Black Panther Review And The Long Hard Road Of Black Superhero Movies – Laser Time

WARNING: This podcast contains three privileged white guys who have no business talking about struggle talking about struggle. They mean well.


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10 thoughts on “Black Panther Review And The Long Hard Road Of Black Superhero Movies – Laser Time

  1. Maaaaan if ya’ll mafuckaz ever did a MeteorMan MNM id do my damndest to drive up from San Jose. Little kid me watched that all the live long day that movie is an abortion but I loved it. I thought The Golden Lords were so cool and I loved that grey and green color scheme. Also sister movie Blackman is a great comedy for stupid kids.

    1. Also Henry you mentioned the lack of white women in interracial relationships in movies that’s one of the many sticking points I had with TLJ

  2. The Christopher Priest run of Black Panther (besides being fucking great) is a really, really good primer for the character and his role in the larger Marvel universe. IIRC Ryan Coogler has mentioned it in interviews, and you can definitely see its influence on the film – for both what happens in the run, and all the bits of T’Challa’s backstory that it references and re-contextualizes. Plus, he wanted to have Kraven the Hunter show up in it until Sony were dicks about it, and Kraven has a small but great appearance earlyish into the run.

    In terms of the movie, it fucking rules and I’m going to see it again this week. I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite MCU entry (or Phase 3 entry cause the competition is tight) but it’s without a doubt up there with Iron Man and Spider-Man Homecoming as the best first-entry solo movies, and one of the best of the whole universe. I’m really excited to see what they do going forward with T’Challa, Wakanda, and every bit of the world they touched upon in this. Pretty much every character got to shine while still leaving me wanting more. Even Ross, which is a character who could very easily be done poorly and come across as really cringey, was great – as he is in the Priest run.

  3. As for while they didn’t bring child-Killmonger to Wakanda; they killed his father. The child would grow up knowing that The King of Wakanda killed his father and would therefore seek revenge – patricide is an unforgivable offense in the overwhelming majority of cultures in the world.

  4. It was fine. But it suffered from the same problems almost every first Marvel movie does. i.e. A. The villain is just a dark mirror version of the hero with the same powers. And B. Any halfway interesting villain gets killed off.

  5. Definitely liked it, and there’s definitely a LOT to like about it, but I didn’t have my mind blown with it. I must admit I usually bow to plot before anything else, and in BP’s case the plot is good but HIGHLY predictable. We were literally in the theater saying “he wins this fight”, “he loses this fight”, “he’ll say no and then dramatically appear in the final battle” etc. It was really enjoyable though, just on style, themes and performances alone.

    I do certainly want to throw in two cents about the soundtrack though. People are going apeshit about the amazing soundtrack that mixes traditional orchestral score with African music – the African music was great, but the traditional orchestral part was AWFUL! It was so distracting during the initial Wakanda flyover!

    Finally in a non-Black Panther pro-Black Superhero comment – I’m sad you guys haven’t been watching Black Lightning. It’s awesome. You want to see a black superhero deal with actual race issues and beat up racist white cops? Watch Black Lightning. It’s only a few episodes in and it’s been getting better and better. It doesn’t even feel like a CW superhero show, and it’s not connected with the rest of the Arrowverse.

  6. I thought Spider-Man Homecoming was nifty, and I didn’t really like about half of the movies released thus far. This one just kicked it up to a whole new level.

    I find Killmonger very sympathetic, but the fact remains he f-ing killed a lot of people in his quest to take the throne, even his own lover because he was in the way. The Black-American Man becoming the Ultimate Colonizer, an amazing revelation..

    My biggest quibble is we don’t really know what life is like for Wakandans on the ground. I know Daniel Kaluuya’s tribe provides the front for the country, but is this a post-scarcity society? Does everybody in the country get a living wage and more like people in the Middle East? Are people forced to live in the tribe they’re born in? That is something I would like to explore, but are there other media about the subjects of the Black Panther?

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