Talking Simpsons – King-Size Homer

Giant Bomb/All Systems Goku’s Dan Ryckert joins us for this extra large episode of The Simpsons. Homer gets on disability by reaching 300 lbs but is this dream actually a nightmare. Grab your rag on a stick and a garbage bag full of popcorn and listen along with this week’s podcast!


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7 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – King-Size Homer

  1. “I wash myself with a rag on a stick” is a phenomenal joke and something my siblings and I have said to each other countless times.

    I love the disparity between Homer’s fantasy of what he’d be wearing while home at 300 pounds, versus the reality of his horrible (but excellently designed) outfit.

    1. “I wash myself with a rag on a stick”. It’s peak America, the most American line the Simpsons ever wrote.

  2. Haha right on, great get with Dan Ryckert!! I personally love the Beastcast, it was awesome to see (er…hear) Dan guesting here. I would also LOVE to see some GB alums on Retronauts… for Metal Gear or Mario sounds most likely 😉

  3. On the Letterman cold studio. I remember sometimes his guests would comment on that. He would sometimes respond with: “We like to keep our comedy fresh.”

  4. Dan was a great guest.

    Also Bob, it wasn’t fat guy hatted Paul Prudhomme who did the “I guarantee it” thing it was Justin Wilson, still Cajun but less fat.

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