America’s Most Wanted, In Bruges, Blues Brothers 2000, The Hottie & The Nottie, Silver Surfer – Feb 2 – Feb 8

Who is America’s Most Wanted? Who can possibly replace John Belushi? Are you a Hottie or a Nottie? Find out on an all new Thirty Twenty Ten!


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26 thoughts on “America’s Most Wanted, In Bruges, Blues Brothers 2000, The Hottie & The Nottie, Silver Surfer – Feb 2 – Feb 8

  1. I didn’t really like Blues Brothers when I first watched it, but I think it’s one of those things I need to revisit because I’d like it more now that I’m not 12 and have seen many movies much older than it (including some comedies). That being said, even without the disappointment factor, I still watched Blues Brothers 2000 and fuuuuuuucking hated it for being so derivative of the original and boring as piss. I figure the anniversary of the sequel is as good a time as any to reevaluate the original.

  2. For reference: MyNetwork was an attempt by the WB and UPN stations that lost out in the CW consolidation to build a new network. Their identity was mostly “sports people don’t watch on TV, American telenovelas and WWE.” And Axs used to be HD Net, whose only identity was “everything is in HD.” If they’re running Golden Girls now, they’ve abandoned more than just the crappy name.

  3. “If you think what he did with his LEFT foot was gross…”

    Hardest laugh of my week so far. Cheers to you.

  4. Not only did the Cherry 2000 trailer have the music from Taxi Driver, the latter half of the trailer was music from a 1981 movie titled Thief. The Thief soundtrack was done by electronic/New age pioneers Tangerine Dream. If the music in that trailer reminded you of doing heists in Grand theft auto 5, it because Tangerine Dream also did the music for that game.


  5. Power Rangers fan here. Power Rangers in Space (PRiS) is regarded as one of the best seasons in the series, and personally, it’s my favorite theme song of all time. It concludes with Countdown to Destruction, which (depending on who you ask) ends The Zordon Era that started with Mighty Morphin’. It’s an epic conclusion.

    Oh, and the train-themed Sentai, ToQger, is 3 years old now.

  6. In Bruges is one of two Colin Ferrell movies I unironically like (sister film 7 Psychopaths is the other) And anythun with Zelijko “Diet Steve Buscemi” Ivanek is gonna be at least ok. I like McDonagh’s movies even 3 Billbaords which is in a bit of a take storm I’ll never see his plays but his limited cinematic work are all home runs IMO.

    1. BTW if you want some ironically endearing Collin Ferrell aside from Daredevil check out Miami Vice it’s Bloodraynesque

  7. RC Pro Am was one of those games I remember that I never owned. On the weekends I’d often visit my Dad’s house and once there I often got together with a neighbor and swapped video games. It was never mine so I never got very far in it until EMULATION! Then I used the dark powers of save-scumming to “beat” a game that had constantly thwarted me in my youth.

    PS. I think you guys never mentioned the first NES and SNES emulators that were released in 1997. BUT the first N64 Emulator was released in May of 1998, so you could mention the birth or emulation then as I think it’s an important chapter in the history of video games. –

  8. Three more thoughts;

    1) You should totally do the 2010 Nightmare on Elm Street reboot. The competitionst in me demands it!

    2) I never even heard of the Silver Surfer cartoon until 2003 when I was living in Japan and got my hands on a copy. I had a long-distance girlfriend in America at the time and we were in the process of kinda-sorta-thinking-about breaking up – but I had already bought her a ticket to come visit me in Japan. We hemmed and hawed about here coming but in the end I pushed (not least because it was my money that had bought the plane ticket) and the second I picked her up at the airport I wished I hadn’t. We went back to my little Japanese apartment and I was at a loss of what do with a woman I had prodded to fly 8,000 miles to be with me. So I suggested we watch the Silver Surfer cartoon! Needless to say this was not what she had flow across an ocean to do and she did not find the show that riveting. And while we went on to do some more Japanese-y things than watch a one season canceled American cartoon show, it was not the best way to start her trip and we broke up before she went home.

    3) “We gonna drop this next bomb for a money making playa that ain’t with us no more”
    “Yea! Notorious B.I.G”
    “Hell no! We talking about the gang bangin thug who never seen it coming”
    “Yea Tupac Shakur!”
    “Nah man in talking about mother f*cking Falco and sh*t”
    “What!?!?! Falco?!?!?”

  9. Another reminder: Hope you mention Season 9 of MST3k which premiered on March 14, 1998 with “The Projected Man” – Season 9 was the first one I ever talked about live, as it aired, on the Internet, so it holds a special place in my heart.

  10. I think you guys mischaracterise Bruges a bit there – it’s actually a fairly prominent Belgian city and popular tourist destination, and is famous for it’s picturesque streets and canals (it’s sometimes called the ‘Venice of the North’). The way I interpret the movie, the way that Colin Farrell’s character dismisses it as a boring shithole is part of the joke, and is indicative of his character – he doesn’t appreciate it because he’s kind of an uncultured thicko.

    Anyway, great movie. For fans of In Bruges, I’d also recommend another British gangster movie called Sexy Beast. It has a terrible title, and it kind of got lost in all the Snatch/Lock Stock rip-offs of the era, but it’s an incredible film. While Ralph Fiennes is good in In Bruges, he kinda feels like he’s doing a pastiche of Ben Kingsleys’ ‘Serious Thespian playing against type as foul-mouthed cockney gangster’ performance in Sexy Beast.

    1. In Bruges was one those movies like City of God that sounded like a stupid gang or tough guy movie, but has a wry sense of humor that doesn’t seem to get mentioned. Sort of like early Guy Ritchie movies, but more low-key.

    2. I think those Guy Ritchie / Matthew Vaughn gangster movies and those quipping hitmen / heist gone wrong Tarantino wannabes have a lot of the same DNA, but I think something like “Layer Cake” works a lot better than, says, “The Boondock Saints” because it’s less preoccupied with (and self-conscious about) how cool and badass its protagonists are, which is something I think a lot of Tarantino copycats didn’t get.

  11. It’s funny that you guys brought up National Airport being renamed Reagan National Airport 20 years ago this week. I out for a run on the trail right next to it when that bit came on.

    Anyways, most DC area people don’t call it Reagan National. 20 years later and most people around here still call it National or DCA. Reagan only gets used if you’re talking to someone not from DC and or you’re talking to an airline. Even then, saying DCA gets you out of having to call it Reagan.

  12. The only reason why I remember Fool’s Gold because it was shot in a small coastal town/Tourist Hub in North Queensland, Australia called Port Douglas where I went on vacation a year and half after the movie came out. One of my second cousins who was working there at the time said that the Bar that they shot some scenes in made enough money that they revamped the entire place and that they still tout the fact that parts of the movie were shot there. I tried to watch Fool’s Gold on tv one day to see the bar and only got 30 minutes in before I stopped watching it.

    Fun Fact: Port Douglas was the town that Bill and Hillary Clinton were staying at when news broke about 9/11.

  13. The original Blues Brothers is one of my favourite movies and it played an important role in the development of my musical tastes. The thing about Blues Brothers 2000 that’s always stuck out to me is how the musical numbers are set in comparison to the original movie. Everything stops, they switch to a different set where the performers are recording a music video, then they go back to the movie. The emblematic example for me is the Blues Traveler one: go and watch that scene on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean. The other big one is the jam at the end, which just reminds me of those all-star performances by the token aging classic rock stars you see at awards shows; nobody there is actually acting and nothing feels like it’s integrated into the movie.

    One of the big criticisms I see of musicals in general is that characters breaking into song and dance takes viewers out of the experience. But I think the original Blues Brothers is more in the line of classic musicals which tried to present a consistent reason for why the songs are in the plot; most of the songs in Blues Brothers have a reason to be there because they are, for example, the band doing a show; the only one I can think of that isn’t is Aretha Franklin’s song, but I think that works because the lyrics are actually relevant to the story in that case. It has a place.

  14. The Adam Walsh case is heart breaking. John was one of the initia suspects (as in cases like Adam’s, parents usually are the culprit). The police were only ever able to find Adam’s severed head and it was revealed recently by John that the family were unable to bury Adam’s remains cause it was still an active case. Plus the whole situation with the suspected killer sending the Walshes letters from prison saying he would confess if they gave him money then constantly talking about what he did to Adam. Yuck. Just a terrible situation all around but I am glad John was able to turn his grief into something that has helped a lot of people.

  15. AXS is a channel with a rather severe identity crisis but it does two things I really love:

    1) It shows a lot of really good footage of great concerts played at Red Rocks, which is a beautiful venue.

    2) It has a show called Nothing But Trailers, which is exactly what it sounds like and is really easy to get sucked into.

  16. In Bruges, and my friends’ and my love for it, was the reason we took a few days in the actual city of Bruges when we did a long trip to Europe in the summer of 2011 (just after I’d finished law school and taking the bar exam). The city itself is nice with lots of old cobblestone and some pretty nice old churches, but “quaint” is definitely the word to describe it. As we walked around the city, we kept quoting the movie to each other saying things like ” I know I’m awake, but I feel like I’m in a dream.”

    You could also tell that a substantial number of the English-speaking tourists had seen the movie, because more than once we heard other groups of people referencing the movie and quoting lines, and even saw some graffiti where someone wrote the key line in this scene on the big clocktower itself.

    If anything, one of the highlights of the trip was the middle-age British couple we met at a bar in Bruges talking about how shitty Bruges was the our bartender’s face. You could tell the bartender was offended, but these Brits did not give AF.

  17. Just a couple of things I’ve got to point out. That James Bond 007 Game Boy game was actually really good. It was much more closely akin to classic Zelda, but with guns. Actually I remember getting thrown out of the casino in that game because I won way too much money. THis happened in the middle of my 3rd grade class during a break. Also, MyNetworkTV was what they trotted out to replace the UPN/WB affiliates that didn’t become the CW. They originally planned to air telenovelas, with a new episode every night for a 13 week season. This lasted for a season and a half. Then, the schedule kind of turned to mush, and it’s up to the individual stations what airs.

  18. “Unless you’re the Mongolians.” Made me laugh more than any LT joke to date, thank you Diana.
    Bringing up Super Bowl XLII was painful as a Giants fan. The Giants pulled off a massive upset against the Patriots in a super close game with the David Tyree making an impossible catch to win the game. Cut to this season: the Giants won two games total and their only super bowl presence was a commercial recreating that Dirty Dancing scene…

  19. I only associate Fools Gold with Tropical Smoothie Cafe, since they did a big promo with that movie.

    Actually, I work at a library and book sale’d our bookmobile copy of Fool’s Gold last week.

  20. Damn you Americans, glossing over the only Olympics that matter–the Winter ones! In Canada they’re second only to the NHL Playoffs for sports people give a shit about. Nagano was memorable for our women’s hockey team losing to the dreaded USA, and of course, Snowboarding debuting as an event–with the infamous Ross Rebagliati, testing positive for marijuana, only to get his Gold medal BACK. Vindication for stoners everywhere dreaming Olympic dreams!

  21. FAVORITE BOY MEETS WORLD EPISODE OF ALL-TIME…such an important moment in the series going forward. This is why I’d have to rank Season 5 the best season (followed by season 3, then season 2). Thank you for shedding light on this! I had some old VHS’ with the commercial promo for this episode on it, that played it up to be soooo dramatic. And it was, dangit!

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