Remembering Harris Wittels – Laser Time #320

On the anniversary of his untimely passing, join us for a spirited celebration of the work, legacy and influence of comedian Harris Wittels.


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9 thoughts on “Remembering Harris Wittels – Laser Time #320

  1. I remember hearing about it when he passed, but I didn’t really know much about him other than his work on Parks & Rec (which was enough to bum me out). Even with that limited knowledge, this was a really engaging episode to listen to. Matt’s topic selection & hosted eps have all been good, informative stuff.

  2. very dissapointed in you guys with that disparaging comment about Jimmy Dore. Not only have you fallen for corporate/establishment/neoliberal propoganda, but now you’re spreading an uninformed opinion as a smear against a progressive leftist

  3. I’m usually pretty unphased by celebrity deaths, but man did this one hit me hard. As someone who doesn’t really use social media I found out about his death from that last Farts and Procreations episode of CBB. Several times while listening to that episode I would laugh at one of his jokes and then break down crying because it would hit me all over again that the funniest guy in the world was dead. I think it also hit me hard because it was an overdose and I grew up in a small city that in the late 90’s (aka my childhood) had the highest per-capita meth addiction rate in the country. From age 8-18 about once a year a friend, family member, or friend of the family would die from a drug related death. Harris felt like an extension of that.
    Plus, I felt a kinship with him as a Midwesterner born on 4-20 who thinks Phish is an okay band with terrible fans.

  4. Sober jam band liker here. Laser Time sorely needs to do a jam bands episode (but not unless I’m around).

    The best episode of You Made It Weird is the one with Louie Anderson. Get your permission slip ready with that one, ’cause you’re goin’ on a feels trip.

  5. As a thoroughly obnoxious Phish fan myself, I was in tears for the first part of this podcast. I love hearing you guys rip on Phish fans (and for good reason). But I just wanted to remind you that the level of dedication to the minutiae of the scene and the music is very similar to the way you guys love obsessing over The Simpson’s and SNL. We all have our nerdy obsessions. Some people are just louder and more incorrigible than others about it.
    Anyways sorry for rambling. Harris Wittels was a comedic mastermind that I only knew from Analyze Phish and Bang Bang. This inspired to look into more of his works. RIP man, may the four winds blow you safely home.

    1. the bagels bit is maybe my favourite joke of all time. i think about it literally every day. i’ve never looked at bagels the same way since. or pussyholes, for that matter.

  6. The inner music nerd in mewas triggered when Hank called St. Vincent “some indie band no one remembers,” but I guess I don’t come here for the music news haha.

    This was also a supremely great episode. Really great job synthesizing all of his work. It was trippy to hear one of my favorite podcasts LITENING TO CLIPS of my other favorite podcast.

  7. Also, if you’re on twitter, ‪@retwittels‬ is a bot that a fan made that just retweets Harris’ tweets on the exact same day/time he originally tweeted them.

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