Disneyland: Behind the Scenes – Laser Time #321

We’ve talked a ton about our love of Disneyland in the past, but we’ve never sat down to talk with someone who’s actually worked there. Until now! Our buddy, Matt Allen, is a former Disney cast member and he joins us to reveal several secrets, unspoken rules and other urban legends surrounding the planet’s favorite park…


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8 thoughts on “Disneyland: Behind the Scenes – Laser Time #321

  1. The two Matts make for a hell of a podcast combo.

    As a casual Disney fan, this was still a super fun episode (though theme park LT eps have a tradition of being great).

  2. I’m currently going through reawakening of my Disney love so this episode came at a good time for me.

    Also I went to ‘Land in 1998 as a little child, so that’s a fun coincidence. My most vivid memory there happens to be going through the line for Indiana Jones and at the last second I was too scared to go on the ride. And I can just clearly remember how nice the staff was as they keep an eye on me for my mother, so she could at least enjoy the ride by herself.

  3. Former early 2000s Cast Member here. Love hearing this stuff.

    Celeb spottings: Shac and Wife leaving Club 33 though the Clubs food elevated. He’s huge, she is tiny.

    I was working when they had the Cast Only days before the grand opening of DCA. I have pre-opening FastPasses for Souring somewhere around here. That park sucked compaired to DL. All store, no shade, with a ride or two scattered around. Sure, California is known for sun, but when its the summer… yeah, it sucked. Very obvious that the guys behind it where from retail. The only things in it worth your time where Screem’n and Souring Over California. Bugs land was fun for a bit, but it was hard to make it a day. Exspecaly when you could parkhop.

  4. Great podcast as usual!

    I never understood the huge stink towards the tar baby. Never had anything to do with race and was an African folklore story about a problem being more aggravating as you try to solve it. I mean that’s literally what tar baby means.

    Awesome you found something for it. Maybe I should do what you do and make a deal with myself on who I will buy. Would love some Disney afternoon stuff! I’ll look for those next time I’m at Disney world.

  5. I was one of those college program people Matt mentioned at Disney World. We lived in these dorm style apartments close to the park and buses took us to work and back. Did the whole Disney U thing and that first week we were there they even took us underneath magic kingdom. I worked in one of the hotels though. Working sucked but the program as a whole was amazing,

  6. I saw Stamos at Cali Adventure back in 2010ish, word around the park they were celebrating Jodie’s Bday. I would say overall, I like Cali Adventure over Disneyland. Every time I’ve been it’s generally been less crowded, and having booze on rides is a bonus for my alcoholism.

  7. Former cast member from ’16 to ’17 here. Custodial cast members are taught how to draw with some water and their brooms. So yes, that was a custodial cast member, she was just pretty, Chris.

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