Comic Reviews: The Terrifics and Jessica Jones!


This week a new DC team rises with The Terrifics, and Jessica Jones’ war with the Purple Man comes to a end!

The Terrifics #1 (DC Comics)

With the Fantastic Four still in hiding at Marvel, it’s only natural for DC to try and fill that void with The Terrifics. The latest in the line of the “New Age of Heroes” books, The Terrifics features a rag tag team of heroes ranging from Mr. Terrific to Metamorpho to Plastic Man. Everything about this book, from the team line up to the name, is pretty weird, but with creators like Jeff Lemire and Ivan Reis on the book, it’s hard not to take notice and see the potential for a fun adventure comic.

The Terrifics is your basic team up origin issue. Much of the book is comprised of Mr. Terrific confronting Mr. Stagg, the man who had stolen his tech while he was off world during the Metal event. While he’s confronting Stagg, Mr. Terrific comes across Metamorpho, who is being used to build a bridge to the Dark Universe. After calling in Plastic Man for back up, the trio have to confront a new, mysterious character who comes through the Dark Universe doorway, as well as a mysterious message from none other than Tom Strong himself.

While there isn’t a whole lot of action in this issue, Jeff Lemire does an admirable job of setting the stage for the series and the characters. There’s no origin info dump for Metamorpho, Mr. Terrific, and the like, but that’s not really needed here, as Lemire presents the characters and their abilities and trusts that you’ll go along with the story. I can’t imagine a lot of new readers going back and researching Metamorpho or Plastic Man, but some sort of recap page probably wouldn’t have been a bad idea either (or at least a spoiler free update on how this all relates to Metal).

On the art side of things, there’s really no better choice for this series than Ivan Reis. Reis’ art is chock full of stunning panels and moments for the characters, and it’s truly awesome to see his art again. There are a few strange panels and awkward designs here, but for the most part, Reis’ style is perfectly suited for this book.

The Terrifics probably won’t be DC’s answer to Fantastic Four, but it’s definitely a book that fans of Marvel’s first family will want to check out anyways. There’s a lot of potential for fun adventures in The Terrifics, so hopefully we’ll get to see that once the story gets going.


Jessica Jones #17 (Marvel Comics)

With a new Netflix season on the way, Marvel’s Jessica Jones series has been firing on all cylinders. Even though Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos are prepping their finale on the series, the series is still one of the most compelling Marvel books on the stands. Make no mistake though, Bendis and Gaydos are definitely leaving this title soon, and Jessica Jones #17 brings to a close the one conflict that has haunted Jessica Jones since the beginning of her series: Kilgrave.

I won’t go into the details of what happens in this issue, but this is definitively the finale of Jessica and Kilgrave’s story. In fact, if Marvel tries to undo this, I can imagine a lot of readers crying foul and being very upset with the company, as Bendis and Gaydos put such a huge PEROID on their relationship that it would be very foolish to try and undo it (not that I don’t doubt that  Marvel will try and do it some day though).

It’s amazing what this book accomplishes with just two characters talking. There’s very little action, and yes, you’ll get the patented Bendis “wall of word balloons” a few times in this issue, but it all works because the dialogue between Jessica and Kilgrave is that compelling. These two characters are so tied together, but we’ve really only seen them interact one on one in a few moments, so Bendis savors every moment of their confrontation.

Michael Gaydos’ art is perfectly suited for this series. Gaydos’ style has never been one that’s best suited for action, so having this very dialogue heavy issue (and series) handled by him is a great decision, and that’s not just because Gaydos was the original artist on Alias. Few artists can make two characters talking to one another so compelling, but Gaydos is able to do it so well that I really feel bad for whoever has to draw this book after these two are done.

It’ll be really interesting to see what happens with Jessica Jones once Bendis and Gaydos close out their run. Marvel has stated that they’ll most likely be keeping the book in their release schedule, but there’s been no announcement for who will replace the writer and artist. These two have become so intrinsically tied to the character that imagining a solo series without them is nearly impossible. For now we’ll just need to enjoy what we’ve got.

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