Say hello to the Last Dinosaur, Adult Swim reveals all, And Catdog has it both ways – Mar 30 – Apr 5: Thirty Twenty Ten

Lost in Space tries again, StarCraft rushes onto the scene, Cat Dog gets a a huge push, and there’s only one last dinosaur on Earth and he’s a real rockin’ dude. All that and more, this week on Thirty Twenty Ten, your weekly look into the week that was 30, 30 and 10 years ago!


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12 thoughts on “Say hello to the Last Dinosaur, Adult Swim reveals all, And Catdog has it both ways – Mar 30 – Apr 5: Thirty Twenty Ten

  1. I loved The Spanish Prisoner, even though I’ve always suspected some editing-room chicanery in the ending (I mean, the whole “boat horn braying over the confession” thing just adds up to NOTHING? Hmm…).

    That said, my favorite Mamet film may always be Spartan. God damn, I love Spartan. It’s lean and terse and intense, and literally no one I have EVER raved to in recommendation has ever heard of it. They all think I’m talking about 300, or some fucking Meet the Spartans pap.

    I feel it’s doubtful 302010 will get to that flick, but I’d love to hear Diana’s thoughts on it.

  2. I had forgotten about World’s Wildest Police Videos! I loved that show. I watched Fox constantly with my brothers in the late 90s and that was one of our favorites.

  3. Regarding Michael J. Fox’s fame 30 years after it’s height: Are non-genre films just not remembered that well? Maybe it’s my bubble, but it seems like Sci-Fi Film #435 made in 1988 gets talked about a lot more than Romantic Comedy #435 made in 1988.

    1. I didn’t realize until late last night that they didn’t bring it up D: . Maybe they’ll bring up the backlash it got in next week’s show.

  4. Football is more dangerous now because the players are bigger and faster. Better equipment allows them to hit each other even harder.

  5. Been a while since I got to talk about a book. I remember reading Bright Lights Big City but I remember virtually nothing about the story itself. Probably the most notable thing about it is it’s written in second-person present tense—that is, for example, “You find yourself at a party. You see lines of coke and naked boobs everywhere.” A literary device still not used all that often (I can only think of one other book that uses it). Kind of makes you feel like you’re playing a text adventure. I’m not super-keen on revisiting it though, I doubt it’s all that great.

  6. I remember liking the Simpson’s “The Trouble with Trillions” quite a bit, though I haven’t seen it in probably a decade at this point. Of course, my enjoyment of the Simpsons lasted longer than the traditional narrative (probably into season 12?) so take that how you will. I’ll be revisiting it at some point as I’ve been collecting the DVDs and slowly rewatching for TS, so we’ll see if my enjoyment of it was just because I was younger and dumber.

  7. OK, I had to jump in here to talk about M.J. Fox and movies. Sure, he’s probably widely known just for Back To The Future. But who can forget such classics as Doc Hollywood and Secret of My Success?

    OK. I’m trolling. While I like those movies just fine, my favourite movie of his is Frighteners. I still remember watching that movie for the first time and getting the sh*t scared out of me! It is easily one of my “all time” favourite movie, not just an M.J. Fox movie.

    Love the show. Keep up the good work.

  8. I actually think about Mercury Rising a lot, but that’s because it was the first time I ever learned about autism. At first, I thought Bruce Willis was mispronouncing “artistic”, which led to me asking my parents why artistic kids were so good at cracking codes and puzzles. (Side note: For years, whenever I heard people on TV talk about orgasms, I thought they didn’t know how to say “organism”).

    I never saw the movie, but I doubt it handles autism with the nuance required.

    But when I see a story about autism or the Autism Awareness bumper stickers, my mind goes instantly to a forgotten Bruce Willis thriller.

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