Vidjagame Apocalypse 255 – Antagonistic Protagonists

Plenty of games let you play as multiple heroes, but how many have you switching back and forth between heroes that seriously have it in for each other, pushing you to work against yourself every time your perspective shifts? A whole bunch, as it turns out, so this week we’ll look at five of our favorites, with help from Matthew Allen. Then it’s on to idle chatter about Far Cry Arcade, the return of Fear Effect and Drake of the 99 Dragons, and your favorite chill-out games.

Question of the Week
What’s your favorite free game that you’ve gotten through PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live Games With Gold, or a similar feature?


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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Till All Are One by Stan Bush. Haunting and beautiful New Releases Theme by David B. Cooper.

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Wes Green, Gerry Holt, Corey Newb




Nick Rocky Castro

Mike Amari


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Kingdom Hearts III
Red Dead Redemption 2
Death Stranding
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Crackdown 3
God of War
Metro: Exodus

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21 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 255 – Antagonistic Protagonists

  1. Question of the Week
    What’s your favorite free game that you’ve gotten through PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live Games With Gold, or a similar feature?

    Since the time it’s come out to now I’ve gotten free copies of Life is Strange season 1 episode 1 on countless systems. Xbox, PlayStation, steam, toaster oven. It seems I have more copies than I know what to do with. Even now I got ANOTHER free copy with my purchase of the physical copy of Before the Storm.

    But I don’t mind cause I love the series and I’m glad I was able to support the creators this far. Here’s hoping Vampyr is good

    Also, I wish I had a free copy of the game for the council that Really matters, the Switch.

  2. QotW: When the Vita launched, Sony practically gave away all the launch games for free for PS+ members. Out of the bunch Gravity Rush was my favorite.

  3. Hey, all! Been a while!
    While most of the games I get offered on PS+ I already own, I remember back in the day when the Playstation Network got hacked, and everyone shit themselves for two weeks. When things went back online, Sony offered everyone a handful of free ‘Apology Games’. One of which was Wipeout HD. I remember soaking up HOURS of this game with my friends, bro-shouting at each other and having a good ol’ time. Ahh… memories.

  4. QotW: my favorite game I got through PS+ is Virtue’s Last Reward. I had heard about 999 but never experienced either it or it’s sequel so went in completely blind. Helped my growing love of visual novels.

  5. Chris, do you happen to have a link to the $30 256 EVO card? Went on Amazon and the only $30 ones are cheap/scam rip off cards. Official Samsung/EVO cards are 100+

  6. QotW: when I bought my PS4 in early 2014, the main freebie was Resogun. When I first booted it up, it seemed like a weird choice for a showcase for new hardware. As i dug in, though, I got seriously hooked on the gameplay and started to notice all the little touches in the particle effects etc that made it an awesome pick. I still break it out every couple months today.

  7. Just last month Rime was free on PSPlus, and I really liked it, lots of climbing and puzzle solving, with no combat. It was what I wish Tomb Raider were most of the time, not so much combat interrupting my exploration.

  8. Whaaaaaaat?? I was 1000% sure #1 was going to be Legacy of Kain: Defiance, the culmination of five games’ worth of growing animosity between two alternating, adversarial protagonists. Wtf is “LUCAS of Kain”?

  9. Last month I got totally surprised by Owlboy, Snake Pass and Tacoma in the Civ 6 monthly Humble Bundle.

    All games I’ve been meaning to put in my Steam library and play sometime in my next lifetime.

  10. QOTW: Sleeping Dogs on PS3. I loved it so much that I’ve since repurchased it, first on 360 (just to own a copy in case I ever decided not to renew PS+),
    then again on PS4, just for an excuse to get the platinum trophy all over again. Seriously, if you haven’t played it, do so. It’s on sale at least 5 times a year.

  11. QotW: Need for Speed: Most Wanted via origin. I for a decade avoided NFS because nothing could ever live up to NFS: Underground 1 & 2 -insert intro for Get Low-. They were both so damn good. I decided to give it a try because I still had some lingering nostalgia for the series and free is the best price. I easily blew through the game and dicked around in the online modes (there was a king of the hill mode and that shit is crazy when you have 12 cards vying for space on a small, suspended platform). It was a fun little romp and motivated me to give the NFS reboot game a shot when it was released shortly after. I played the reboot and it was immediately back to mediocrity for that series in my eyes though sadly. It was a good ride (heh) while it lasted though.

  12. It would probably be Fez, even despite the weirdness surrounding Phil Fish. It was the first game that I bothered to get when realizing the benefits of PS+, and I was enamored with how weird and trippy it was, even though I thought the zoom in could be about 15% closer. I kept exploring the worlds and enjoyed the hazards Gomez faced, even if they were cute. I’m terrible at platformers, but I enjoy going back to it every once in a while.

  13. Fable 3 hit Xbox LIVE GwG right after I finished my roommates copy of Fable 2. I played it the slum-lord way and bought everything in sight, so I could just buy my way out of all the impending perils of the endgame with the rent I collected. Ironically enough, the only Fable Game I actually purchased was the the original and I’ve never played it. Like a true aristocrat, I seem to be only interested in things I don’t have to pay for with my own money.

  14. QOTW: I was granted the status of Nintendo 3DS Ambassador and was given free Gameboy Advance games due to purchasing the 3DS at full price of $250 before the massive price drop of around $170. Of these free games I dived into the only game on the list I was unfamiliar with which was Wario Land 4. Wow! What an amazing platform/puzzling solving adventure! Interesting level design, great power ups, large boss fights, and fun music collectibles to find! Developed by Nintendo R&D1 that would later go on to develop the WarioWare, Inc series. From the music to the large sprite boss battles this really showcased how good the Wario Land series could be.

  15. One of the first free games I discovered through my PSPlus subscription was also one of my favorites: Zombi. Initially put off by the silly spelling of the title in an already-crowded genre, I definitely would’ve passed this up otherwise, but was hooked shortly after my first failure when I respawned as a completely different character. I was a bit confused, until I reached where I previously died, only to encounter a zombified version of my previous character and all of my inventory. Knowing that every death would be permanent added an interesting tension to the game, especially when I spawned as a character with a cool background that I *really* wanted to survive. The game’s combat system was not without flaws, but overall Zombi was a pleasant surprise and enjoyable experience that delivered plenty of scares.

  16. I don’t know if it counts or not, but way back when, when PSN went down, they gave away a couple games as recompense. Among those was the first Borderlands. From the first time I booted that game up and Cage the Elephant’s “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” played over a scene of a Scag sniffing at garbage in a desert wasteland before being obliterated by a bus, I knew I was in for a treat. I know the game has its problems, but it’s cynical charm of “What if Mad Max, but with industrial corporate overloards?” and fun gameplay, combined with light rpg upgrade and skill elements, exploration and couch co-op made for one of the most fun times I had on my PS3. I have a distinct memory of deciding to ram one of the big mutant dudes with a dune buggy, and apparently my friend had the same idea without saying anything and we ended up sandwiching him between both our front bumpers, the impact causing them both to immediately rear up onto their back wheels like 2 horses fighting and throw the poor bastard yards straight up into the bright desert sky. Second in fun on the PS3 only to when I was informed that it was so apparently so dark that it could bend time on a podcast.
    If that doesn’t count because technically it’s not PS+, then I don’t know, I guess Gravity Rush. That game was instantly engrossing with its beautiful music (probably my favorite video game music of all time. Sorry, Brett.) and art style. I spent many a long hour on the toilet playing it and fully enjoyed it up until 81% completion when my kids erased my save and started it over again and fuck that shit, I’m not doing that again.

    1. Oh shit, I forgot “Spec Ops: The Line” was a PS+ game at one point. Put that incredibly fun, head-fucking piece of “Heart of Darkness” meets Ghost Recon between “Borderlands” and “Gravity Rush”.

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