souls and Breath of the Wild for not having, maps and automatically taking notes and telling you how the game works and the sort of things that modern games have the ability to do.

  6. I was SO close to buying Monster Hunter World, and I still may… but I really would need someone to show me the ropes as I’ve never played one before and I just moved to a very woodsy place with very shitty internet and I just know it can never be anything other than a solo experience for me.

    It’s all good though, maybe I’ll be able to finish Persona 5 and all the rest of my shame pile instead. Or at least finish all the JRPGs from last year before Ni No Kuni 2 comes out.

    Seriously, there’s maybe one JRPG per year that isn’t a Hyperdimension Neptunia game and suddenly last year there was 500 hours of JRPGs.

  7. haven’t listened yet but hope they mention the game-changing MS move with gamepass. great pro consumer move and an incredible deal.

  8. Just gotta say that even though I’ve barely played any of those dad games where you’re saving your kids or whatever (most just aren’t the type of games I enjoy), I’m still tired of them. I appreciate having my heartstrings pulled once in a while, but I don’t need any extra guilt when I’m playing games instead of something more productive.

  9. It’s funny that Dark Souls comparisons have become “hacky” now. When Demon’s Souls first dropped in Japan in 2009, it was very clear that it borrowed heavily from Monster Hunter. At that time, EVERYTHING in Japan did. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (that’s Freedom Unite here)had been out for almost a year by that time and Japan’s Monster Hunter fever was well under way.

    Demon’s Souls was this sort of unknown new IP, and I think the positioning at the time was, “It’s like King’s Field if King’s Field played like Monster Hunter.” The fighting game-derived combat and dodge mechanics, the item management and UI, crafting system, central hub with NPCs, ruthless difficulty, and lots of other elements were unambiguously lifted direct from MH.

    I know Chris was reluctant to do another Souls comparison, but when that series debuted it was impossible NOT to note its similarities to Monster Hunter.

  10. I just had to — HAD TO — come gripe on the thread for a minute. A few episodes back Chris and Bob loudly derided HZD as a candidate for being a “Monster-Hunter-alike” because you “literally just fight big things”, and then on the episode dedicated to Monster-Hunter-alikes, you picked Dark Souls and Destiny and Punch Out and DQ9 ??
    (In HZD you literally hunt monstrous animals with breakable components and then use the parts to build and upgrade your stuff and use elemental weapons, armor, traps, and pre-fight planning to tackle goliath beasties.)
    ??? I’m just baffled.
    The weird thing is that you actually DID mention games that took direct inspiration from (Soul Sacrifice, Freedom Wars, Gods Eater) and even improved on some things in Monster Hunter that were worthy of exploration (not to mention Toukiden or Ragnarok Odyssey et al), but instead DQ9 gets a numbered slot for, I’m still not sure, being popular in Japan?
    I mean, it’s okay, it’s your podcast, but I guess I expected a different discussion and the resulting whiplash brought me here. I love you.

  11. Late correction, but if dark souls took inspiration from monster Hunter, then monster Hunter took inspiration from dark souls’ predecessor, king’s field, on ps1. From Software released a few of these, not all of which made it to america, but were decent hack and slash games with giant bosses for the time.

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