Night Court, Olympics In Calgary, Fairly Odd Baby, Madonna’s Ray Of Light, Grace Under Fire – Feb 16 – Feb 22

Night Court has TOO many cases, Grace is Under Fire no more, Madonna shows us a Ray of Light, Calgary has the Olympics, and the Fairly Odd Parents have a baby on an all new Thirty Twenty Ten!


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13 thoughts on “Night Court, Olympics In Calgary, Fairly Odd Baby, Madonna’s Ray Of Light, Grace Under Fire – Feb 16 – Feb 22

  1. I really like Be Kind, Rewind and have rewatched it a few times since it came out. My sister may have still been working at Blockbuster back in 2008 (fresh out of university) when it came out on DVD and I believe that’s how I first saw it, and that weird Blockbuster DVD case is still in my possession now as my sister eventually got the Blu-Ray. Sure, it’s got problems and the ending is kind of ridiculous, but damn it I still find a lot of humor in how bizarre it is and Jack Black is great in it.

  2. I’ve seen the Knight Rider TV movie pilot and…it bored. And I did recognize Val Kilmer’s voice but I don’t remember much about it honestly. To be fair, I’d like to think a Knight Rider reboot done right can be possible. Just a matter of who tackles it. Maybe it can be played straight or, screw it, turn it into a comedy like 21 Jump Street. Hey maybe Phil Lord and Chris Miller would be perfect to make a Knight Rider reboot, that would be fun to see. What would you guys say to that idea.

    And Fairly Oddparents, ugh, I’m glad Butch Hartman is leaving Nickelodeon because that means that show will finally die. Yes, he’s leaving Nickelodeon for good to start up his own animation studio. Dude’s a Trump supporter anyway, he drew Poof as Trump and he still follows dudes like Trump Jr. and Mike Pence on Twitter, I kid you not. Bizarrely, he follows Obama and Hilary Clinton, must be to cover his tracks.

  3. The discussion about analog to digital TV conversion and static reminds me of the opening of Neuromancer: “The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.” Back then everyone would have recognized that the sky was overcast, but kids now would think that Gibson was describing a cloudless sky.

  4. You completely missed the point of that episode of King Of The Hill. Bobby doesn’t just do some “Hank style” jokes, he’s told to use his heritage to come up with material and does a search online for “white people heritage” and ends up on a white supremacy website and his stand up routine is him trying to make jokes out of Nazi talking points.

  5. I remember how much Olympic fever struck with the Calgary games in ’88. The Minneapolis/St Paul ABC affiliate had their own satellite truck on location, what an innovation, live local reporters on location in Calgary!

    One particular story that I recall from back in that day was that of Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards’ representing Great Britain on the ski jump. I remember him from at the time, but of course the story was chronicled on the big screen in Dexter Fletcher’s “Eddie the Eagle” movie, portrayed by Taron Egerton. I was surprised this colorful tale was not part of your Olympics segment.

  6. Night Court is the first TV show I recall getting “woke” to its nature _as_ a TV show. Oh, I knew TV shows weren’t real but it wasn’t until I had seen this premise done again (and again and again) on Night Court that I really understood that a TV show was written by writers just doing a job. But in seeing this shown in syndication with a bunch of episodes like this one, which were all just basically an excuse to burn off quick one-time joke cases that couldn’t fit in other episodes, I really grasped that TV shows could get “lazy” and do the same thing over and over again, even if they made slight changes to it.

  7. I recently finished watching Power Rangers Jungle Fury, and I rather enjoyed it after the disappointments that were Mystic Force and Operation Overdrive, and RPM is even better.

  8. I rented Senseless on a sad New Year’s Eve (the one leading into 2001). My friends and I would always get together on New Year’s Eve to play games all night, but for some reason they all had separate plans that year, and to make things worse, my local small town Blockbuster had barely anything left to rent. By the way, it’s called “Senseless” because the main character would occasionally lose all of his senses whenever the special formula (or whatever) wore off.

    I saw Be Kind, Rewind while on a bad date. One of the things that bothered me about the movie was when Jack Black and Mos Def wanted to get a beautiful woman who worked at a nearby store to act in their movies. She says she’s busy and that her sister could fill in for her, and they treat the sister like she’s a total dud, but she’s also a very attractive woman. Maybe that’s the joke, but if so, it fell flat like most of the movie.

  9. I actually saw Jay Leno perform stand-up in Vegas in 1998! We took a family vacation at pretty much the height of the Disney-ifcation of Vegas and seeing Jay perform was actually one of the highlights of the trip. I know he gets a lot of flack for his Tonight show hosting/screwing over Conan, but in terms of pure stand-up I honestly think he is an incredibly skilled man. He worked the crowd like non one I have ever seen (live) since. Every beat, every joke, every last bit of timing was just on fire.

  10. When Marge goes “OH DEAR LORD!” and spits out her water when Jeneane says “I got my period today…” is one of my all time favorite Simpsons gags.

  11. I’m really surprised you guys didn’t mention the win Tara Lipinski had over Michelle Kwan, one of the biggest surprises and upsets during the Olympics 20 years ago this week.

  12. As Be kind Rewind had came out the same year, we had to make a sweded version of a movie of a college film course. We got to pick any movie, so naturally we picked Braveheart. We spent hours making armor out of cardboard, and buying halloween swords. We ended up with a pretty hilarious movie (IMHO) and a decent mark. Thank god for youtube, because I can enjoy it at anytime, and now, so can you ->

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