Songs That Outlived Their Soundtracks – Laser Time #322

Some tunes are just such radio-friendly earworms, you completely forget they were essentially marketing tools for major motion pictures. But we have the evidence! A long lost ancient art form called “the music video” offers ample proof that some of your favorite songs maybe weren’t created as organically as you remember. And feel free to let us know what songs you think outlived their soundtracks in the comments below.




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22 thoughts on “Songs That Outlived Their Soundtracks – Laser Time #322

  1. My parents had the soundtrack to: “The Big Chill” growing up so we heard a lot of mow town songs on car trips, as well as “All the Best” by Paul Mcartney and Wings which I highly recommend. I still get a bit misty eyed whenever I here Skyfall just because how damn beautiful that movie is visually and story wise.

    When I was younger I actually got it mixed up that when people were talking about the movie Rushmore they were talking about Bull-worth. Also whenever *I believe I can fly* came on when we were riding the bus we’d sing the version that went ” I believe I can fly! I got shot by the FBI. All I wanted was a chicken wings. From McDonalds and Burger King.”
    Also if anyone wants to continue my Music Video highlighting column LTV please feel free to.

  2. Michael Jordan was forced to retire by David Stern, the Commissioner at the time, to avoid the embarrassment of suspending the biggest star in the league, for a huge period of time, because of a gambling scandal. Jordan “retired” and came back after missing the entire ’93-94′ season, and returned and the end of the ’94-’95 season. almost 2 full seasons. Jordan’s name would have been tarnished if he had a 2 year suspension in the middle of his career, the 2 year “retirement” looks and sounds so much better for Jordan.. and the League.

    Keep up the great podcasts fellas! I listen to LaserTime, Talking Simpsons and 30-20-10 every week. Thanks for the content.

  3. It might not be the most popular pick here but I love Phil Collins, So Aganist All Odds is clearly a song that outlasted the movie. Also Bad Company.

  4. So I can vividly remember putting together a beavis and butthead 500 piece puzzle with my mommy and calling into the local radio station (a similar station like chris’ afformentioned tallahassee station) for hours trying to get them to play love rollercoaster. Great episode you dudes, keep up the amazing work you guys and occasionally gals put out there.

    1. I think they were trying to choose songs that were originally from a soundtrack. Kiss From a Rose appeared on Seal’s second a year before Batman Forever came out. Although the only reason it got so huge was because it was on that soundtrack.

  5. I imagine you guys recorded this pre-Black Panther. It’s the first time in a LONG time that I can remember seeing a soundtrack made specifically for a movie, filled with popular artists. I was stunned at that soundtrack – Kendrick Lamarr rapping about Wakanda. It’s fantastic.

  6. Watching 80’s movies I often hear a song that I know was on the radio a lot, but I wonder if it was made specifically for the movie, then later appeared on an album, or if it was just put on the soundtrack, and was taken from a regular album. Sometimes it’s hard to find anything very clear about the order of release on Wikipedia.

  7. I get that you can’t play everything, but a surprising omission was Janet Jackson’s “Doesn’t Really Matter” from the Nutty Professor 2 soundtrack. It’s memorable for me because the music video featured Sega Dreamcast footage in the background, which at the time was a huge fucking deal.

  8. I think the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack really got the whole music soundtrack started (thanks Bee-Gees). It caught fire in the 80’s, and stayed strong until the early 2000’s.

    Duran Duran’s “View to a Kill” was probably the most 1980’s popular Bond soundtrack. Another 1980’s hit outlasting the movie, “When The Going Get’s Tough, The Tough Get Going” from Billy Ocean was the big song from Jewel Of The Nile. Just about anything from Kenny Loggins in the 80’s outlasted their movie counterparts (Footloose, Top Gun, Caddyshack). Of course, Wil Smith’s MIB and (shudder) Wild Wild West lasted much longer than the movies they represented.

  9. I was surprised that Madonna was somehow left out of this list. Almost all of her soundtrack songs have outlived their movies. Along with Die Another Day are also Crazy For You from Vision Quest and Live to Tell from At Close Range.

  10. When they were talking about Bond songs, I was actually expecting someone to mention “Nobody Does It Better” by Carly Simon from The Spy Who Loved Me. I think I’ve heard it a dozen more times than the Skyfall song.

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