Edward James Olmos Stands and Delivers, Carrot Top Chairs the Board and HBO cuts off the The Wire – Mar 9-15

Morrissey, Snoop Dogg, Fastball and that’s just the music! The Wire takes a bow, Uncle Jesse runs away, MST3K returns and Horton Hears a Who. All that and more, this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look back into the week that was 30, 20 and 10 years ago!


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15 thoughts on “Edward James Olmos Stands and Delivers, Carrot Top Chairs the Board and HBO cuts off the The Wire – Mar 9-15

  1. You guys dropped such a nostalgia bomb with pointing out “Are You Jimmy Ray.” In 1998, my sister bought the first CD player my family ever had, and it came with a free CD that had nothing but “Are You Jimmy Ray” and some remixes of it. REMIXES!
    She brought the CD player with us on long road trips, so I ended up hearing the song more times than I care to remember. I don’t know how my dad had the patience to sit through that.

  2. Googling around, it looks like the episode of Full House whose ratings you wondered about was seen by 14.2 Million viewers., which is in the same range as the number of viewers who watched the Olympics (which was some of the highest rated shows of last week in 2018). But in 1988 that didn’t even crack the top 30. The monoculutre was real!

    Oh, and I saw that Norman McDonald interview on Conan when it first came out in 1998. I was a huge Conan fan because of stuff like this; you’d just see things on his show that you’d never see on other talk shows. I hadn’t seen this clip in 20 years but as soon as you brought it up I remembered pretty much every comedic beat.

  3. You guys actually get to talk about South Park’s “Stand and Deliver” episode relatively soon. Despite Diana thinking it was “just a few years ago,” it will actually turn 10 on April 9th. The episode is called “Eek, a Penis!”

  4. Just like last week, Chris, I would recommend you use GameFAQs advanced search to figure out what was released. GameFAQS has four releases between March 9th and 15th.

    Predator for Famicom (Barf!)
    Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars for Master System (… sure)
    Nazoler Land Dai 3 Gou for Famicom (No clue)
    TwinBee for Famicom Disk System (also released on cartridge in 1986 so not really newsworthy).

    Next week still has nothing interesting in 1988 but you have the Famicom version of Nobunaga’s Ambition and the Famicom game Napoleon Senki which has a crazy cover:


    I’m now realizing those are all Japanese releases. But you covered them in the past on the show, so I don’t know …

  5. The last season of The Wire gets a bad burrito and has only gotten better with time especailly the Newspaper angle and “Fake News” and sensationalization of stories. This season featured Marlo’s S-Rank “My name is my name!” boast and an excellent wrapup of the Season 4 boys really excellent work that I think time has forgiven at least I hope.

  6. Fastball had two hits, Out of My Head wasn’t as big as The Way but it did pretty well. And you really need to watch Doomsday. It is not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination, but it is aggressively stupid in all the best ways. The scene where a human barbecue takes place with a Fine Young Cannibals song playing in the background is probably the best way to sum up what kind of film we’re dealing with here.

  7. Thanks for the shout-out to the Deaf President Now protests! That was such a cool moment in history and it really means a lot to my Deaf friends and teachers.

  8. Rhona Mitra was the original model for Lara Croft back in the nineties. She’s a healthy hunk of woman.

  9. I can’t remember if I already shared this story, but The Sci Fi Channel’s (SyFy?) airing of MST3K is probably the reason I could never get into that show. They aired it on SATURDAY MORNING and my brother was super into it. The rule was that, if you made it downstairs first, you got to watch whatever you wanted until the other brother woke up, then he would get to pick the next show and we’d alternate. What that meant was, if my brother woke up first, he’d put on MST3K, and I’d miss out on 3 HOURS of cartoons (SciFi was not shy with the commercial breaks), but if I woke up first, I’d get to watch Eek the Cat… before he changed to an already-in-progress episode of MST3K, so I’d miss 2-and-a-half hours of cartoons. I missed out on a lot of cartoons of that era, like The Tick, and Pepper Ann and Recess – because they all aired during that time. It was worse than Soul Train for heralding the end of cartoons.
    As an adult, I realize it’s objectively a good show, and it deserves another chance, but every time I fire up an episode, my lizard brain reminds me that I could be watching something else, and I just get irritable and impatient.

    “In the not to distant fu-ture
    Any Saturday A.D.
    There was a guy named Sean,
    Who would rather be watching Animaniacs.”

  10. Speaking of Gallaudet University and football.

    A quarterback at their school Paul D Hubbard in 1892 invented the huddle. He realized his opponents could learn ASL and see what he was saying, so he had his team huddle to hide the hand signals.

    1. Oh, I’m one of those weirdos who watches the long sets of commercials on YouTube. I actually just watched some ads from around this time in 1998. “House Rules” was about these two guys and a girl (ha) who lived together, and their house rule was that they never hook up with each other.

  11. My sister was OBSESSED with that Jimmy Ray song. When you played it, I fell into a black hole and was 12 again, trying to figure out a way to hide her Jimmy Ray CD.

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