Vidjagame Apocalypse 254 – Tiny Heroes, Big Worlds

This week’s big release is Moss, a VR game about a tiny mouse on a quest – so with help from Macworld editor Leif Johnson, let’s take a look at five classic games in which you’re a tiny creature trying to survive in a regular-sized world. Then we chat about hidden messages in Metal Gear Survive, get a little crestfallen for Chrono Trigger, and look at your favorite videogame dogs.

Question of the Week
What’s your favorite game to play to chill out?


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Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Crackdown 3
God of War
Metro: Exodus

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19 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 254 – Tiny Heroes, Big Worlds

  1. QotW: The Chill out game is a classic – Tetris! Doesn’t matter which variation…GB, mobile, DS, 3DS, Switch, etc. It’s my go to game to just relax/

  2. QotW: Lately my go-to chill out game is Steam World Dig 2 on Switch so I can chill out where ever, whenever. It’s just a really solid gameplay loop of loot and reward with a little bit of risk of losing your loot before making it back to town.
    I had the music stuck in my head while reading the Annihilation (the novel the movie is roughly based off of) with that ever present compulsion to explore downward…

    Really thinking of getting DQ Builders on Switch though since I’ve just about exhausted every last nook and cranny of Steam World Dig 2.

    1. If you do get DQ Builders don’t make the mistake I and I assume others have made in investing to much time collecting materials and go nuts on the town. Once the main objects are complete you move on to the next area which is completely different and not connected to the previous level. It’s fine but had I known it was going to play out like that I won lent spent so much time farming if I knew. (I enjoyed the game to be clear. )

  3. QotW: My favorite chill out game is Tetris Attack aka Puzzle League. I started playing the series when it was on DSi with that $5 version when the DS version commanded insane prices like $40, and was charmed with the simpleconcept of the blocks just chaining together and popping away. When I discovered the SNES version, quite affordable!, my fandom was cemented. The cute Yoshi design, the soothing music, I was wondering where this version of the game was all my life. It’s a shame that Nintendo and Intelligent Systems abandoned this property, as it would be a great addition to the Switch or 3DS library.

  4. QOTW: Dynasty Warriors. Sometimes you want action but not linear, heavily scripted or complex combo based action. No, instead if you greatly lower the difficulty you get the opposite, a free runaround the battlefield, plowing through whole armies in an over the top camp spectacle that requires little effort. Just sit back and enjoy the crazy ride, it’s oddly relaxing. For the record, Jim Sterling was right, I thought Dynasty Warriors 9 was terrible even by standards of hardcore fan’s own complacency with the repetitive series.

  5. QOTW: My favorite game to chill with: lately with my busy schedule , I find turning on my switch to start Stardew Valley for moments at a time has made me more aware of managing my personal time better as well as the daily cycle of living life in Pelican Town with all the gold star fish that need to be caught before midnight. Love the show

  6. QotW: while not a specific game in the series, the Lego games brand of cathartic destruction/rebuilding and simple puzzle solving does help me relax. Always have at least one on the back burner just in case.

  7. I’ve wanted Mr. Mosquito forever, but couldn’t pull the trigger when I finally found one for 50 bucks. Does it emulate ok? Chibi Robo is another one I wanted but slept on, now it’s too pricey.

  8. Open world games or games with quickly achievable tasks. Most recently this can be summed up in Zelda BoTW and Mario Odyssey. In Zelda you can wander around the world and pick up the story when you feel like it be the story is so small that you can rewatch the cutscenes at any point for a refresher … or DON’T! Either way it’s relaxing to just explore. With Mario it’s the opposite, quick and easy Moon retrieval for just a few minutes to remind you that you CAN play vidja games and still get everything done on your to-do list.

  9. QotW: Whenever I just want to play a game to chill, I get out some version of Picross. I started with the DS Picross game and have been in love with that style of puzzle ever since, having cleared the 3D one, the Pokemon one, a half-dozen phone versions, and even a good number of browser types. The first time through, it’s simply fun to reveal the little pictures, but after that it’s really rewarding to lower your clear times. Also, you can just listen to music or a podcast while playing.

  10. QOTW: My favorite game to play when I wanna chill out is Animal Crossing on the Gamecube. There is just something so unique to the feel of the original AC that I can always return to it and check on my town. The music is also the most nostalgic for me and reminds me of the simple days when I had no real world responsibilities. And that rainy day theme? top notch classic

  11. QOTW: Pilotwings as a series, has always been my personal choice whenever I want to take a breather and just relax. Soothing soundtracks and gameplay that does not push the player to the limits but instead keeps the player still in his toes with a score-/medal-system that reminds the player that even though you are flying across the cloudy seas and green hills, you’re still playing a goddamn vidjagame.

  12. I really love the relaxing games that PopCap puts out. Peggle and Bejeweled are great, and they’re on iPhone so I can play them while waiting in a line or at a restaurant. Ultimately though my favorite would have to be Insaniquarium. That game is honestly one of the best puzzle / arcade games ever made. It’s colorful, cheerful, silly, and just simply entertaining; how could one not love it?

  13. Question of the Week: Not a specific game but the Kirby series as a whole. They have the right balance of cuteness, simplicity, and challenge. Watching that little puffball do his famous gig a after beating a boss is just so calming.

    Just try not to remember the Kirby’s Dreamland 2 commercial. That might ruin it.

  14. QoTW: I guess i’d say my go to relaxing game is probably civ. Nothing puts me at ease quite like sending an army of giant killer death robots and nuclear ICBMs into a country still stuck in the middle ages. its so relaxing, in fact, that I’ve demonstrated countless times in college and grad school that civ can and should be used as a substitute to actual sleep.

    Barring civ, stardew valley is a good relaxing game for obvious reasons.

  15. Question of the week: The game that I play to relax is Electroplankton, the interactive music game for the DS developed by Indieszero. I remember picking the game up at an outdoor Swapmeet and falling in love with its overall quirkiness and innovation. It Nintendo had added to the game a bit, it could have been something truly magical. Unfortunately, the only thing most people know about the it is that weird leaf level in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Still, it’s a remarkable title.

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