Talking Simpsons – Lisa The Vegetarian

We’re joined by special guest Kat Bailey this week for a big bunch of true tales of living as a vegetarian. As Lisa tries to win friends with salad, Homer is handing out hot beef injections to his pals in this idealogical episode. You’d be a Grade A Moron not to listen to this podcast!


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17 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Lisa The Vegetarian

  1. To the conversation said before about broadening your pallet, when you aren’t just eating meat, so true. I never quit meat 100%, but me and my girlfriend only make about 2 meat based meals a weak and you look into so many recipes and ingredients when you aren’t just making meat based meals. Western countries really eat way to much meat we don’t need it with every meal.

    Though I will say a small aside to the vegan pet food.. don’t ever do it, it’s absolutely awful especially cats as their body isn’t made for it and they’re required to be carnivorous unlike humans. I always feel when I see people do that it seems a bit messed up to force biologically incorrect diets on an animal with no choice for your morals.

  2. Thanks for the vegetarian commentary. I’ve been one for five years, and it’s great to hear similar experiences to my own. The worst is when your company caters a meal for Christmas from a local barbecue joint and your boss embarrasses you by singling you out for not being able to eat anything.

  3. I really enjoyed the vegetarian talk at the beginning of the show. It reminded me of all the fun I had being a vegetarian atheist when I was in the army.
    Most days it was not a big deal, however things became difficult for the year I was deployed to Iraq. During a deployment you spend much more time with people in closer quarters and my vegetarianism and atheism was broached much more often.

    It got to the point where several times a week sometimes multiple times a day someone would ask questions about my diet or debate the health effects of not eating meat. I started to get fed up and would try to explain to people I have already had the conversation 6 times this week I just want to eat my food and not have to explain my life choices for 8 minutes. People thought I was rude and honestly felt since their questions were usually honest and earnest they deserved to be answered and that I should function as a vegetarian ambassador prepared to educate anyone on a moments notice about any question they have about the entire subject. I got so sick of it I would just tell some people I was a vegetarian because I lost a bet.

  4. So, because of this episode i’ve referred to shitty (Read: not “All Beef”) Hot Dogs as “Boot Dogs” ever since!

  5. I love, Love, LOVE this episode. There are episodes that hit me harder emotionally and episodes that I feel are more well-written, but this one in particular strikes the perfect balance of humor and emotion. Lisa episodes are some of my absolute favorites from the golden age of the Simpsons and “Lisa the Vegetarian” is the best out of all of them.

    1. And also, it’s always great to hear Kat on the show. When your general animation podcast launches, PLEASE have her on an episode dedicated to Gundam.

  6. Due to my family’s vague religious practices, I am only allowed to eat two types of land animals, pork and chicken. Eating meat isn’t a very necessary thing for me, but I still love it. It’s not only the “meaty flavor” but the technique and science that goes into the dish, especially how the fat combines with the salt and spices and other vegetables. Hey, I’m a fan of delicious flavor, especially something that comes out of that mallard reaction.

    On the times I do eat vegetarian, big fan of falafel here, I wouldn’t mind it at all, just as so long I get fed. Like people with losing weight, me reading and actually applying what I read in cookbooks is a resolution. I’ll make my own vegetarian meals one day, I swear!

    Chris’ philosophy sounds very Ben Franklin-like.

  7. This episode is what made me a fan of Paul McCartney. I remember hearing Maybe I’m Amazed and I thought it was such a beautiful song. I was so young so I did not really know about the Beatles.

    Also, “Sensible Bites” is a phrase thrown around at my house a lot.

  8. I am not a vegetarian by any means but in general I don’t have a problem with them. However when they get all uptight, holier than thou preachy about shit that isn’t correct then i get irritated. Haven’t listened to the episode yet so I can’t say whether the hosts get that way or not.

    Couple things I do want to point out
    1) nothing wrong with eating meat. That’s the diet we evolved with, our teeth reflect it, and it provides many valuable things for us in our environment. sure there are plant based substitutes we have genetically modified over the years like that nasty soy and tofu shit to replicate the benefits but it tastes god awful (to me anyway, to each their own).

    2) there’s nothing wrong with eating a cow or a chicken or whatever. Lots of folks like to talk these horrible concentration camp style shit for these animals but unlike these complainers who’ve only watched a netflix documentary I’ve lived the shit. I’ve lived on a farm where meat (chickens, cows) was raised for consumption. The chickens are kept in great overall conditions and isolated to prevent catching of disease. Sure some die but that is what happens when your dealing with tens and tens of thousands of organisms. They have been selected to age quickly and essentially be food but I mean with billions of fucking people on the planet you have to do something. These chickens aren’t wild (they were bred based off red jungle fowl which is the actual wild chicken). They are kept in close spaces because thats how they congregate anyway. When released as little chicks they have tons of room but stay in huddles. They aren’t a fancy human who likes a bigass living room to sprawl around in. Also, while they are cute as chicks they are complete assholes as adults. They will straight up murder kids if they get the chance so don’t fuck with these things. The injected hormone talk is all overblown by people who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

    To continue on with my second point, I’ve seen the conditions the cows are raised in. Beautiful sprawling acres of land, fed hay and salt (cows LOVE salt), and only real concern is accidental predation by a vulture (if baby calves are left alone) or by coyotes, cougars, wolves. If they get sick, they are treated with an antibiotic that isn’t used in humans to heal themselves. The females are kept while most of the males that are born are castrated and sold for meat at a later date. The bulls used for reproduction live a life of god damn luxury and are prized for their particular genetics and live a long good life. Same with the females. If the females have trouble giving birth, the farmers actually help these animals survive. I’ve personally bottle raised a calf that was stranded and would have died on this meat farm. I’ve helped give birth in cases where the mom would have died without intervention. They aren’t livnig in cramped conditions, they aren’t forcefed antibiotics and steroids and shit constantly (that’s more of a non-US problem). They are just normal cows, eating natural food and these cows are used to make hamburgers at the fast food joints. I also eat the meat from these cows and it is really good.

    3) I care about animal rights more than people for the most part. I’m a huge conservationist AND biologist. I’m not some ignorant backwoods trumpster (fuck him). However i’m not swayed by these PETA fucks and secluded hippies who don’t know shit and get their information straight from random ass documentaries. Sure slaughterhouses suck. It’s a fucking slaughterhouse. But it’s the harshness of our existence as living things on the planet. Watch a real nature documentary and you’ll see that’s how shit is. I’m not advocating for eating endangered things (but everyone should eat deer, that shit is delicious AND they are overpopulated causing us problems AND THEIR OWN POPULATIONS PROBLEMS. called the paradox of enrichment folks).

    4) Plants are alive too folks. Just because they’re slow and don’t have a cute baby form doesn’t change the fact they aren’t alive. Hell plants are WAY more genetically modified and had their shit fucked with way more than any animal has. We got wheat from mixing multiple species together. That kale ya’ll like so much? Just one of many products derived from wild mustard (yeah that’s right, wild mustard). Everything you god damn eat is genetically modified so don’t use that BS argument either for vegetarians. Also plants are life and you straight up murder the fuck out of them (they can respond to stimuli and have just as much of a will to live as a damn chicken does).

    To wrap all this up. You can be a vegetarian or not, I don’t care. Eat what makes ya happy. However don’t not eat the shit and think you’re better than me or more ‘educated’ than me. You’re not. If you feel that way, you’ve fallen for the same propaganda shit you bitch at meat eaters for following for. Be a vegetarian but don’t act like some self-righteous pompous ass who sniffs their own farts and loves it. I’ve said my piece, ITCHY SUNBURN OUT.

    1. As a college educator, we use dissections to see specifics of the anatomy of organisms. Doing the specific hands on exploration helps visualize and connect to what we are doing rather than just looking at a picture. Computers help but isn’t a full replacement yet.

      I’ve taught in classrooms that still have chalk boards. Most have dry erase though.

    2. “Also plants are life and you straight up murder the fuck out of them (they can respond to stimuli and have just as much of a will to live as a damn chicken does). ”

      I think most “scienticians” would dispute this claim, Mr. Self-Proclaimed “Biologist”.

    3. “Haven’t listened to the episode yet so I can’t say whether the hosts get that way or not.”

      Uh, might I suggest you listen to the episode first? Especially when it deals with a subject you’re clearly very sensitive about?

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