NSYNC Breaks Out, Futurama Returns and Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, BEETLEJUICE – Mar 23-29 Thirty Twenty Ten

Billy Crystal is late to the Oscars, Barney gets a movie while Minnie Mouse gets a makeover, Tim Burton releases quite possibly his best film ever and Futurama is saved by DVD. All this and more on this week’s Thirty Twenty Ten, you’re weekly look at the week that was 30, 20 and 10 years ago…


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15 thoughts on “NSYNC Breaks Out, Futurama Returns and Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, BEETLEJUICE – Mar 23-29 Thirty Twenty Ten

  1. Assuming Chris hasn’t moved by next week hope youse guys can do a MNM on Beetlejucie it’s such a classic

  2. The most painful thing about Superhero Movie is that Drake Bell got to replace Josh Keaton as the main voice of Spider-Man in games and cartoons in spite of having been Fake Spidey in Superhero Movie.

  3. All I remember of “Superhero Movie” is that it was doing awful parodies of bits from Spider-Man 1, and it was six years old at the time – with Batman Begins already out and Iron Man + the Dark Knight on the horizon, the superhero movie landscape was way different in 2008, but of course the people behind these parodies put little thought or effort into the crap they shove out to theaters.

  4. Beetlejuice rules so hard. I showed it to my oldest daughter a couple of years ago when she was 6, and it’s one of our favorite movies to watch together. To this day, that Shrunken Head Guy still makes me giggle.

  5. when are the rest of the cast coming back? this shit is brutal when half the show is Chris “full-of-shit” Antista. Kat is cool and good but cant carry that goof for an hour.

    1. i have to apologize for this comment, i was drunk when i wrote it and im very embarrassed.
      what i meant was DIANA is cool and good but cant carry that goof.

  6. A couple of things about Semisonic. One, they’re from here in Minnesota so they got a lot of airplay. I didn’t think much of them back in the day, but listening to that album recently I realized it’s pretty good. Secret Smile and Singing in My Sleep are also good tracks from that album. The other memory is my high school had some fair type thing where some students’ band played and the singer was terrible. It was an in joke for years between me and my best friend. If we heard Closing Time on the radio we’d just start poorly singing along and purposefully cracking our voices.

    — — –

    I actually have watched all of Akira Kurosawa’s films. And I watched them chronologically, probably over the course of years via old school dvd in the mail Netflix. The Sanshiro Sugata films were hard to watch. But Kurosawa has some amazing films like Diana mentioned. The end scene of Throne of Blood is indeed amazing. Here’s a Criterion video of the guy talking about shooting Mifune with arrows. https://youtu.be/W5MtUiYxBiY

    I’ll also recommend Yojimbo and Sanjuro. Both samurai films. Yojimbo was the basis for A Fist Full of Dollars of the Man with No Name trilogy. Another samurai film Hidden Fortress was a huge influence on George Lucas and Star Wars. And I’ll just throw out One Wonderful Sunday. It’s been years since I’ve seen it, but it’s basically just a sweet movie about a couple spending time together.

    — — –

    I’ve probably watched through all of Futurama 3 or 4 times with my wife. It recently got pulled off of Netflix (maybe when SyFy made that deal). So I bought us the complete series on DVD. Something I noticed about how shows like this got preempted by football is that they now have a wrap up show following the late game to fill out the time slot. So if a game goes long it takes the time from that and not whatever Sunday night show got the terrible slot.

    — — –

    Anyone else hear Eminem’s Kart Racer instead of M&M’s?

  7. Gore Vidal’s Lincoln is stuck in my mind in 1996 because that’s when I went to college and discovered the History Chanel, which replayed any old TV movies or mini-series in an attempt to fill air time with something other than Hitler. I remember it as being decent, but as always when looking back 20 plus years I have reason to doubt past-me’s taste.

  8. The episode of the Wonder Year’s where Keven sees his Dad as a _person_ instead of as just Dad? I watched it when I was Kevin’s age and now I’m his Dad’s age (with kids of my own) so I’d really like to see it again with a new perspective.

  9. omg, Richard Marx. Spent a lot of time playing with my Barbies while listening to the ole Marx on the easy listening station in the early 90s.

  10. Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit was a big game for it. It was the first game I played with licensed cars. It introduced me to the Chevrolet Corvette. Having cops chase you was a blast, and me, my brother, and my dad would play it a lot. The next game, High Stakes was even better. Didn’t play multiplayer with it, but it had a single player campaign, still had cops, and brought all of the tracks from Hot Pursuit along with the new ones.

    I loved Aquatica.

  11. I saw 21 in Phoenix on a new-at-the-time digital DLP projection system. It was not as good as film. There was RGB artifacting on all the text and camera pans stuttered. Nowadays digital projection looks fantastic, but man, I was unimpressed by it’s first attempt.

  12. I’ll go to back for Meet the Deedles. It has a lot of areas of interest for Laser Time fans.

    1. Paul Walker and the other surfer bro pretend to be Yellowstone Park Rangers to get closer to a girl. They do this by stealing park badges from Ana Gasteyer & another woman, who spend the entire movie hiding in a tree from a bear.

    2. Dennis Hopper plays the villain, a disgraced former park ranger (sooo…not much different from his Speed character). His plan is to destroy Yellowstone by diverting the Ol’ Faithful geyser to Dennis Hopper’s new park, thus robbing Yellowstone of its Number 1 attraction.

    3. Dennis Hopper’s main bumbling henchman is none other than Robert Englund! Out of costume!

  13. A recent Laser Time Facebook thread asked what was the first movie we ever saw in theaters, and I’ve concluded that it was most definitely the 1988 reissue of “The Fox & the Hound”.

    Judging by the timeline, it would have been about a month after my little sister was born. I distinctly remember my mom taking me, so I realize now this was a deliberate effort by my mom to make me feel special and that I wasn’t replaced by the baby.

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